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A weekly podcast covering professional wrestling from the state of Maine to the WWE and everything in between.

A weekly podcast covering professional wrestling from the state of Maine to the WWE and everything in between.
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A weekly podcast covering professional wrestling from the state of Maine to the WWE and everything in between.






Maine Event Podcast S2E11 - Favorite Submission (Tournament)

It’s March Madness time again and so we thought its time for a tournament of our own. This week we bring in Greg “Gregulator” Marston to help us navigate our way through a 16 team bracket of our favorite submissions in the world of pro wrestling. We narrow it down to the two finalists and then let our Twitter followers take it from there. Go to @MaineEventPod on Twitter so vote in our poll for who think should take the crown as Favorite Submission. Follow Greg on Twitter: @Gregulator85


Maine Event Podcast S2E10 - Jock Samson

The King of the One Night Stands, Jock Samson, is on the show this week and he’s the real deal, baby! We talk about how he broke into the business, get his thoughts on how doing less is more and what the future holds for the Ohio native. We also learn some of the things Jock loves and hates. For instance he hates Michigan, Tom Brady, Steven King and craft beer but loves The Buckeyes, The Steelers, Donald Trump and Coors Banquet Beer. In case you haven’t heard, he’s a lot of fun and we’re...


Maine Event Podcast S2E9 - Month In Review (February)

Despite the Elimination Chamber not being terrible Jonny and Harmon still find a way to have a nice little bitch fest about the current WWE product. They talk the good and the bad from Elimination Chamber and what happened on RAW and Smackdown at this point on the road WrestleMania. Follow us on Social Media: @MaineEventPod - FB, IG and Twitter Jonny Fashion - @jonnyfashion Big Bad Harmon - @Harmon316


Maine Event Podcast S2E8 - 1999 WCW Slamboree

If you love seeing two wrestlers well past their prime struggle through a match, a botch every five minutes and a blatant strike to the dick every three minutes then you are in luck. We watched 1999 WCW Slamboree and all that seemed to be a pretty common theme throughout the show. It was everything you’d expect from the failing WCW days. Bam Bam vs. Knobbs. Stevie Ray vs. Konnan. Piper vs. Flair in 1999? These are the match ups that WCW was giving us. Goldberg vs. Sting sounds great on...


Maine Event Podcast S2E7 - Go.Fight.Pow

Super fun game Alert! It’s called Champions of Time, it’s made by Go.Fight.Pow and you can back it on Kickstarter right now! We had the founder of Go.Fight.Pow, Eric Konecne, on the show to chat all about it. We talk about how he came up with the game itself, producing the fun characters and even getting real wrestlers into the game such as Nikita Koloff and The Rock n’ Roll Express. They fully funded their Kickstarter for Champions of Time in a company record of 5 hours. And it didn’t...


Maine Event Podcast S2E6 - Roni Big Bang Nicole

This week, we were thrilled to have Roni Big Bang Nicole on the podcast. She’s an independant pro wrestler trained out of The Fracture Factory under CW Anderson in North Carolina. We talk all about growing up a wrestling fan and having to sneak Monday Night Raw past Mom, the state of women’s wrestling here in the states and also about her travels to Japan where she’s worked with some of the most legendary female wrestlers of all time. You can hear the passion that this woman holds for...


Maine Event Podcast S2E5 - Royal Rumble Review and XFL w/ Dave Dyer

The road to Wrestlemania starts at the Royal Rumble. This year’s may have been the best its been in the recent past. Even still, we’ve heard an array of varying thoughts and opinions on it. We bring in Dave Dyer from The Kennebec Journal to get his thoughts on the winners, the universal championship and Ronda Rousey’s arrival. Also, Dave just wrote an awesome column about Vince McMahon bringing back the XFL in 2020 so we spend a good amount of time discussing the things that Vince has to...


Maine Event Podcast S2E4 - Month in Review (January-Local Indie ED.)

Harmon attended W.H.A.T down in Providence and then Jonny, Harmon and special guest Dalton Hemingway all attended Limitless Wrestling’s “The World is Ours” so we thought it was only fitting to talk about our time watching live wrestling this month. Time Stamps: W.H.A.T (8:31) Limitless Wrestling “The World is Ours” Youtube EXCLUSIVE (15:00) Kalvin Strange and Xavier Bell vs. Smart Mark Sterling and Jackson Stone Darby Allin vs. Jeff Cobb (16:47) David Starr vs. Martin Stone vs....


Maine Event Podcast S2E3 - Thunder in Paradise

Its just another day in paradise here on The Maine Event Podcast. We invited Maine’s Best Comedian voted by the readers of the Portland Phoenix, Connor McGrath, on the show to help us review the 1993 made for tv movie Thunder in Paradise. Connor is a Hulk Hogan movie expert and he definitely brings the funny to the podcast in this episode. Catch him every Thursday at Lincolns in Portland, ME and every Tuesday at Lincolns in Burlington, VT. In the meantime listen to all three of us talk...


Maine Event Podcast S2E2 - The Mount Rushmore of Wrestling

It’s Fantasy Funweek here on the podcast and we’re discussing that age old question of who’s on your Mount Rushmore of Wrestling. Its a fun and popular topic out on IWC so we play along. We bring in former Top Rope Report contributer, Doug Berrill, to join the fun. Listen here to find out whose faces we’re sculpting out of granite.


Maine Event Podcast S2E1 - Glacier

Blood Runs Cold for our Season 2 opener. We’re back and couldn’t think of a more appropriate guest to kick off the new season with AND coincide with these subzero temps here in Maine than our friend Ray Lloyd, AKA Glacier. Ray had quite the resurgence in 2017. Joey Janella’s Spring Break during Wrestlemania weekend, ROH’s Honor Rumble entrant, a documentay produced by Uproxx. The guy cryonic kicked the crap out of 2017. Now a new year and a new adventure. He’s opened The One Fall Power...


Maine Event Podcast #44 - Month In Review (November)

This is our final show…of season 1. We’ll be back in January to kick off Season 2. However our jobs aren’t done yet for this year. This week’s episode is a month in review for November and we needed some assistance so we brought in local wrestling fanatic Jessica Lynn to do the heavy lifting for us. She had a November full of local shows that included Chaotic, Limitless, Pro Wrestling Takeover and Chikara. Theres so much to cover this month so we did what we do best and thats talk about...


Maine Event Podcast #43 - AR Fox (Interview from Sept. 2016)

This week Harmon is in Florida and Jonny is enjoying time off with family for the Thanksgiving weekend. They’re bringing you an oldie but a goodie. In 2016 the guys did a podcast called It’s Still Real to Me and were part of the now defunct Smark N’ Mark podcasting network. Near the end of the show’s run they got a chance to interview the one and only, AR Fox. The self proclaimed “Whole Foxin’ Show” was the coolest guy ever and even after taking a guitar hero guitar shot to the skull he...


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