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MLBeers Episode 37: Looking Both Ways. 1/25/2018

It’s crazy to think that two of the most popluar lists came out two days from each other. One being the Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospects which looks towards the future of the game of baseball. Possibly holding a glimpse of a future Hall of Famer. The Other, Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees List, one of the most … Continue reading "MLBeers Episode 37: Looking Both Ways. 1/25/2018"


MLBeers Episode 36: For the Future. 1/17/2018

People come and go, so do our heroes of franchises. The City of Pittsburgh is reeling in the fact the one of their most beloved players was traded and seek the blood of the owner. But does that really need to happen? Phil explains that this change could lead to something bigger. Also, we talk … Continue reading "MLBeers Episode 36: For the Future. 1/17/2018"


MLBeers Episode 35: Rumors. 1/10/2018

“Look at all these rumors surroundin’ me every day. I just need some time, some time to get away from. From all these rumors, I can’t take it no more” – Club Nouveau When we were about to start recording, we were in jubilation because “The Stove” was finally lit and the offseason could truly begin, but … Continue reading "MLBeers Episode 35: Rumors. 1/10/2018"


MLBeers Episode 34: New Year, New Us? 1/4/2018

Hiatus, winter break, graduation hangover. Whatever you want to call it, we are finally back in the new year but does that mean new us? I think so. What we will talk about is what happened while we were gone. O(h)tani and Stanton signings, Rockies Division Champs?, Phillies future, and other winter signings and rumors … Continue reading "MLBeers Episode 34: New Year, New Us? 1/4/2018"


MLBeers Episode 32: The Offseason. 11/5/2017

The last pitch has been thrown, the last crack of the bat has dissipated, and the last pop of the glove has dissolved. The baseball season is finally over. Phillip and Andrew talk about highlights of the World Series and their favorites from the season. Also, important updates concerning the podcast and website. Of course, … Continue reading "MLBeers Episode 32: The Offseason. 11/5/2017"


MLBeers Episode 31: The 2017 World Series. 10.24.2017

The wait is finally over and there are only seven games left in the baseball season which means, The World Series. Phil and Andrew recap the “Home-Field Advantage” American League Championship Series and the “Quick but Painful” National League Championship Series, highlight the key factors for each team in the World Series, and go over … Continue reading "MLBeers Episode 31: The 2017 World Series. 10.24.2017"


MLBeers Episode 30: Down to the Wire. 10.14.2017

Every game seems like it has been down to the wire; same as this podcast. Keeping it simple this week. We are talking Division Series Recap and Championship Series Preview. Of course, the beer is flowing in this one so sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode while watching AMERICA’S PASTIME. If you want to contact us. … Continue reading "MLBeers Episode 30: Down to the Wire. 10.14.2017"


MLBeers Episode 11, #TrapJesus and the Central Divisions. 5/17/2017

Forty games in as the school year is coming to a close. We talk about the Central Divisions in the MLB and learning that it’s normal to have a tight standings race early in the season. Andrew Sherman reviews the National side as Phillip Corwin discuss the weird American side. And of course, we will … Continue reading "MLBeers Episode 11, #TrapJesus and the Central Divisions. 5/17/2017"