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Episode 21: Escape from New York (1981)

Join us for episode 21, the beginning of our second season, as we'll be reviewing 1981's Escape from New York, directed by John Carpenter. Is Snake a bad enough dude to save the president? Will the Duke ever get the Brain he's looking for? Can dudes be cuddly? Tune in, find out. Join us next time for Escape from L.A.! Note: when we talk about Frank Doubleday, Romero, Ed and Evil Ed we're talking about the same guy. Same thing with Hauk, Lee Van Cleef and Angel Eyes.

Duration: 01:08:04

Episode 20: Lizard Baby (2004)

This week's movie is 2004's Lizard Baby, the third installment in Hideshi Hino's Theater of Horror, the series that started it all. Sadly, Keith was not available for this edition so we were back to the two-man crew not seen since the days of World War Z! Lizard Baby is a Twilight Zone-style story of a man who seems to be the only one weirded out by his new son being some kind of reptile-or is it? The screenplay he's writing seems to be coming to life! We also discuss contemporary slang,...

Duration: 00:55:52

Episode 18: ThanksKilling (2009)

Join us for our (late as always) Thanksgiving spectacular in which we'll be reviewing 2009's ThanksKilling, a low budget movie about a talking turkey killing a bunch of walking stereotypes. It's actually not too bad, especially considering the budget. We also broke out an impromptu Quad City DJs medley, so that's worth the price of admission right there, not that there is one. Next time we'll be turning our attention towards Christmas with 1994's The Ref. Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Duration: 00:48:37