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On March 2nd 2013 Metal Meyham came to life.Now in 2015 ,after many up`s and downs has come back to what it was to begin with a place where people could come to hear kick ass great people,and not get shit for not being with a group or click,the meyham family has seen maney members come and go,and we have lost some verry loved family members over the course of almost 3 years,But one thng we do is keep going with the loyal family and dedacated staff,thats choose to call meyham home,i love my family and all that come to suport the room, and listen to some of the best dj`s around,This web site is purly here to help the staff of Metal meyham and the premoters.and in no way ment to gather people or take away from any site or chat room,there is live music from our dj`s here ,there is DJ corner with all the links and sites a new dj could want to get started dj`n or a seasoned dj some new music,there is a bully page with some of the bullies we dont have posted in the room,theres a managment page,if you hover the promos and more u will gain access tothe dj pass area,Dj corner, and comments where we have alot of daily and killer page drops please feel free to enjoy this website for the ino and the misic i hope it helps your Meyham experiance,,,Metal...