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Mic Check Monday is an upcoming podcast based in Baton Rouge cultivated for the Hip Hop & Urban Culture inspired and Hosted by twitter names @jwheeler89 & @Keylo-lo Hip-Hop/Rap Lifestyle Music R&B/Soul

Mic Check Monday is an upcoming podcast based in Baton Rouge cultivated for the Hip Hop & Urban Culture inspired and Hosted by twitter names @jwheeler89 & @Keylo-lo Hip-Hop/Rap Lifestyle Music R&B/Soul
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Mic Check Monday is an upcoming podcast based in Baton Rouge cultivated for the Hip Hop & Urban Culture inspired and Hosted by twitter names @jwheeler89 & @Keylo-lo Hip-Hop/Rap Lifestyle Music R&B/Soul






Episode 25

Tune in for a review of Tupac biopic, "All Eyez on Me", and season 4's first episode of Starz #1 show, "Power"! Episode 25 covers the most hilarious and controversial moments of this week in Hip Hop. Of course, no show is complete without a local track of the week and the "FM fix"!

Duration: 00:54:44

Episode 24

Episode 24 by Mic Check

Duration: 00:48:16

Episode 23

Tune in to this week's episode of Mic Check Monday where the running theme seems to be R&B! MC 12 and Keylo-lo discuss the contributions of Teddy Riley and a special historical moment for Jodeci. No episode would be complete without a little joking on Meek Mill and the FM fix, of course! Let us know if you check what's different about episode twenty. . . three? Yeah, episode 23!

Duration: 01:06:03

Episode 22

Episode 22 is in Savage Mode! Was Drake throwing the ultimate "shade" at an OG at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards? Tune in as M.C.M. discusses whether Young Dolph snitching, if major record labels and collaboration projects are still relevant, how Pusha T is helping Kanye after his mental breakdown, and recent Louisiana incarceration stats!

Duration: 01:09:00

Episode 21

No Justice No Peace ! Tune into the 21st episode of Mic Check Monday where MC 12 & Keylolo chime in on sensitive subjects like police brutality and sexual assault in the workplace. Listen as the conversation goes Full circle back to Zaytoven possibly signing with Roc Nation & LA Reids sudden departure from Epic records and much more !!!!!

Duration: 01:00:58

Episode 20

Episode 20 by Mic Check

Duration: 00:58:15

Episode 19

Episode 19 by Mic Check

Duration: 01:05:40

MCM 18

MC 12 gives you the stats on the highest selling artists of 2016 and 2017 (so far!), his true feelings about "No Frauds", and the latest shows and movies for the culture! Of course no week is complete without Keylo-lo's "FM fix". All this and more on episode 18 of Mic Check Monday!

Duration: 01:05:11

MCM Gage Interview

Special FULL interview with 1 of Baton Rouge hardest conscious rappers, Young Gage. He gives us a breakdown on coming up in the city of Baton Rouge & plus his trials & tribulations of staying true to his self in the rap game, & what is ultimate goal with his music. Stay tuned until the end to find out what he shares with M.C.M. what group has the most influence on him as a person and artist and some Barz !

Duration: 00:47:03

MCM 16

Did Kendrick Lamar pull 1 of the best April Fool's Joke on everyone?! Joey Bada$$ coming with solid sophomore album and a review of the EPIC documentary about the young prophet, Kalief Browder, all this and more on the Sweet 16 episode of Mic Check Monday!

Duration: 01:07:48

MCM 15

This week on Mic Check Monday: the upcoming Master P biopic, "King of the South" and TuPac "crippin'"! Did "Suge" know all long? Kodak releases debut album while incarcerated. Jay Z new documentary helps to close one of the most infamous jails in New York! And is Episode 15's FM fix by Khalid or Franco?

Duration: 00:50:30

A1 Wissel Interview

Baton Rouge rap artist, "A1 Wissel", stops by M.C.M. for a quick interview to promote his upcoming concert. He touches on his grind as an artist before the digital age as well as his experience working and being affiliated with artists like "Boosie" and " Kevin Gates" before their national acclaim. Stick around until the end to hear him go in for a MONSTROUS 80 bars!

Duration: 00:26:15

MCM episode 14

Episode 14 features a new BR song of the week and of course the FM fix to look out for on the radio. MC 12 gets in depth about hip hop and Hollywood moguls using their influence to bring awareness to untold stories of Black Americans. No episode would be complete without a M.C.M.'s hilarious discussion on the latest mishaps in hip hop culture!

Duration: 01:11:55

MCM 13

Episode 13 is a gumbo of emotions while M.C.M. celebrates the newest music releases, mourns the loss of a famous Youtuber, and laughs at this week's mishaps in Hip Hop and R&B. Was "More Life" worth the wait? What's this week's "FM Fix" that's got MC 12 groovin'? Who's getting arrested and coming home from prison? Get all the latest from your personal "Human Hip Hop Encyclopedia", MC 12, and his side kick/main squeeze, Keylo-lo!

Duration: 01:13:43

MCM Ep 12

Mic-ro-phone Check 1-2! This week's show is a laid-back dialogue about diss records and responses, the black experience in real life and the movies, and hard-copies versus music streaming. Tune in to get the REAL from MC 12 and highlights from the interview with M.C.M's first guest artist!

Duration: 00:33:01

Episode 11

WISH GRANTED! Mic Check Monday episode 11 has finally dropped. Tune in to hear whether the XXL article spotlighting BR rappers should be equated to a "BR Freshman list", to listen as MC 12 and Keylo-lo chop it up regarding the most current rap BEEF, and to get MCM's consensus on whether Chris Brown has lost his damn mind!

Duration: 00:46:49

Episode 10

Was MC 12's prediction correct about "Major Key"? Tune in to the 10th episode of M.C.M. to hear where DJ Khaled's album charted. The hosts will dish out which movies and shows are worth the hype and thoughts about whether or not Hot 97 is instigating Hip Hop beef between two of the best rappers in the league. MC 12 and Keylo-lo will be serving up their answers to the toughest questions from this week in Hip Hop wrapped up in the local song of the week and the FM fix.

Duration: 01:16:21

Episode 9

Mic Check Monday is back at it again ! "If you gon be a cartoon character on ya 1st album den be a cartoon character on last " - Pimp C

Duration: 00:56:35

7 24 16 Episode 8

Mic Check Monday is back at it again! Tune in to see who MC 12 thought should have been honored as one of VH1's Leading Ladies of Hip Hop and who deserves the titles of Male & Female "hardest working MC's straight out of the pen". You'll also get a taste of how the hosts feel about knowing more about an artist's love life than their music. Of course, no show is complete without a weekly local hit and the "FM fix"!

Duration: 01:03:56

6 13 16 Episode1

First episode of new Podcast based in Baton Rouge discussing all things going on the urban culture of Music.

Duration: 00:29:54