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Bonus Episode - Top 5 and Bottom 3, 250-201

This week, we celebrate our 50th episode, and go over each one of our top 5 favorite movies, and bottom 3 least favorite movies, of the last 50 we've watched!

Duration: 01:11:55

Episode 201 - Nausicaa of the Vally of the Wind

This week, we watch the animated classic who's popularity lead to the founding of Studio Ghibli, which went on to make additional milestones in animation like Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and My Neighbor Totoro. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

Duration: 01:01:37

Episode 202 - The Grapes of Wrath

This week, we watch the landmark picture that depicts the hardships of the dust bowl survivors that journey to California to find a new life. Adapted from the pages of John Steinbeck's classic novel that was released only a year earlier, these two pieces of art were among the most controversial of the time. The Grapes of Wrath (1940), directed by John Ford.

Episode 203 - Annie Hall

This week, we watch the best picture winner that is one of the few "romantic comedies" on the top 250. We have a little trouble separating the man from the movie. Annie Hall (1977), directed by Woody Allen.

Duration: 01:04:40

Episode 204 - Stalker

This week, we watch the Russian science fiction film where two men are lead into The Zone by a Stalker in hopes of entering a room that grants wishes. Come for the beautiful cinematography, stay for the inescapable atmosphere. Stalker (1979), directed by Andrei Tarkovsky.

Duration: 01:08:34

Episode 205 - Before Sunrise

This week, we watch Ethan Hawk and Julie Delpy fall in love in Vienna. What could be seen as a two hour long conversation, is really a film that sets out to achieve the focused goal of capturing a moment between two people falling in love. Before Sunrise (1995), directed by Richard Linklater.

Duration: 01:06:11

Episode 206 - The Bourne Ultimatum

This week, we watch Matt Damon try to find out who he is, as he runs around places, jumps across buildings, assassinates strangers, drives off buildings, has flashbacks, and jumps through windows on the sides of buildings. All the while, people in buildings talk about where he's running to. The Bourne Ultimatum (2007), directed by Paul Greengrass.

Duration: 00:59:55

Episode 207 - Memories of Murder

This week, we watch the the movie that captured a slot in Quentin Tarantino's list of the 20 best films since 1992 - a murder mystery that combines horror and comedy in a way that that leaves you not only guessing at who the killer is, but what tone the movie will take with the next scene. Also, the best jump-kicks in movie history. Memories of Murder (2003), directed by Bong Joon Ho.

Duration: 00:57:57

Episode 208 - Gandhi

This week we watch the winner of 8 Oscars, including Best Director, Best actor (Ben Kingsley), and Best Picture, which it throughly deserved. This is one of the most epic films in history, and stands up strongly to the test of time. Gandhi (1982), directed by Richard Attenborough.

Duration: 01:03:41

Episode 209 - The Truman Show

This week, we watch Jim Carrey play Truman Burbank, a normal every-day kinda guy that just happens to be the focal point of the worlds biggest reality TV show. In the 90's the story seemed absurd, but nowadays, reality TV is everywhere and this movie almost feels normal. The Truman Show (1998), directed by Peter Weir. You can contact us at mission250filmcast@gmail.com, checkout the full list of movies at mission250filmcast.com, and follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook! THEME SONG...

Duration: 01:13:28

Episode 210 - Deadpool

This week, we watch the comic book movie that blew up the box office. The Hard-R, ultra-violent comedy was a passion project that almost didn't get made, which not only restarted Ryan Reynolds career, but also is bound to start an R-rated comic book movie surge. Deadpool (2016), directed by Tim Miller.

Duration: 01:08:50