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#06 MEP - How well does VR in China? – VR在中国发展得怎么样?

Virtual Reality is the new medium that many technology guru think are going to put cinema away; but it still has problem to take care of, mainly because we still have “boxes on our head” when we watch content. If not everyone is watching VR product, film festival (Sundance, Venice, Cannes) have now a VR section and the growth, especially in China, is still going. To give some comparisons: In 2016 China VR market was: 500 million dollars (mainly in equipment) In 2016 China film market was:...


#05 MEP - Live Theater in China – 中国的戏剧演出

Theater is one of the few art forms that still don’t fit to go in our pocket or living room. If China boasts about its long history of live performance art, the scene is now really different from the pre-reform era let alone the empire time. In this episode we are going to talk about the theaters (how are they run), the audience (how you find them) and the creators (how they make a living). 戏剧是为数不多的、仍然不适合在手机上或客厅里观看的艺术形式之一。如果说中国以其悠久的现场表演艺术历史为傲,那么如今的情形则与改革开放之前非常不同,更不同提帝国时代了。在这一集中,我们将探讨剧院...


#4 MEP - How to deal with culture's difference at work? – 在工作中如何处理文化差异?

Nowadays, every time you go to a festival, a professionals market or a conference, lot of people say that we need to do more coproduction between China and the West for better culture understanding. But then, when you actually start working together things are usually not that easy. Needless to say that cultural differences and sometimes pride can jeopardize a project. Therefore what are the usual problems and solutions that arise from such situations?


#3 MEP - TV documentary in China - 电视台记录片在中国

Often when we talk about documentary, many would think about features films that are shown in festival and cinemas. But actually, the majority of documentary filmmakers make their living in television documentary. Does the billions eyeballs of China bring them fortune and fame? 当我们谈论纪录片的时候,很多人会想到在节日和电影院放映的故事片。但实际上,大多数纪录片制作人都是以电视纪录片为生的。中国的亿万眼球能给他们带来财富和名誉吗? With : Arthur Jones : Producer & director – Lost Pensivos (interview from Shanghai) / 制片人 & 导演 -《罗家文化》(电话采访) Steven Seidenberg :...


#2 MEP - Video Games in China – 电脑游戏在中国

Video games in 2017 China surpassed the USA and has now the title “Games Industry Capital of the World”. So like in cinema, everyone wants to have share of this really big pie, and also like in fiction not everything is possible to produce or import.


#1 MEP - Movie coproduction in China - 中国的电影联合制片事业

Until the 90’s Hollywood movies were making the vast majority of their revenue in English speaking country, but nowadays it is only half of it. The main reason is the appearance of new markets, and the most important of all : China. So now, everyone wants to tap into the Chinese market, but to say the obvious, because of this country’s regulations and culture different, is it easy? And how to reach this goal? And in this first episode’s, our guests are right in the middle of this issue....