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It’s a Music Talk show? It’s a Game Show? It’s an interview Show? It’s a…… Well not Really sure what it is, But it is HELLA FUN!! Hosted by several RPR DJ’s including the GREAT ONE Michael Kaiser along with Greg Lonesome, Gentleman Matt, Jorge “Real Boss Hoss”, Jason “SnyderMan”, and a whole cast of other Characters.






Mojo Workout 102: The Return of Gentleman Matt!

Gentleman Matt has returned! Join the Mojo crew in welcoming back Gentleman Matt to the fold And Michael Kaiser as well! This was a fun show and you should probably just download it now and listen. Even Silky made an Continue reading

Duration: 02:57:40

Mojo Workout 100: Some Kind of Milestone?

The 100th episode of Mojo Workout! You’d think for such a milestone, we would have been able to muster a decent sized crew. Not on Mojo Workout! Nope, episode 100 came and went with little to no fanfare. We celebrated … Continue reading →

Duration: 02:41:51

Mojo Workout 99: A to Zed

This week’s Mojo Workout was brought to you by the letter, “Z.” There was a lot of geeky beer talk this time around, a trip to the Real Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and probably some other stuff, too. … Continue reading →

Duration: 02:27:48

Mojo Workout 98: We Drank the Kool-Aid

The world didn’t end, but we drank the Kool-Aid anyway (yeah, we know it was Flavor Aid). Mojo Workout returned after nearly a month off and no one noticed. The (Faux) Rock N Roll Hall of Fame was visited and … Continue reading →

Duration: 02:06:40

Mojo Workout 97: Banana Hammock

The ship sailed two weeks in a row! Who’da thunk it? We packed this show full of stuff, too! Mojobituaries! A Gregorian Rant! A congratulations to a crew member! The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame! Banana Hammocks! Other stuff … Continue reading →

Duration: 02:15:52

Mojo Workout 96: Bromo Seltzer

After stuffing ourselves with the turkey-bird on Thursday, we decided to sail the SS Mojo to work off some calories, or let off some steam, or something like that. A good time was had, I think, although this was two … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:52:28

Mojo Workout 95: Three Days to Led Zeppelin

After a couple weeks off, Mojo Workout returned for yet another episode of nonsense and silliness. Get it from the usual sources and then wonder why you bothered to download it in the first place. Hosts this voyage were Kaiser, … Continue reading →

Duration: 03:11:05

Mojo Workout 92: Rose Colored Tulip Glasses

On International James Bond Day and the anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death, the S.S. Mojo Workout set sail once again. This episode contained talk of beer glassware, a Gregorian Rant about the Faux Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, a … Continue reading →

Duration: 03:05:54

Mojo Workout 90: Edited Down

This Mojo Workout happened so long ago, we can’t remember what we talked about. All we know is that we did a whole lot of talking. Four and a half hours worth to be exact, and a lot of the … Continue reading →

Duration: 02:53:43

Mojo Workout 84: Man Stew

Wow, the SS Mojo Workout sailed two weeks in a row, and it was a packed ship, too! Scott Hudson joined us. Dratsum brought his better half. Mag’s better half made an appearance at the end of the show. There … Continue reading →

Duration: 03:04:21

Mojo Workout 83: The Return!

The Golden Voice returned! Yes, our Captain, Michael Kaiser, made a last minute, surprise return to Mojo Workout, and we were really happy he did! It was great to have him back steering the ship, and hopefully he’ll be back … Continue reading →

Duration: 03:19:29

Mojo Workout 82: Pizza Whore

Here we are with episode 82 of Mojo Workout! Michael Kaiser is on paternity leave, so us lowly crew members had to man the ship without him. Scary! Gentleman Matt stepped up to the plate to command the ship and … Continue reading →

Duration: 04:01:36

Mojo Workout 81: Pee Pee Eggs

Episode 81 of Mojo Workout was a very special one, all about “much music” and “pee pee eggs.” How can you get better entertainment than that? Also for some reason unbeknownst to us, this episode recorded extremely “hot” and may … Continue reading →

Duration: 03:00:46

Mojo Workout 80: Serving up the Clown Bologna

80 episodes of Mojo Workout! That’s well over a week of continuous nonsense and silliness if you listened to all the episodes back to back. We dare you to try! The Real Rock N Roll Hall of Fame segment was … Continue reading →

Duration: 03:13:20

Mojo Workout 79: Chris Dodd is a Punk (And Not the Good Kind)

Sailing on the S.S. Mojo Workout this week we teach you the proper way to make a Gibson, we talk about the RIAA and Chris Dodd, there’s a birthday shout out to William Shatner, and of course, the Real Rock … Continue reading →

Duration: 03:02:28

Mojo Workout 78: The Pizza Man Cometh

This week on the S.S. Mojo Workout we get an update on the Pizza Man from Gentleman Matt, there’s talk of Man Camp, Apple computer machines, P.O.R.K., and of course, the Real Rock N Roll Hall of Fame as only … Continue reading →

Duration: 03:05:37

Mojo Workout 77: Silky Gentleman Matt

This time around Scott Hudson of the Ledge joins the Mojo crew to bring some much needed professionalism, and we are also joined by Sean of the Jinxes. Gentleman Matt introduces the world to “Silky Gentleman Matt,” hilarity ensues and … Continue reading →

Duration: 03:04:05

Mojo Workout 76: Itty Bitty Teenie Weenie

The S.S. Mojo Workout set sail once again, paying tribute to the late Davy Jones of the Monkees and Louisiana Red, debating copyright laws and downloading, clarifying tea-time and of course – the Real Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame, … Continue reading →

Duration: 03:07:09