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A depressing nostalgic journey through the life and art of Michael Moore. Hosted by Will Sloan and Luke Savage.

A depressing nostalgic journey through the life and art of Michael Moore. Hosted by Will Sloan and Luke Savage.
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A depressing nostalgic journey through the life and art of Michael Moore. Hosted by Will Sloan and Luke Savage.




#46 - Man of the Year

What if Jon Stewart became Bulworth, but was played by Robin Williams? We excavated Barry Levinson's nonpartisan satire MAN OF THE YEAR (2006) from its Bush-era grave.

Duration: 00:39:40

#45 - The First 2004 Presidential Debate

The hosts take a break from cinema to enjoy 90 minutes of spirited debate with two great candidates! Travel back to 2004 to revisit the beating heart of the MICHAEL & US cosmos: the first presidential debate between George W. Bush and John Kerry.

Duration: 00:32:11

#44 - The Don Cherry Extravaganza (The Canada 150 Spectacular, Part 2)

He was voted the seventh-greatest Canadian in a poll by the CBC. He is one of Canada's most beloved broadcasters. He is godawful. In the long-promised second part of their Canada 150 celebration, Will and Luke consider the legacy of Don Cherry and watch the 2012 made-for-TV biopic WRATH OF GRAPES: THE DON CHERRY STORY II.

Duration: 00:46:14

#43 - Labour - The Summer That Changed Everything

In summer 2017, a fresh-faced socialist MP by the name of Jeremy Corbyn shocked the world by overcoming intra-party hostility to snatch away Theresa May's foreordained parliamentary majority. The BBC documentary LABOUR - THE SUMMER THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING winds up being both a chronicle of a surprising election and a meta-commentary on the media's role in politics.

Duration: 00:44:22

#42 - Ralph Nader: An Unreasonable Man

The hosts revisit the 2006 documentary RALPH NADER: AN UNREASONABLE MAN in a post-Bernie Sanders world and discuss the virtues and limitations of Nader's 2000 presidential campaign. They also ponder the question: did Nader cost Gore the 2000 election? (Answer: no) "Why Bernie Sanders was right to run as a Democrat," a Washington Post op-ed by Nader - Joseph Uranowski's...

Duration: 00:39:47

#41 - Weiner

Our heroes revisit the impossibly candid 2016 documentary WEINER and ask: how did Anthony Weiner flame out while Donald Trump survived?

Duration: 00:43:27

#40 - V for Vendetta w/ Alex Ross

Past guest Alex Ross returns to the podcast to discuss the "1984" of the Bush era, V FOR VENDETTA. Plus: our heroes analyze the McDonalds/Szechuan sauce controversy

Duration: 00:48:58

#39 - They Live (and Michael Moore on Broadway!) w/ Violet Lucca

In the waning days of the Reagan administration, it took "Rowdy" Roddy Piper to expose the rot at the heart of America. Will and Luke welcome back Film Comment's Violet Lucca to discuss John Carpenter's left-wing exploitation classic THEY LIVE (1988). Plus: Will describes his adventure seeing Michael Moore's THE TERMS OF MY SURRENDER on Broadway. And it all leads to a freewheeling discussion about left-wing criticism and corporate culture.

Duration: 01:08:37

#38 - Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

With the Rebel Media imploding and Steve Bannon returning to Breitbart, the hosts of MICHAEL & US look back at the heyday of another #FakeNews boogeyman, Fox News. They watch Robert Greenwald's 2004 exposé OUTFOXED: RUPERT MURDOCH'S WAR ON JOURNALISM.

Duration: 00:37:03

#37 - Battleship Potemkin

The U.S. may or may not be at war with North Korea by the time you read this, but folks, nothing stops the MICHAEL AND US podcast. On this episode, our heroes look at Sergei Eisenstein's Soviet propaganda classic.

Duration: 00:32:51

#36 - Steven Seagal's Code of Honor

As the Russia scandal continues to plague the White House, Will and Luke check in on the recent cinematic work of honorary Russian citizen/friend of Vladimir Putin/Aikido Ace, Steven Seagal. They watch his low-budget DEATH WISH-for-the-Trump-era action film CODE OF HONOR (2016).

Duration: 00:37:10

#35 - Tim Allen's Last Man Standing

Every generation gets the Archie Bunker it deserves, folks. The recent cancellation of Tim Allen's right-wing sitcom LAST MAN STANDING sent shockwaves through the conservative blogosphere. Will and Luke take a many tour through the most popular TV show you've never heard of.

Duration: 00:36:58

#34 - Aaron Sorkin's The American President

Before The West Wing, before The Newsroom, before Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, there was The American President. Will and Luke revisit this Aaron Sorkin-scripted Oval Office romantic comedy from the Clinton era, and look for the seeds of Sorkin's later work.

Duration: 00:40:48

#33 - A Face in the Crowd

Is this the movie that predicted both Donald Trump and Fox News? Will and Luke travel to Lonesome Rhodes's Cracker Barrel to watch A FACE IN THE CROWD, from legendary filmmaker and rat Elia Kazan.

Duration: 00:53:41

Episode 32 - The Rob Ford Crack Video (The Canada 150 Spectacular, Part 1)

Will and Luke begin their celebration of Canada's 150th birthday with a look back at the most talked-about Canadian film of the century. The reminisce about the late Toronto mayor Rob Ford, and their nostalgic journey takes them through Ford ephemera like FILTH CITY (a recent, Ford-inspired feature film) and the first episode of Sun News's short-lived FORD NATION. It's a jumbo-sized discussion of all things Ford!

Duration: 01:06:22

Episode 31 - Alex Jones's The Obama Deception

While Alex Jones is stuck in family court, Will, Luke, and special guest Alex Ross examine the InfoWars pundit's career. They look at the 2009 documentary THE OBAMA DECEPTION, plus the 2001 episode of Jon Ronson's THE SECRET RULERS OF THE WORLD chronicling Jones's trip to Bohemian Grove. You will never defeat the human spirit! EVER!!!!!!!!!

Duration: 00:48:16

Episode 29 - The Celebrity Apprentice

This was inevitable.

Duration: 00:38:00

Episode 28 - The Dark Knight Rises

"Is Nolan equating the legit protest of Occupy Wall Street with Bane's terrorism? You be the judge." - Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

Duration: 01:01:26

Episode 27 - Gavin McInnes's How To Be A Man

After departing Vice Media, but before becoming an alt-right superstar, ageing provocateur Gavin McInnes tried his hand at filmmaking. Will and Luke examine 2013's HOW TO BE A MAN (co-written by and starring McInnes) for seeds of the alt-right, and try to account for this dreary goofball's appeal.

Duration: 00:49:46

Episode 26 - The Great Dictator

In 1940, Charlie Chaplin put his fame and money on the line to satirize Hitler. Will and Luke consider this beloved classic within the context of... (*wait for it*)... the Trump era.

Duration: 00:39:43

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