Most people don't like to talk about money. We are not most people.

Most people don't like to talk about money. We are not most people.

Most people don't like to talk about money. We are not most people.
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Most people don't like to talk about money. We are not most people.




episode 60. Breaking up with Costco

In this episode, we talk about our year-long dalliance, and eventual break-up, with Costco. We also talk through a listener question about the tension between keeping a household 'minimal' and using bulk shopping as a way to save money. In life news, Kelsey chats about the joys of leaving summer in the rear-view mirror and heading into fall (with record-breaking cool weather and precipitation in Arizona this October). And Chris asks listeners for some help figuring out what to do with...


episode 59. Shifting down while spending up

In this episode, we make an assessment of the major changes that have occurred this year in our saving, our spending, our jobs, and our use of time. Kelsey talks about how it's been to leave her full-time job, especially the downshifting in busy commuting and the uptick in home management. And Chris talks about how having an ebike for commuting and more responsibility at work fits in with this change. Finally, we discuss what it's like to basically take a full year off our assiduous savings...


episode 58. The little (and sometimes bigger) things

In today's episode, we discuss all the badly needed house reorganization, repairs, and other updates we've put off for years and are finally pulling the trigger on. We talk about: We also give updates on our solar panel system and how it's performing (for details on the system we bought and how it works, check out episode 55). And we answer a listener question on how to mark the occasion of hitting savings goals when you aren't planning to spend that money on something anytime soon. Other...


episode 57. Goin' to San Antone

On this episode, we catch up after a very long, very fun 3-week trip to Texas. Kelsey also talks about life post-employment and we both chat about how things feel different (and better) at home. We also drop another big piece of news: we invested in real estate! So, we discuss what it meant to do that, how it came about, and what we're hoping to get out of it. And, in Love Notes, Chris thanks Kelsey for supporting him in a crazy purchase: buying an e-bike for extended commuting! (Chris...


episode 56. I quit!

On this episode,we delve into just one topic: Kelsey. Quitting. Her. Job! We describe how we came to this decision, what it means for the family, and how we planned our finances in order to make it work. Kelsey also talks about how she is planning to use her time, what opportunities it affords and what is scary about such a big life transition. In non-job news, Chris also gives an update on our solar panel system and how it's shaping up financially and ecologically. Finally, in Love Notes,...


episode 55. Sunnyside up (we're going solar!)

In this episode, we discuss our first big financial decisions of 2018 in depth: going solar at the HiFi House! We describe the financials, how the system works, and how and why we made the decision we did (and boy was there a lot to think about!). In order to make the decision, we had to consider the following: Sun Valley Solar Solutionspower company's rate planwe currently pay for powerWe also address a GREAT listener question about balancing a longer commute with other life priorities. As...


episode 54. A home supplies deep dive

On this sexy episode, we take a scintillating look at...home supplies. And yes, this is how we spent our Friday night. But it was worth it; this perplexing category sometimes captures hundreds of dollars of our monthly dollars and we had yet to figure out just exactly what the hell was going on. So, we dive in and figure it out, as well as work through some solutions to reign in this soul-sucking, money-eating category of spending. In updates, we chat about unfun stuff, like the busy-ness...


episode 53. The year of...spending??

On this episode, we reveal a shocking change in our financial focus, but one we think will be good for us, at least for a short time. And, we run through updates to our 2018 budget, where we're tightening and expanding, and what we're hoping to accomplish. It's a rip-roaring ride line item by line item!


episode 52. How to have a financial summit

In our first episode of 2018, we discuss our favorite event of the year, the Team Wharton Financial Summit! And we describe how you can have one, too (they really can be fun, we promise). We also go through the highlights and lowlights of our spending, where we hit our budgets and where we busted them, and what we're looking to improve upon for 2018. Also, to ring in the new year, we're proud to offer our first giveaway: a pair of amazing Sudio earbuds. All you need to do to enter is leave...


episode 51. Happy (not-too-spendy) holidays!

It's our end-of-year episode in which we celebrate the holidays by (how else?) discussing the financial implications of gift giving. We also discuss our differing reasons for buying the gifts we do and we offer up some giving ideas that don't contribute to the build-up of stuff in people's lives.


episode 50. Happy-making

Holy cow has it been some time since we last posted an episode. Sincere apologies all around; life and a bad back have slowed us down. But we're back with episode 50, in which we spend a bunch of time discussing the all-important question of how to make, and sustain, happiness. We run through a great list of ideas and consider their implications. We also catch you up on our finances, Chris's purchase of a new iPhone using drug money (I kid...there's no need to alert law enforcement), and...


episode 49. A real wrist slapper

In this episode, Chris turns 40! Then he gets his wrist slapped. And rightfully so as we discuss last month's unfortunately exorbitant 'entertainment spending.' But we cover the good stuff, too, like how we've finally achieved one of our minor goals of saving almost all of Kelsey's paycheck. Lastly, we answer a listener question on where best to put savings, a Fidelity account set up by one's parents, or a Vanguard Index Fund.


episode 48. The high five of endurance

This episode is all about the little things. We talk through the many small ways we've cut costs, created efficiencies, and otherwise streamlined, in-sourced, and life-hacked our way to a happier, simpler life.


episode 47. Feel the burn

On this episode, we share a bit of good news after a run of unlikely and unexpected expenses. Chris talks middle-age heartburn and Kelsey chats about books she's been devouring recently. We also cover our new-found love of Costco, Chris's hair-cutting prowess, and our favorite back-to-the-basics financial tool, the good ole' budget.


episode 46. One crazy summer

We're back after our summer hiatus, and a lot has happened! We catch you up on the financial ups and downs of the past few months, we discuss an interesting new article on clutter and stress, and we share some love notes.


episode 45. Summer simplicity

In this episode, we talk about simplifying, saving money, hitting our healthy stride, and sewing. We also mention that we'll be taking a summer break to focus, retool the show, and come back this fall with a new and improved Matrimoney!


episode 44. Much ado about health

On this episode, we overcome insane allergies (thanks global warming) to talk all things health. We cover what we think of as health (it's comprehensive), how we support our own health and that of our family, and what we spend on health-related stuff. Show notes at Keep up with us on Instagram: @kelswharton and @practicallyawesomechris.


episode 43. Let's talk retirement!

We're celebrating a big milestone that kicks off a discussion about RETIREMENT. We cover how we're saving for retirement, the ways that we're already adjusting to a retirement lifestyle and how we're trying to anticipate threats to our retirement. Show notes and our full budget at Keep up with us between episodes on Instagram: @kelswharton & @practicallyawesomechris


episode 42. Spherical living

We share a real-time finances snap shot and tell you what we have in our bank accounts right now. Plus discuss the concept of spherical living and how we'd like to shrink our sphere.


episode 41. All about food

Join us for a budget deep dive on FOOD! We chat about how we grocery shop, cook and eat as a vegetarian family and how that impacts our budget.