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Best of season one

Mark presents a compilation of the best bits of the story from the last 12 weeks, featuring. Stuart Langridge, Jessica Rose, Poppie Simmonds, Tom Lennon, Blake Woodham, Jamie Garner, Philip Ellis, Matt Smith, Ryan Parish, Daz Wright, Rob Kemp and Paul Hadsley.

Duration: 01:35:33

Paul Hadsley plays Zombies on a Spaceship

Mark's producer Paul joined him live in studio to play the final chapter of Zombies on a Spaceship, and to talk, inevitably about kittens.The story so farYou’ve successfully repaired the breach in realities that caused the Seamstresses - a race of matter-destroying killer arachnoids - to come out of hiding, by fixing a plot hole created by the Narrativo, a computer that feeds on decision and produces story.In traveling to one of the alternate realities that was formed by this plot hole,...

Duration: 01:18:00

Daz Wright plays Zombies on a Spaceship

This week Mark is joined by Moselele organiser and Eye on Moseley writer Daz Wright. They talk local community engagement, singing in public and of course zombies, as Daz plays chapter 10 of Zombies on a Spaceship.The story so farYou are an Ensign aboard the Spacey McSpaceFace, and reality is falling apart. You've just been introduced to the Seamstresses, a horde of inter-dimensional killer arachnoids that eat away at realities that have diverged from their course.Inside them the spiders...

Duration: 00:44:30

59 Seconds, by Richard Wiseman

In this week's episode, Mark reviews the Richard Wiseman book 59 Seconds, continues to mildly torture his producer Paul in an ongoing battle between him and some unknown guy in the States, and Mark gets real about his hatred for dance and custard.

Duration: 01:07:50

When the brain fought the mind

This week Mark embarks on a mental health special of his show, sharing stories of when the rational and irrational selves clash. It's not all doom and gloom, unless you count round 5 of Matt vs Paul!

Duration: 01:11:44

The Micallef P(r)ogram(me)

Mark is tasked with watching and reviewing an Australian comedy series from the late 90s called the Micallef Programme, we enter round four of Matt vs Paul and Mark jeopardises his radio career and puts the station at risk by live-censoring a very sweaty song by the Darkness.

Duration: 01:03:20


This week Mark plays music from Hilltrop Hoods, mildly tortures his producer Paul and reviews the 1990s seemingly-made-for-TV movie Wedlock.

Duration: 02:02:19