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Natural Strength Night is an informative, humorous, sometimes a little raucous, good-time of myth busting and honest training information from the trenches. We strive to help everyone involved with old school strength training (without steroids) to not make some common training mistakes. Along with great information, you'll hear a fair share of steroid bashing, flamingo sightings, breaking goons, iron game history, and honest drug-free training information from various leaders and strength coaches in the field to help you get real results! If your primary training information comes from reading "Muscle & Fiction" magazine we'll help get you straightened out. If you love high-intensity strength training, dinosaur style training and just like lifting heavy weights ... or loved Jack Lalanne, Sandow, Grimek, Peary Rader's Iron Man magazine, Brad Steiner's articles, Stuart McRobert's Hardgainer, Iron Nation, Osmo Kiiha's The Iron Master, you will love the show. On The Rugged Individual, we talk about obscene subjects like: success, motivation, liberty, Americana, capitalism, Jesus, self defense, guns, sports, eating meat, testicular fortitude and whatever the host wants. Relax. Here we are still a free country. The Rugged Individual... where good people roam.






Jedd Johnson Diesel Crew Grip Strength Richard Sorin Captain of Crush Inch Dumbell Blob Pinch Grip

Jedd Johnson interview with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 37) - 13 May 17 Tonight our guest is Jedd Johnson. Jedd is owner of The Diesel Crew, widely recognized as a world leader in Grip Strength and for strength & Conditioning of athletes as well. I’ve been Facebook friends with Jedd for several years, but I’ve known about Jedd for about 15 years mainly through my good friend Dan Cenidoza (who can be heard on episode #34.) The night I had Dan on my D.C. radio show...

Duration: 00:56:25

Dan Cenidoza Captain Of Crush Grip Strength Bending Red Nail Strongman Farmers Walk Kettlebells

Dan Cenidoza interview with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 34) - 31 January 17 Tonight our guest is Dan Cenidoza. I have known Dan for about 15 years. He lived in Maryland, north of Baltimore when I lived in Washington, DC. Dan made the long drive several times to workout at my gym Whelan Strength Training. Dan is one of the best high quality, and most well rounded guys I know. A true family man who really gets what life is about. Dan had the Farmers Walk record at...

Duration: 00:53:04

Chuck Miller Stuart McRobert Hardgainer Brawn Natural Bodybuilding Powerlifting

Chuck Miller interview with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 33) - 9 January 17 Tonight our guest is Chuck Miller. I have known Chuck for almost 20 years. He lived in the DC area when I was there and had several workouts at my gym, Whelan Strength Training. I’ve seen his strength first hand. He attended several of my Capital CITY STRENGTH Clinics too. Chuck was the first trainee at WST to shoulder the 250 pound Atomic Athletic Granite Stone. Chuck has competed as a...

Duration: 01:25:35

David Sedunary Australian Rules Football American Combato Bradley J Steiner Peary Rader Hardgainer

David Sedunary interview with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 32) - 19 December 16 Tonight our guest is David Sedunary. I have known David for over 15 years by email, phone and Skype. He was very active on my old Physical Culture Board. David has written several articles for NaturalStrength.com and Hardgainer magazine. He has been a repeat client of mine at Web Strength Coach.com and is one of the most dedicated guys I know. David is from Broken Hill, New South...

Duration: 01:05:34

Old School Weight Training, Mental Aspects, Big Arms, Powerlifting, Christian Iron

Dave Yarnell interview with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 31) - 13 April 16 Tonight our guest is one of the top muscle writers of our time, Dave Yarnell. Dave is a true dyed in the wool iron game expert and historian. He has spent 43 years in the lifting trenches, started weight training at age 12, and since then has read almost every book and magazine related to the subject. He has also competed in Powerlifting for close to 30 years and has some impressive lifts....

Duration: 00:53:41

Ken Mannie, High Intensity Training, Strength and Conditioning, Dan Riley, Coaching, Leadership

Ken Mannie interview with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 30) - 17 February 16 Tonight our guest is one of the best strength & conditioning coaches in the world, if not the best, my friend Ken Mannie. I’ve known Ken for over 20 years. He wrote a great chapter in Iron Nation called: Steel City Tough. We’ll be talking about that later. Ken has been a big help to me in my career … with websites, books …. you name it. When I started NaturalStrength.com, way back in 1999,...

Duration: 01:39:04

Strongman Christian Ministry, Dinosaur Training, Dennis Rogers, A Unique Odd Object Workout

Jeff Bankens interview with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 28) - 24 December 15 Tonight... our guest is the Louisiana Strongman, Jeff "T-Rex" Bankens. Jeff is lifetime steroid & PED free and he has an impressive list of strength feats that include: tearing phone books and decks of cards in half, bending horse shoes and steel bars, and breaking chains and baseball bats with his bare hands. But his most impressive stunts and feats involve neck strength. In this area...

Duration: 00:55:25

The Mighty Atom Documentary, Mind Over Matter, Harry Houdini, Dig Your Grave With Knife and Fork

Steve Greenstein interview with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 27) - 6 December 15 Tonight … our guest is Steve Greenstein. Steve is the grandson of The Mighty Atom, Joe Greenstein. We are going to be talking tonight about the interesting life of The Mighty Atom, who was one of the most colorful and beloved figures in the history of physical culture. He is one of my favorites. I still have an old framed picture of him biting a chain. I had it on the wall of my gym...

Duration: 00:42:43

Stuart McRobert, Bodybuilding Goldmine, Hardgainer, Brawn, Little Gems, Basics 'Breviated and Best

Stuart McRobert Interview with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 21) - 2 Nov 14 Tonight it’s an honor for me to have as our guest Stuart McRobert, the publisher of Hardgainer Magazine. I’ve known Stuart for over 20 years. I consider him my strongest ally in the promotion of good honest training information. The one word that best describes Stuart is integrity. Stuart is one of the few out there with enough guts to take a real stand against the use of PEDS in strength...

Duration: 01:04:08

Close Combat, American Combato, Self Defense, Strength Training for the Martial Arts

Bradley J. Steiner Interview with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 19) - 7 Oct 14 It’s a great honor for me to have as our guest, Professor Bradley J. Steiner. Brad is one of the greatest muscle writers of all time and is a world-renowned expert in two separate fields: strength training and the martial arts. (Especially self-defense and close combat.) He has written over 30 published books in these areas of study. I have read several of Brads strength training books...

Duration: 00:59:27

Muscle Museum, Jackson Barbell, Charles Atlas, Bur-Bel, Bernarr Macfadden, Sig Klein's Gym

Mike BonDurant Interview with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 18) - 28 Sep 14 Tonight our guest is Mike BonDurant. Mike is well known as one of the top iron game memorabilia collectors and physical culture historians in the world. He’s especially known as THE guy who knows the history of strength equipment. He is the founder of the Muscle Museum in St Augustine Florida, and he’s also the publisher of the Muscle Museum Forum newsletter. I’m going to have to drive up...

Duration: 00:57:05

Leo Stern's Gym, Joe Gold's Poster, Bill Pearl, Vince Gironda, Dick Conner's Gym Travels,

Dick Conner Interview with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 17) - 19 Sep 14 Tonight we welcome back my good friend Dick Conner who is a regular on the show and one of the nicest and most honest guys in the field. Dick also has a great sense of humor which I love. Dick has been involved in strength training for over 60 years, and he’s one of the greatest powerlifting coaches of all-time. He has written many great articles for Hardgainer, Natural Strength.com and...

Duration: 00:54:56

Successful Coaching Philosophy, Jack Lalanne, "Shock the Muscles" BS, We Used to Be a Cult

Ted Harrison Interview with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 16) - 7 Sep 14 Tonight we welcome back a regular guest, Ted Harrison. We'll talk about the core philosophy of his personal training, who in physical culture influenced him the most, and if he believes cardiovascular exercise is needed if you do hard and progressive strength training. We will also talk about how many people confuse STRENGTH TRAINING with EXERCISE, the pros and cons of training info in Social...

Duration: 00:54:55

Ripped Like Clarence Bass, Transform Your Physique, You Can't Out Train a Bad Diet, Captain of Crush

Bill Piche Interview with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 15) - 31 Aug 14 Tonight’s guest is Bill Piche. I’ve know Bill for at least 15 years or so… he is a real gentleman and one of the good guys in this field. Bill competed as a powerlifter and did a triple body weight deadlift as one of the top natural powerlifters in the country back in the 1980’s. You have to be careful shaking hands with Bill too as he is a certified “Captain of Crush” closing the number 3...

Duration: 01:17:40

Training in Deland with Arthur Jones, Kim Wood, Dr. Ken, Casey Viator, Jim

Jim Bryan Interview with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 14) - 21 Aug 14 Jim has done it all in the field of strength training and has over 50 years experience. He is a High Intensity Training pioneer and was one of the earliest college strength coaches to use the HIT philosophy way back in the early 70’s. He was truly one of the first college strength coaches period. Jim was also one of the first people to work directly with Arthur Jones in Deland, Florida back in...

Duration: 01:02:52

Iron Game History, Muscle Smoke and Mirrors, Randy Roach, Kim Wood, Raw Foo

Randy Roach and Ted Harrison with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 13) - 12 Aug 14 An exclusive in depth (over one hour) interview with Randy Roach, author of the epic books Muscle Smoke and Mirrors (Volumes 1 and 2.) Randy gives us an update for Volume 3, describes the tremendous effort it took for the first 2 volumes as well as many other interesting gems of strength training information. A must listen. Ted Harrison gives us some great information on how to connect...

Duration: 01:26:11

Build Muscle Mass with Low Rep HIT, Dread of Gym Moving, Kefir, Purpose, Pu

Joe Aben and Ted Harrison with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 12) - 03 Aug 14 Joe Aben talks about building a successful strength coaching business, lower rep HIT training, the balance of pushing and pulling, the nightmare of moving your gym, and even provides us a home made Kefir recipe. Some great info. Ted Harrison talks about finding the "purpose" and the "why" in your training for maximum results. Another great talk by Ted as always. Build Muscle Mass with Low...

Duration: 01:12:48

Two Sport Multi-World Champion Talks Dedication, Art Drechsler & Dr. Ken, L

Linda Jo Belsito Interview with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 7) - 22 June 14, I’ve known Linda Jo for over 15 years, she spoke at several of my Capital City Strength clinics in DC. In addition to being one of the strongest steroid free women in the history of the world, she is also one of the warmest and nicest people in the strength field. LJ has been drug free her entire career. She is nick-named “white lights” due to her perfect form and technique. She has won...

Duration: 00:59:27

Sig Klein, Iron Island Gym, Trips to York, Big Steaks at Peter Lugers

Sig Klein, Bruno's Gym, Trips to York, Big Steaks at Peter Lugers, Iron Island Gym stories, Sad State of Powerlifting, and more... Jim Duggan with Bob Whelan, NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast, (episode 5) 9 June 14

Duration: 00:43:49

Professor Louis Atilla, Bill Pearl's Barn, Sig Klein, Size vs Strength, Bui

Get to know Professor Louis Atilla, Bill Pearl's Barn, Sig Klein, Size vs Strength, Building Power "The Pit" Way, Dick Conner with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 4) - 25 May 14 -uploaded in HD at http://www.TunesToTube.com

Duration: 00:56:14

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