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Monocle 24’s new series features in-depth interviews with inspirational names in global politics, business, culture and design. Hosted by Tyler Brûlé, Andrew Tuck and Monocle’s senior editors






Tessa Ross

Monocle Culture editor Robert Bound sits down with legendary film producer and former head of Film4 Tessa Ross. The woman behind ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, ‘12 Years a Slave’, ‘Under the Skin’ and many more tells us about what goes on behind the scenes, the importance of listening and starting her own production company.

Duration: 00:28:49

Lyse Doucet

Monocle’s Steve Bloomfield sits down with the BBC’s chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet to talk about the start of her career, the impact that Afghanistan has had on her life, her current reporting on Syria and why she continues to see working in journalism as a privilege.

Duration: 00:28:30

Ilse Crawford

The UK designer, academic and creative director Ilse Crawford sits down with Monocle editor Andrew Tuck to discuss her early days as a journalist, how her family has influenced her career and the importance of good design in social projects.

Duration: 00:29:32

Christiana Figueres

Monocle’s Steve Bloomfield sits down with Christiana Figueres, the former head of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The woman behind the 2015 Paris Agreement talks about the work involved in the legendary deal, growing up in Costa Rica, our pressing moral obligations to future generations and why it’s important to be stubborn when it comes to the environment.

Duration: 00:29:35

Mary Ann Tighe

From government arts advisor to one of New York’s most powerful women, Mary Ann Tighe sits down with Ed Stocker to discuss making big deals, tough compromises and how making friends with your competitors can be beneficial for all.

Duration: 00:29:00

Isabel Allende

Monocle’s New York bureau chief Ed Stocker sits down with celebrated Chilean author Isabel Allende to discuss the art of storytelling, her deep-rooted affection for Chile and Latin America, the dangers of the US’s new government and her human-rights work.

Duration: 00:28:21

Kristin Scott Thomas

Academy award-nominated actress Kristin Scott Thomas sits down with Monocle 24’s Robert Bound to discuss her latest film ‘The Party’, the differences of acting for film and stage, her debut as a director and why she has chosen Europe over Hollywood.

Duration: 00:29:34

Agnès B.

The French fashion designer sits down with Monocle’s Nolan Giles in Paris to discuss politics, supporting young artists, her love of London and getting France back on track.

Duration: 00:29:33

Susan Goldberg

Susan Goldberg, editor in chief of ‘National Geographic’, sits down with Monocle’s Tomos Lewis in Washington to talk about the US’s new administration, the power of journalism, magazine covers and how to steer a legacy brand in changing times.

Duration: 00:29:34

Jude Kelly

The theatre producer and artistic director of London’s Southbank Centre sits down with Monocle 24’s Tom Edwards to talk about gender equality and the importance of universal accessibility to the arts and culture.

Duration: 00:29:19

Marina Abramović

Influential performance artist Marina Abramović sits down with Sophie Grove in the Moderna Museet in Stockholm to talk about her childhood, the Slavic soul, the powerful chemistry between audience and performer and the sacrifices that the artist must be willing to make.

Duration: 00:29:14

John Simpson

Steve Bloomfield sits down with the BBC’s world affairs editor to talk about his 50-year career, the responsibilities, danger and excitement of being a war correspondent and some advice he would give to his younger self.

Duration: 00:30:00

Dries van Noten

Nolan Giles sits down with the Belgian fashion designer to talk about crafting clothes in the era of images and screens, being hands-on in both the creative and commercial sides of his business and the importance of his hometown of Antwerp to his business.

Duration: 00:30:00

Mario Testino

Tyler Brûlé sits down with legendary photographer Mario Testino to talk about the allure of London in the 1980s and 1990s, the changing landscape of fashion and photography, the pleasures of travel and philanthropy, and his recent reconnection to his native Peru.

Duration: 00:30:12

Art Spiegelman

One of the world's most influential graphic artists, Art Spiegelman sits down with Andrew Mueller to discuss depicting atrocities, his career-defining graphic novel ‘Maus’ and, of course, president-elect Donald Trump.

Duration: 00:30:00

Robert Longo

Monocle’s Ed Stocker sits down with US artist Robert Longo to talk about his youth, the creation of Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center with some of the leading artists of the time, his famous “Men in the Cities” series and the messy state of US politics.

Duration: 00:29:38

Luc Tuymans

Monocle’s Robert Bound sits down with Belgian artist Luc Tuymans to discuss his idea of ‘the real’ as well as the physicality of painting, when to begin and when to stop and the changing role but immutable nature of the artist. Plus: Tuymans discusses artist and painter James Ensor, about whom he has recently curated an exhibition.

Duration: 00:29:58

William Kentridge

Robert Bound talks to artist William Kentridge about the process of creation, the drawing as the starting point, the beauty of opera, the importance of peripheral vision and his home country, South Africa.

Duration: 00:29:40

Sir David Tang

‘The Big Interview’ is back on Monocle 24, featuring in-depth conversations with inspirational names in global politics, business, culture and design. To kick off the fourth series Tyler Brûlé sits down with Hong Kong businessman and concert pianist Sir David Tang to talk about nationality, the notion of nice and some of his favourite – and least favourite – Asian destinations.

Duration: 00:29:46

Ruth Rogers

Chef, entrepreneur and head of London’s Michelin-starred River Café Ruth Rogers sits down with Tyler Brûlé to discuss the discipline required to run a restaurant, the effects of Brexit on her business and her passion for Italy.
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