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Hyderabad, India


A lazy day has to be a SUNDAY!!! While still clinging to your pillow @ 7a.m. on a Sunday morning do switch on to 98.3 fm Radio Mirchi to tune in to a super start of your day ‘coz you’ll be tuned to Mirchi Mornings with Anamika from 7am to 11 am. If you wanna know what your stars forecast about you, then don’t miss out “Star Forecast” in Mirchi Mornings with Anamika If you are confused about what should be your Sunday breakfast then don’t miss out “Jhatpat Phataphat” Breakfast recipe in Mirchi Mornings with Anamika If you wanna know about Spicy Movie Buzz of Cine – Industry Then don’t miss out “Movie Buzz” masala in Mirchi Mornings with Anamika If you are serious about your career and need some tips/ guidance to attend interviews or prepare resume, Then don’t miss out “Career Guide” in Mirchi Mornings with Anamika Loads and loads of fun, When you wake up with the sun Loads and loads of masti, With recipe “achi aur sasti” Loads and loads of spice Just filled with surprise Loads of useful tips On your finger tips Do start your Sunday with Mirchi Mornings to have a gr88888888 Sunday!!!



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