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Tune in to the #1 automotive authority in the world! Join host and auto industry veteran, Charlie Vogelheim, along with fellow enthusiast Shawn Myers every week as they share a variety of automotive lifestyle conversations and experiences. Featuring candid interviews with celebrities, industry leaders, and owners, Motor Trend Audio, offers an in-depth look at the automotive world including the latest on new vehicle and concept car debuts, collectible cars, auto shows and events, car buying, selling, and ownership information. The show also features discussions with Motor Trend editors who share their expertise and highlight automotive trends and technology.




#100 - Two times 100

As we polish off the 100th episode of our podcast, what better topic to land on than the 100th anniversary of the founding of "The Ultimate Driving Machine." BMW is the featured marque at this year's Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and Tom Plucinsky, Department Head of BMW Corporate Communications, explains all the goings on surrounding the event including BMW's on display and on the track. From the prewar sports car, the 328, to the 3.0 CSL and the famous...

Duration: 01:00:36

#99 - hot and Slippery

NASCAR rolls into Sonoma Raceway each spring for its one only round course. The seasonal heat and raceway combine for a wild card race where the winner is anyone's guess. We hear from several drivers including two Kyles—Busch and Larson—along with points leader, Jimmie Johnson, who discusses his approach on finishing the season strong. We also hear from Claire B. Lang, the host of “Dialed In” on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, as she weighs in on the intricacies of racing in the NASCAR circuit....

Duration: 00:55:16

#98 - A Class not to Ditch

Stop us if you've heard this one: A nuclear scientist, an aerospace engineer and an IndyCar driver walk into the Stanford REVS Program. Wait, it's true! American race car driver J.R. Hildebrand is the professor and the other two are his pupils. All three join this episode's conversation about what Stanford has developed to educate those who will be creating the future of mobility. This is heavy! Executive Director of the REVS Program, Reilly Brennan also joins the podcast to talk abouthow...

#97 - World's Hardest Pop Quiz

The 2016 Best Driver's Car competition is one of Motor Trend's four signature events that rounds up this year's newest, sporty metal from manufacturers the world over. This is the competition that aims to find the car that enables any driver, regardless of their experience, to get the best out of it and the best out of themselves. The production value is high given the quality and the depth of data harvested for this accolade with bragging rights at stake. So how does a week like this come...

#96 - Along Comes a Spider!

This week, we talk about the reintroduction of the legendary Italian roadster—the Fiat 124 Spider. Fiat revealed the all new 124 at the 2015 LA Auto Show last year and Motor Trend's Senior Features Editor, Jonny Lieberman, was a bit underwhelmed with the its look at that time. Now Fiat has announced a new partnership with the Bondurant Racing School, Jonny has driven the car and everyone seems happy. Jason Bondurant, VP of the Bondurant Racing School, details the experience, which includes...

#95 - Automotive Geek Out

The Motor Trend Audio team review all the goings on that comprise the wonderful week on the Monterey Peninsula ahead of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Call it what you like—Pebble Beach Auto Week, Monterey Car Week or as one local labeled it, "that car thing that causes all the traffic"—it comprises many days of automotive wonderment. Charlie, Shawn and Alex go over all the different events that take place during the week, including auctions, car shows, forums, memorabilia, races...

#94 - Setting the Course

Vic Doolan is a successful automotive executive that contributed to the popularity of BMW in the USA. He talks about his experience starting in Africa with British Leyland, as well as his tenure at Volvo North America, paving strong sales foundations for each manufacturer along the way. Additionally, we're joined by famous car designer Henrik Fisker who also made his mark at BMW. Henrik started at BMW before moving on to Ford and Aston Martin and has had a hand in many modern automotive...

#93 - Dam Hot Mini

Every two years Mini takes the States! Mini organizes a drive across the United States and anyone who owns a Mini can participate. Thousands of Mini owners from around the country (and around the world) join all or part of the drive. For the past 10 years the 6 MTTSs have become the largest owner driving event created by a brand. This year's 15 day rally was 4373 miles long through 18 states and ended in sweltering desert heat. Two years ago Charlie and Shawn drove the first day and this...

#92 - Storied Histories

Maurizio Sala wrote the book on Alfa Romeo…well, if not "the" book it was "a" book and there were lots of pictures. He is passionate about Alfa Romeo because it's been an integral part of his family for generations. Maurizio has an infectious accent and he's excited to share his family's history and advice for future car buyers. We also meet Dr. John "Tico" McNutt, Founder and Director of the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust. He shares his multi-decade experience operating a fleet of...

#91 - New-Age Car Buying

Beepi and Shift are a couple of Bay Area startups for used car buyers and sellers. The two services have the same value proposition, utilizing technology to create an all new buying and selling experience. In the process, customer service is greatly improved and the hassle associated with these transactions is alleviated. Used cars are displayed with wonderful photos, complete details and pricing that benefits everyone involved. However, this is where the similarities end. We dig into both...

#89 - Building Blocks of Autonomous Driving

Delphi Automotive is a Tier 1 global supplier and innovator of vehicle technology to the automotive industry, whose parts are very likely found in your car today. In 2015, Delphi's team of engineers installed its self-driving hardware in a 2014 Audi SQ5 and completed a 3,400 mile cross-country trek, collecting data throughout the journey on how the vehicle behaved in real-world environments. However, as much as the company looks to gather information from such experiments and expand its...

#88 - Not So Fast

Every year, over a hundred vintage cars gather for "The Great Race." "Race" is a misnomer as the event is organized as a rally and for some it's a survival challenge. The objective of The Great Race is not to see which racer finishes the race the fastest, but rather how "on time" each racer arrives to course checkpoints along the way according to the 200+ instructions provided per day—without the use of odometers or GPS. Any car up through model year 1972 is eligible to participate in the...

#87 - Future Mobility

This week, we chat with Michael Robinson at NVIDIA's 2016 GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in the Silicon Valley where programmers, researchers and creative types from the world over gather to understand the full power of the upcoming next-generation GPU architecture for gaming applications and beyond. Michael knows a thing or two about innovation as ED Group's Design Director, pushing the boundaries of industrial, automotive and transportation design. At a young age, Michael was drawn to...

#86 - Precision Machines

Ferrari or Porsche? No matter your preference, both manufacturers performance and design pedigree is world-renown. Charlie’s travels take him to Maranello, home of the Prancing Horse, where he shares his impressions of the Ferrari Factory Tour-an experience typically available only to Ferrari owners. Our man on the ground gets a rare look at the way Ferraris are assembled as well as a quick behind-the-scenes peak at F1 Team developments. Shawn took advice from our last episode and arranged...

#85 - Exuberance for Speed

Imagine having daily access to a fleet of exotic and classic cars, and the lifestyle to boot. Experience the world-class craftsmanship of a Rolls Royce interior. Feather the throttle of a Porsche 911 GT3. Feel the thrill of track day behind the wheel of a Formula One race car. Sure, ownership of a high-performance or luxury vehicle is within reach for some aficionados, but not all. Believe it or not, there is another way to drive that car you always dreamed of. Join a shared-ownership car...

#84 - Safety Stop

Autonomous features are being incorporated into vehicles at a rate that outpaces consumers' awareness of the feature's name and function. Studies have shown that incorporating brake override, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and adaptive headlights would save up to 10,000 lives a year. Mark Rechtin, the Cars Content Development Team Leader at Consumer Reports, extolls the virtues of brake override and how Consumer Reports ratings are now impacted by manufacturers who make...

#83 - The Collector Car Extravaganza

Bright lights, TV cameras, huge crowds, celebrities, music, food, attractions and "automobilia" on sale. This is the Barrett-Jackson auction. Renown for showcasing some of the world's greatest collector cars, Barrett-Jackson auctions are spectacles that most car lovers can only dream of. Celebrating it's 45th anniversary in 2016, Charlie and Alex decide to partake in the Barrett-Jackson festivities in Scottsdale, AZ. A newbie, Alex describes the carnival-like atmosphere first hand and...

#82 - That Thing You Do!

Bob Lutz has had a rich and storied career in the automotive industry. His experience spans a 47-year career, that include leadership positions at GM of Europe, BMW, Ford, Chrysler, and back to GM where he retired as vice chairman in 2010. Since then, Bob has been involved with a number of projects including VLF Automotive with Gilbert Villarreal and Henrik Fisker. Bob is also an accomplished author and an active jet and helicopter pilot that shows no signs of slowing down. Through an...

#81 - Sparking your dream car

Co-host Shawn lives in San Francisco, can own one car and has a short but hilly commute to work. When he is choosing a car to own he needs to compromise his desire for a performance car with the consideration of driving and parking in the city. We discover and talk about new options for urban mobility that could handle a short commute. These mobility solutions could free Shawn up to own the car he dreams about for performance and track driving.

#80 - Hot and Heavy

David Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief of the Hot Rod Network is pushing the boundaries of the term “hot rod” with his ongoing project. Most people envision a hot rod to be a pre-war coupe whose interior and exterior has been customized and its engine modified for higher performance. However, for David it’s a full-size 4-door pickup…with a diesel engine…that is 4WD. In our conversation with David he expands on his project truck, explains how hot rodding is being redefined and how the two go together.
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