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Podcast Navel Gazing – Podcast Help Desk Episode 100 – MDW259 - Mike Dell's World

I am just celibrating my Episode 100 over at PodcastHelpDesk.com. I figured I would share this with the Mike Dell's World listeners as well as it's more about my history in podcasting than it is about Podcasting Technology. If you want to subscribe directly to that show, go to PodcastHelpDesk.com and push the approprate button, and YOU will feel a vibration in your pants, whenever i put out an episode! (Thank Mark Whitny!)

Duration: 01:00:08

Gone to the Dogs – MDW258 - Mike Dell's World Podcast

This podcast has gone to the dogs! Just a little update and some reminiscing with Dog-related songs from the old Podsafe Music Network I update a little about our New (to us) RV and our dogs Percy and Benny (Beagles). I also talk about the Cherry Festival Airshow with the USAF Thunderbirds and the 4th of July fireworks from the Campground in Benzonia Michigan. I played: The Ledgend 2007 version - Michigan Dogman by Steve Cook (WTCM Radio) and Don Julin (among others) A dog's day - T....

Duration: 00:29:43

Long Time no Podcast! – mdw257

I talk about what's been going on since winter around here. New cars, New camper, some podcasting stuff and the fact that I'm now the District 7 Michigan Emergency Coordinator for Ham Radio. I played a song from the Old School Podsafe Music Network by David Ipolito (That Guitar Man in Central Park) called "He's Just Mean". Enjoy! Until next time....

Duration: 00:25:09

Hobo Rock Star – MDW256

I play a couple of songs from an old Deadly Gentlemen CD that they sent me back in the day to play on my podcast. I finally got around to it ;) Also a general update an what has been going on with Cars, Dogs, Travel, Work and podcasting. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:38:03

Still here – MDW255

Just a short note to let everyone know I'm still here and will be producing podcasts again VERY SOON! Thanks for staying subscribed!

Duration: 00:01:17

Why Total a Perfectly Good Car? – MDW254

I had a little adventure with my Wife's car a while back and put some small dents and scratches in it. We had full coverage insurance on the car so the insurance company decided to total it. Doesn't make any sense to me so I bought it back from the insurance company. I talk about my way of buying and owning cars which is a bit different then the normal I suppose. :) This episode is both Episode 61 of Geek of the North and Episode 254 of Mike Dell's World Podcast.

Duration: 00:14:04

LIVE! (sort of) Update – MDW253

I've been playing with a live streaming server. If you notice in the upper right corner of MikeDell.com, there is a player that says "Radio Mike Dell". At the beginning on of this podcast, I was LIVE on that stream. I had a couple of technical problems along the way but it's a work in progress. I also talk about Dogs, Weather, Live Streaming, My Garage and I played a couple of songs from the Old Podsafe Music Network (RIP). I'm also playing with some other new tools. If you follow me on...

Duration: 00:23:50

Testing My New Portable Podcast Setup – MDW252

Recorded from the easy chair in my log cabin in Northern Michigan I just got a new computer and I got my newly repaired microphone back so i did a test recording that turned into a Mike Dell's World Episode :) You also get to hear a couple of beagles fighting over a bone in my living room.

Duration: 00:12:13

Fall and Winter are Coming – MDW251

I talk about the wife's new car, furnace replacement and all my other podcasts (as if you didn't know about them) Also a little about the Beagle Rescue we volunteer for, Midwest BREW. Also, subscribe, rate, review and listen to my other podcasts: Geek of the North on Modern Life Network Podcast Help Desk Podcast Quick Hits Traverse City Podcast

Duration: 00:13:08

Things I Don’t Understand – MDW250

- Why would it be important to have the engine size or the type of transmission or whatever on your vehicle's outside? For that matter, other than pimping the auto manufacturer why would you even want their logo on your car? - Left Lane driving on the freeway. My take on it. - Why is it when people sports teams when they say "we won!"? Wouldn't be that "They" won? The Team in question. YOU just watched them win. Republicans and Democrats are like sports teams to people. They root for the...

Duration: 01:00:47

Good News, Bad News Update – MDW249

Some good news, some bad news (very bad news) in this episode. Life is getting back to "normal" but it's been a rough few weeks when it comes to dogs. We lost our 4 year old beagle Banjo to an injury that couldn't be fixed. Then we got a new Puppy (Benny) who is a handful but very cool. I will be presenting at the Podcast Awards on Sunday June 26th at 8pm. If you want to watch live, it will be at PodcastAwards.com The Traverse City podcast lives again. Check it out at...

Duration: 00:33:41

Sunday Morning Update – MDW248

Dayton Hamvention is going on right now, so my normal Sunday morning Ham Radio Net (iook.org) is not happening.. SO, I'm doing a quick podcast episode. The post Sunday Morning Update – MDW248 appeared first on Mike Dell's World.

Duration: 00:15:01

From GLBC from Michigan Association of Broadcasters – MDW247

Quick update from a hotel room in Lansing Michigan. I talk about the conference (Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference) and my new full time gig at Blubrry Podcasting / RawVoice Inc. I will update more later in the week. The post From GLBC from Michigan Association of Broadcasters – MDW247 appeared first on Mike Dell's World.

Duration: 00:14:33

Flood Update from a Squeaky Chair in Michigan – MDW246

I played "Driving Through Ohio" by Bill Kahler I talked about the Flood and a lot of tech-talk. I was a guest host on the New Media Show #124 With Dave Jackson and Todd Cochrane. I will be guest hosting Geek News Central next Friday geeknewscentral.com Skip to 5:34 The post Flood Update from a Squeaky Chair in Michigan – MDW246 appeared first on Mike Dell's World.

Duration: 00:18:00

Water Water Everywhere – MDW245

Starting my month of Daily episodes. No April fools jokes for me. The post Water Water Everywhere – MDW245 appeared first on Mike Dell's World.

Duration: 00:11:39

iPad Test Recording

Just testing out the iPad recording in boss jock studio using the stock mic/EarPods. The post iPad Test Recording appeared first on Mike Dell's World.

Duration: 00:01:20

Lake Michigan Whale Migration Report – MDW244 Special

From the Lake Michigan Whale Migration Station on Beaver Island and WTCM Radio, here is a special Report about the Spring Migration The post Lake Michigan Whale Migration Report – MDW244 Special appeared first on Mike Dell's World.

Duration: 00:01:57

Kicking it old School, Live to the Hard Drive – MDW243

Today I podcasted like it was 2005, Live to the hard drive! Intro by Trucker Tom from Trucker Tom's Podcast and Trucking With Tom on YouTube I talked about Cars and the weather. Played a poem/song called "Winter Dark" by (unknown to me) from 2009 I played a Hot Buttered Rum tune "Right Between Your Eyes" If you want to catch Hot Buttered rum on their Winter/Spring tour, check out their tour dates at HotButteredRum.net Check out all the other podcasting I've bene doing by going to the...

Duration: 00:35:44

Joining the Old Farts Club – MDW242

Just a quick update today. I talk about turning 50 and my new iPad Air2. I was a guest on The Podcaster's RoundTable last night. It's episode (or Round) 65 talking about local podcasting. Also talk about something I can't announce yet that I'm calling the Next Big Thing :) Can't say anything more about it. Catch me later! The post Joining the Old Farts Club – MDW242 appeared first on Mike Dell's World.

Duration: 00:11:24

Say Yah To Da UP Eh? – MDW241

Today I talk about the snow storms hitting the East Coast and middle Atlantic. I play some stuff from Da Yoopers Enjoy! Stay warm! The post Say Yah To Da UP Eh? – MDW241 appeared first on Mike Dell's World.

Duration: 00:25:28

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