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Malicious Life, episode 12: The Soldiers of North Korea

Guerilla warfare has been around for as long as conventional warfare has. The idea that a small force, through cunning and brazen action, could overtake a larger force is an old one. From pirates who would take merchant ships by surprise, to lengthy military campaigns against an enemy that is hiding in plain sight. The cyber-army of North Korea is a guerilla force- it steals, cripples, and destroys the assets of powerful nations and remains in the shadows throughout.With special guests-...

Duration: 00:33:33

Malicious Life, episode 11: The Propaganda

Governments around the world have been making devious use of the internet as a platform to spread, not malware, but propaganda. As in all wars, propaganda is a huge part of the modern cyber war. Join us as we explore the roots, and the most creative uses of the internet to spread information and disinformation in an attempt to affect entire countries.With special guest- Graham Cluley and Samanth Subramanian.

Duration: 00:39:57

Malicious Life, episode 10: The Whistleblowers

WikiLeaks has ushered in a new age in whistle blowing: Modern leakers such as Chelsea Manning - who's story is the focus of our current episode - expose huge amounts of confidential information. But can these mega-leaks really influence the actions and policies of governments?

Duration: 00:36:08

Malicious Life, episode 9: Stuxnet, part 3

Stuxnet was a devastating weapon, but who wielded it? That is the question we try to answer with the final installment of our Stuxnet series. In this episode, we explore other, similar battles of the modern cyber war, and look further into the topic of Zero Day vulnerabilities.With special guests: Andrew Ginter, and Blake Sobczak.

Duration: 00:29:41

Malicious Life, episode 8: Stuxnet, part 2

Stuxnet was a weapon, a kind of a smart bomb- perhaps one of the smartest bombs ever created. A bomb that couldn’t rely on operators, cameras, and laser targeting, instead it had to "think" its way to its destination. An invisible commando unit, dropped deep behind enemy lines. And its payload- not explosives, but lines of code. Part two of the three part Stuxnet series explores how the first bits of code were weaponized.With special guests: Andrew Ginter, and Blake Sobczak.

Duration: 00:26:57

Malicious Life, episode 7: Stuxnet, part 1

Where armies once fought with bullets and bombs, they now engage in clandestine, invisible warfare. In 2010 a virus was discovered that would change the world's perception of cyber warfare forever. Dubbed Stuxnet, this malicious piece of code has a single focus- to stop to development of Iran's nuclear program. Part one of this three part series sets us off in exploring the first major battle of the cyberwar- the Stuxnet worm.With special guests: Andrew Ginter, and Blake Sobczak.

Duration: 00:33:14

Malicious Life, Episode 6: Hell to Pay

A global FBI manhunt for the world’s most wanted cyber criminal ends in the capture of a massive criminal network, but with the escape of the man himself. Security experts who operate within the gray areas of morality develop botnets that destroy personal devices infected with malicious botnets in what they call “the chemotherapy of the internet”. Ransomware and botnets are at the center of this final episode of the first season. With special guests: Yossi Na'ar, Uri Sternfeld, Israel...

Duration: 00:37:22

ML Ep. 5: The Roots of Evil – Ransomware, Part 1

WannaCry’s widespread cyber attack on more than 200,000 computers all over the world made headlines - but only a few people remember a similar attack, named The AIDS Trojan, almost 30 years earlier...In this episode of Malicious Life, we go deep into the world of ransomware to examine its roots, the tools used and developed for these extortions, and the methods utilized.

Duration: 00:30:34

Malicious Life, Episode 4: Big Cannons

2016 is known throughout the circles of information security as “The Year of The DDoS Attacks”, and rightfully so: 5 large scale DDoS attacks - ‘Distributed Denial Of Service’ - shocked the technology world. In this episode of Malicious Life, we examine how the power of the internet itself can be harvested and deployed to take down major companies and websites. With special guests- Yossi Na'ar and Graham Cluley.

Duration: 00:44:45

Malicious Life, Episode 3: Spam Empire

In this episode of Malicious Life, we take a look at one of the oldest forms of criminal activity on the web- the spam empires of the 90's and 2000's. Find out how these multi-million dollar industries operated, how they served as a half step towards the organized online crime groups of the modern age, and what price was paid by those who tried to stop them. With special guest- Stephen Cobb.

Duration: 00:31:00

Malicious Life, Episode 2: The Dark Avenger

In 1989, a message was found in a virus: "Eddie Lives…Somewhere in Time!". 'Eddie' was a particularly nasty virus, and its discovery led a young Bulgarian security researcher down a rabbit hole, on a hunt for the prolific creator of the Eddie virus: The Dark Avenger. With special guests: Vesselin Bontchev, Graham Cluley.

Duration: 00:30:29

Malicious Life, Episode 1: Ghost In The Machine

Cybercrime is one of the most notable threats we face as computer users, nowadays. But it wasn’t always so. Those of us who’ve been in the field long enough may remember a time when computer viruses were much more innocent, and virus authors were usually just bored computer geeks- not members of a sophisticated, well-organized crime syndicate. Join us in exploring the world of early viruses, the precursors to the types of malware we know all too well today. With special guest: Graham Cluley.

Duration: 00:26:09