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#13 Stefan Poulsen CTO of iPaper

Today we are talking to Stefan, the CTO of iPaper. We talk about hijacking high end electric cars, security issues with your tea kettle, and how to let someone go gracefully. {tea kettle noise} Jake the episode is ready! Right here, right now on the Modern CTO Podcast.

Duration: 00:49:45

#12 Giannis CTO / CoFounder of PollFish

Today we are talking to Giannis CTO and Co-Founder of PollFish. We discuss how his company predicted Brexit, their play for SDK dominance in the gaming industry, and dealing with hyper growth inside their engineering and sales teams. All of this, right here, right now on the Modern CTO Podcast.

Duration: 00:40:35

#11 Mark Flood CTO / Founder of

Today we are talking to Mark Flood, CTO and Founder of Origin a company in the Esports space. We discuss identifying and bringing value into a market, the billion dollar growth of video games as a spectators sport, and how Gary V is sometimes my spirit animal. All of this right here, right now on the Modern CTO Podcast.

Duration: 00:59:42

#10 Brunno Attorre CTO/CoFounder At Uru

Today we are talking to Brunno the CTO at Uru. You won’t believe what they are doing with machine learning. We talk about the struggles of learning to manage people and speak up when going from developer to CTO. We got a question from the FB livestream Leonard asked “With so many types of testing, When do you test and why?”. All of this right here right now, on the Modern CTO podcast.

Duration: 00:54:43

#9 Marty Cagan - Best Selling Author - Inspired - How To Create Products Customers Love

Today we are talking to Marty Cagan THE most influential tech product leader of our time. HP, Netscape, Ebay, Adobe - Best selling author of Inspired - How to create products customers love. Marty started as a developer CTO and then full on product god. Marty gives advice for CTOs based on their current stage of growth. It’s pure gold Jerry. All right here, right now on the Modern CTO Podcast!

Duration: 01:00:56

#8 Karl Hughes CTO The Graide Network

Today we are talking to Karl Hughes, CTO of The Graide Network. We discuss the next generation of coding influencers. His upcoming talk this week at code smash and his responsibilities as CTO. Karl was a fantastic interview packed with value. Right here right now, on the Modern CTO podcast.

Duration: 00:43:36

#7 Ryan Singer Head of Strategy at Basecamp

Today we have on the show Ryan Singer, the head of strategy at Basecamp. We discuss UI/UX and how to make sure that product provides value directly to the customer. We also get inside SCOOP on how basecamp runs their six week development cycle. Ryan and I talk about staying ahead of tech trends and exactly how they do this at Basecamp. We also debate Alexa and the future of voice. All of this, right here right now on the Modern CTO podcast.

Duration: 00:51:40

Weekly Update 1 - Basecamp's Ryan Singer live stream coming soon watch now on fb page

While recording the first weekly update, the power went out. Watch the video on our FB page. Basecamp’s Ryan Singer was on We talked to Kyle Hughes speaking at codemash next week. First ever live streamed, and how we saved money doing it. Posted first Instagram story ever Snapchat spectacles? Posted Andrew Ward’s podcast episode 🔥 Next week we have influencers coming on to share UI/UX, Growth, Marketing, Management and more. From Invision, Google, and Top companies all over the world.😱...

Duration: 00:02:44

#6 Andrew Ward CTO MODL

Today we talk to Andrew Ward the CTO of MODL. We talk about What makes great leaders, machine learning, asking for feedback and much more.

Duration: 01:10:07

#5 Derek Johnson CTO Lawlytics

Todays episode of Modern CTO we talk with Derek Johnson. Derek is the CTO and Co Founder of LawLytics, a legal software company. They are absolutely knocking it out of the park. Let me break this down for you. Derek and his co-founder self funded and built a multi million dollar company. Their initial assumption was wrong, but they listened to the market, adjusted and now they’re thriving. So grab a beer, relax and get ready. This episode is overflowing with value. Right here right now on...

Duration: 00:54:07

#4 Doug Woodrow CTO Knightspeed Moving

Today’s episode of the Modern CTO Podcast, Joel talks to Doug Woodrow. He’s early in his CTO career but looks to be one of the most promising CTO’s to look out for. He is the CTO of Knightspeed which is a company that is looking to change the moving game. We discuss the pain of gaining experience, machine learning and billionaires.

Duration: 01:13:39

#3 Don Pawlowski CTO of University Tees

This episode of the Modern CTO Podcast felt like I was chatting to a long lost friend. Don Pawlowski is the CTO University Tees who are the industry leaders to providing custom t-shirts to college students. We discuss hiring the right people, our wives, machine learning and giving crypto currency financial advice.

Duration: 00:48:18

#2 Ellin Tolstov CTO of

Today’s episode is with Ellin Tolstov – the CTO of Level.Travel – the Expedia of Russia. A wide array of topics covered in this discussion with everything from Artificial Intelligence and momentum, Electricity, Failure, Cryptocurrency and React Native Coding.

Duration: 00:35:31

#1 Adrian Djura CTO of Eipix Entertainment

Today’s episode is with Adrian Djura who is the CTO of Eipix Entertainment. Adrian went in with no venture money and began as a co-founder of Eipix Entertainment. He then used the money from their first contract making their video game to bootstrap their company and grow from 2 to over 300 employees in six years. They are making 20 games per year and are a world leader in global gaming. Adrian wrote the scripting language to efficiently develop the game. During this episode, he talks about...

Duration: 00:28:02