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A daily show featuring intelligent, enlivening and thought provoking discussions centered on the world of ideas. Guests from the world of literature, journalism, academia, public policy, science, religions, and foreign policy join Milt to discuss the big questions of the day–an all star list of people who shape our world.




The Chicago Blues: A Cautionary Tale from America’s Second City

Oh, Chicago. Where did we go wrong? With our shocking fiscal crisis, looming and potentially crippling property tax hikes, rampant crime, out flight of businesses and youth, crumbling infrastructure, education system mired in corruption and under performance, rising cost-of-living…the list of ills goes on and on. What can Chicago teach the rest of the nation?…

Duration: 01:37:54

Gangland Chicago with Richard Lindberg and John Drummond

Richard Lindberg is one of the foremost authorities on Chicago history. He’s written multiple, fine books on some of the lost history of this city. In his latest book, Gangland Chicago, Richard talks gangsters. From the organized crime outfits to vice to booze and gambling and all that these endeavors entail, this is the book…

Duration: 01:36:45

Great Directors of Film

After the thoroughly depressing and emotionally exhausting events from Paris last week and lengthy discussions of them this week, we turned to one of our refuges–movies. Here we talk about some of the greatest directors. We’re joined in studio by our mainstay of film talks, John Kupetz of Medill and the College of Lake County,…

Great Quotations

“Quotation, n: The act of repeating erroneously the words of another.” So said Ambrose Bierce, at least we hope. In this entry, we discuss some of our favorite quotes. This show could’ve been the length of a week, but we confine it here to one episode along with Gary Saul Morson of Northwestern and David…

Origins: The Scientific Story of Creation with Jim Baggott

Jim Baggott is an influential science writer. A scientist himself by training, he has turned toward a career in the commercial world as a successful author who popularizes complex scientific theories by making them, well, understandable. His latest, Origins: The Scientific Story of Creation, is a concise history of how we got here, how life…

Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs with Dr. Lisa Randall

Dark Matter. How does it differ from Dark Energy? What role has it played in mass extinctions throughout history? To answers those and many, many more questions of cosmological and biological import is Dr. Lisa Randall, one of our nation’s most esteemed physicists and professor at Harvard. Her latest book, Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs:…

The Witches: Salem, 1692 with Stacy Schiff

When most people hear the name of the town ‘Salem’ they immediately think, “Witches!” To be sure, that is the legacy of Salem in the minds of the masses. But beyond the wrongful execution of some young women for practicing witchcraft and sorcery, most people know nothing. Stacy Schiff is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and…

The Pleasures of Reading Mark Twain

With too many quotes to possibly pick one that would sum up his greatness, we won’t try. Instead we present this delightful talk on Mark Twain, his work, his legacy, his wit and his wisdom with two local professors who have studied Twain in depth. Larry Howe teaches Twain in his English courses at Roosevelt…

The Political World at Large with Three Guests

There’s much going on in the world at the moment, and instead of bringing you a themed show, we thought we’d look to those whose writings on it we admire. And, of course, a little music. First up to join is Bret Stephens, the Pulitzer Prize-winning foreign-affairs columnist at the Wall Street Journal. His latest…

A Tale of Two Cities…Washington and New York

If Chicago’s the Second City, New York is the first to be sure. So where does that leave Washington, D.C.? Without it, what would we be? But we’re not so concerned with prestige on this particular program as we are with what events, characters, considerations and compromises gave birth to these two superpowers of influence…

Duration: 01:38:08

Into the Fray that was the Boulder GOP Debate

By most accounts, the third GOP debate was a circus which strangely pitted the Republican candidates banding together to fend off their foes–not the Democrats, but rather their moderators from CNBC. To shed light on the proceedings–if there was any of political value–we turn to a fine panel. In studio, Richard Baehr and Ed Lasky…

Duration: 01:38:08

An Examination of British Literature

English. Our mother tongue. Recently we tackled the Great American Novel, so naturally it merited occasion to look toward Britain. In this episode we discuss the periods from medieval British Literature to the Victorians. Our panel here is a delightful trio from academia, namely Micael Clarke of Loyola, Lesley Koredecki from DePaul, and Regina Schwartz…

Duration: 01:38:08

The Philosopher’s Microphone with Sandy Goldberg

Sometimes there are too many moving parts to a program and we need to digress and decompress. Philosophy is a vast field, with limitless options for study and discussion. One person with whom we’ve been meaning to sit down with is Dr. Sanford Goldberg, the Chairperson of Philosophy at Northwestern. So at first opportunity, we…

Duration: 01:36:05

An Hour with Joseph Morris

As you know we are always keen to keep abreast of all of the latest political news. One member of our Political A-Team is Joseph Morris, former U.S. Assistant Attorney General and all-around polymath. We brought him to the show to discuss the upcoming election and the candidates on both sides, the troubles in the…

Duration: 00:48:57

Political Roundup 10/23/15

What a week it’s been in the political world. Hillary Clinton was back on the Hill again testifying about Benghazi. U.S. troops engaged in the Middle East. Assad visited Putin in Moscow. Putin’s troops continued their assault on ISIS. A wave of terror and retaliation once again grips Israel. Joe Biden dropped out of the…

Duration: 01:38:07

The Many Faces of Christ with Philip Jenkins

Dr. Philip Jenkins has written extensively on the ‘Lost Gospels‘. In this newest book, The Many Faces of Christ, he takes on the notion that these books on the life and divinity of Jesus were never really accepted by the church. To the contrary, they were openly and regularly discussed by early church fathers and…

Duration: 01:35:37

The Betrayal: The 1919 World Series and the Birth of Modern Baseball with Charles Fountain

8 Men Out. Shoeless Joe Jackson. Even the most casual baseball fan will know a bit about the 1919 Chicago White Sox–or Black Sox*. But what is the true story behind the scandal? As we all know, Hollywood often takes liberties with the facts when producing a feature length film. And how did that World…

Duration: 00:47:49

Henry Clay: America’s Greatest Statesman with Harlow Unger

Often when studying history we focus on the major figures. This is no less true in American history, where we may discuss founding fathers, maybe Lincoln, or the great generals of our wars. But one man who was very much a major figure who has been overlooked with the passage of time is Henry Clay.…

Duration: 00:47:53

All That Jazz…

Well, not all of it. But today we discuss traditional jazz. Joining Milt in studio is a very talented and traveled jazz guitarist and scholar, namely Michael Allemana. He brought with him a collection of recordings and a vast knowledge of the genre. We go from the beginning up until the mid 40’s or so.…

Duration: 01:36:15

An Appreciation of the French

Somehow the French became the butt of jokes for decades in this country. But the truth is, there would hardly be an America as we know it if it weren’t for French thought and, considering the Marquis de Lafayette, a healthy portion of French might. So as the France many of us loves prepares to…

Duration: 01:35:46

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