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Monocle 24: The Bulletin With UBS-logo

Monocle 24: The Bulletin With UBS


Delivering insights into the people, places and products shaping the financial week ahead. Hear from the finest minds and freshest thinkers as they take you beyond the numbers and the hype to get to the heart of the day’s big issues.

Delivering insights into the people, places and products shaping the financial week ahead. Hear from the finest minds and freshest thinkers as they take you beyond the numbers and the hype to get to the heart of the day’s big issues.
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London, United Kingdom




Delivering insights into the people, places and products shaping the financial week ahead. Hear from the finest minds and freshest thinkers as they take you beyond the numbers and the hype to get to the heart of the day’s big issues.




US tax reform

With Congress apparently on the cusp of finalising the largest rewrite of the tax code since the 1980s, it appears increasingly likely that legislation will soon be reaching the president’s desk. Our panel assesses the potential impact of any bill, covering everything from equity markets to fixed income. We’ll hear that while this may not have a massive impact in broad GDP terms, it could be positive news.

Duration: 00:16:44

Health matters

Health and corporate life in the spotlight. We look at this hugely complex and interesting theme through the prism of a UBS initiative that addresses employee wellbeing, and dive into a UBS wealth management white paper which explores and explains those complexities.

Duration: 00:15:53

The UBS European Conference: from QE to QT

This week we’re touching down in London and reporting from the UBS European Conference, a landmark event for the bank and for investors, policy-makers and opinion leaders. We’re looking at the notion of “quantitative easing to quantitative tightening” and asking whether it’s for real and what it means for asset classes.

Duration: 00:14:59

For love not money: why collections are defined by passion not profit

The latest UBS Investor Watch report explores collecting and seeks to explain how and why many wealthy investors build their collections and manage the legacy.

Duration: 00:15:33

Cryptocurrencies: beneath the bubble

A new UBS report explains a decade of soaring popularity of these digital platforms as a bubble, and discusses why they can never go mainstream. Our experts will explain some of the anarchic behaviour that surrounds the space and we’ll also look beneath the bubble at the underlying technology – blockchain – and consider how it can reshape the future.

Duration: 00:15:07

Women and investing

A new study by UBS Wealth Management explores how the gender gap can be widened by investment decisions and behaviour, as well as by income disparity, flexible working and longevity. Our panel will discuss this and explain why the bank has launched UBS Unique, a five-year plan to significantly scale its expertise in serving female clients.

Duration: 00:16:02

The 2017 Billionaires Report

The third annual UBS/PwC Billionaires Report reveals that billionaire wealth returned to growth in 2016 after falling the year before and shines a spotlight on new trends among billionaires, including the use of networks and investment in art and sports.

Duration: 00:15:33

Mind the gap

A focus on the UBS International Pension Gap Index, a recent white paper from the UBS wealth management CIO, exploring the sustainability of various pension systems around the world. Hear about the key challenges in the space, from widespread demographic change to pressure on public finances and a challenging investment environment. Our panel talks through the methodology UBS has employed to make sense of all these complexities and suggests some key takeaways.

Duration: 00:17:58

China’s 19th party congress

We look ahead to this twice-a-decade summit where top-level leadership changes and major policy priorities are decided. What’s on the agenda and what are the key investment implications?

Duration: 00:18:07

The Global Real Estate Bubble Index 2017

We delve into the UBS Wealth Management CIO’s annual report, analysing residential property prices in 20 select urban areas around the world.

Duration: 00:17:27

Business with impact

Continuing our exploration of sustainability and impact investing, we put corporate societal responsibility in the spotlight. Our panel unpacks the findings of the recent UBS Wealth Management CIO whitepaper ‘Business with Impact: From Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Societal Returns’.

Duration: 00:16:23

Sustainable and impact investing

Highlights from a recent UBS global roundtable that saw group experts present simultaneously in London, Zürich and New York. This is a sector that has doubled in size in recent years, hence all the UBS business divisions were represented as the panel discussed everything from group product development to external partnerships – and some notable recent achievements across the business.

Duration: 00:17:48

Flying solo: the path to pilotless planes

A UBS Q-Series report on pilotless flight has made some compelling conclusions. We will be unpacking the report in detail with its two leading analysts, learning how reducing the intervention of human pilots on aircraft can bring economic benefits and improved safety.

Duration: 00:21:59

Germany votes

What’s at stake in this month’s German federal election – for the country, for European institutions, for investors and for the world?

Duration: 00:16:43

Disruption in the insurance industry

The UBS wealth management CIO’s biannual Shifting Asia series identifies and explores a trend that will shape the future of markets and sectors in the years ahead. The third edition looks at technology disruption in the insurance industry.

Duration: 00:15:54

Corporate profits

Some investors are worried that stocks are getting expensive. But companies are continuing to bring in impressive profit growth. What’s driving this – and can it continue? Our panel guides us through all the main issues from strong earnings growth and how that continues to be supportive of revenue and profit momentum; to prevailing monetary policy and how that too is favourable, with low interest rates and easy funding conditions.

Duration: 00:17:58

Risk and reward

This week we look toward the risk horizon to consider the shifting sands of geopolitics. We’ll assess how events – particularly regarding North Korea – are reshaping the narrative and the risk profile. We’ll also consider what the investment implications are of rising geopolitical risk across the globe and ask our expert panel what else should be in investors’ sightlines.

Duration: 00:15:00

Is there a bond-market bubble?

The former Fed chair Alan Greenspan certainly thinks so, and he’s been warning that it’s set to burst. Could he be right? Our expert panel run the rule over all the issues shaping the landscape, from long-term interest rates (which Greenspan thinks are unsustainably low) to the potential for stagflation ahead.

Duration: 00:16:59

The euro: five years on

We take the temperature of the eurozone, five years after Mario Draghi’s pivotal speech in which he pledged to do “whatever it takes” to save the euro. Our experts gauge the pace of change in the interim, ask what still needs to be done and identify the key drivers for the eurozone’s ongoing economic momentum.

Duration: 00:16:33


Inflation data has been weak around the US, eurozone and UK recently. But is that the real picture? What does the situation mean for central banks – and can they keep monetary policies easy for longer?

Duration: 00:16:24

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