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The mission of Re-Cycle Garage in Santa Cruz is to get old motorcycles back on the road and to teach people how to wrench on them. Over the years we have built up an amazing community through our free-to-all motorcycle garage. Our podcast consists of a rotating cast of characters sharing their stories, knowledge and experiences.






Podcast 221: Paul & Aida, travelin' the world.

On this podcast: What we did today. Travelers Paul and Aida talk about their ongoing trip around the world. Podcast listener Dan sits in and talks about his recent moto trip in through Vietnam, and Mike has a game for our guest. With: Nak, Bagel, Mike, the other Mike, Paul, Aida, Dan, Charley

Duration: 01:35:13

Podcast 220: Yuri & Isle of Man, part 3

On this motorcycle podcast: What we did today. Yuri talks about his 3rd run at the Isle Of Man. Dueling Craigslist porn pic. And emails. With: Doug, Bagel, Howard, Sonya, Bex, Jim, Yuri, Nak, Charley, Micah. Call and leave us a message at 831-291-5112 Go to to find the links to our Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Patreon and more. And send us an email at

Duration: 01:34:58

Podcast 220: Wrenchin' N Sweatin' plus special guest

On this motorcycle podcast: We tried to keep it simple and tried stay cool as we talked about what we did today. Isaac reconnects with a fellow traveler and guest misfit. Email update from a listener in Houston. Liza talks briefly about her upcoming Pakistan trip. With Nak, Bagel, Liza, Kat, Isaac, Doug, Jim, Liza, Kat P., Emma, Bex, Mike

Duration: 01:28:51

Podcast 218: Eric Hendrikx

This week on our motorcycle podcast we bring to you a great interview with Eric Hendrikx, who has arguably the best job in the world. He's a writer for Rolling Stone, Playboy and part of the creative genius at Revolver magazine. He's living the high life, mixing his love of motorcycles with his profession interviewing action sport athletes. He also shares with us what thoughts go through your mind when you crash a Harley and freefall 70ft over a mountain side. You'd be surprised how much...

Duration: 01:28:48

Podcast 217: Harley Bashing Again

This week on our motorcycle podcast we start off with Bagel appreciation day. Bagel has been an important fixture in the garage for quite a while, and we just want him to know how important he is. Next we hear from Andy, who has news about his miserable chopper. Then we get into the main topic. Liza has been labeled for bashing Harleys, so we try a little counseling to work things out. We are joined by Ted Kettler from the Motorcycle Men Podcast to help us come to a place of mutual...

Duration: 01:38:28

Podcast 216: Richard Hatfield of Lightning Motorcycles

This week on our motorcycle podcast we are joined by Richard Hatfield, the CEO of Lightning Motorcycles. He just got back from the Bonneville Salt Flats where he was trying to set another record with his newer yet to be named bike. Richard also tells about his two new models, the Spark and the Strike. The Spark is a grom like electric bike that will fulfill the needs of hooligans looking for an affordable electric bike. We also talk more about the future of electric vehicles, including the...

Duration: 01:37:35

Podcast 215: Total Recall and the Corn-fed Marine

This week on our motorcycle podcast we start with who got a new bike this week. It's Naked Jim, and he's going to be getting a brochure in the mail next week from Bike-aholics Anonymous. Then we announce the winner of the Basket Case Magazine best roadside repair challenge. Next up, we get to know Major Tom, a marine who came by and spent the day with us. I will have you know that he rides a Harley, and we were perfectly polite to his face. Then we hear from Emma who explains everything...

Duration: 01:45:35

Podcast 214: Talking Choppers With Basket Case Magazine

This week on our motorcycle podcast we are joined by Josh and Phil from Basket Case Magazine. Josh was on our show about a year ago, and things have been blowing up since. They bring us up to speed on all the new things happening with the magazine including their new bike show that a lot of the Misfits recently attended, as well as what the recent trends in choppers are. We also throw some Craigslist bikes at them to see how well they rate, and how much they think they're worth. Then we...

Duration: 01:36:22

Motorcycles & Misfits Podcast 213: Award Winning

On this motorcycle podcast: What we did today, Andy reports on the Basket Case Chopper Show where one of our own Misfit takes 3rd place in a freestyle Chopper build off. Listener emails gets interesting when a tipsy Misfit attempts to read one. With: Bagel, Emma, Kat, Faith, Nak, Naked Jim, Mycah, Charley and a bunch of random people that showed up and didn't say anything.

Duration: 01:29:52

Podcast 212: We Love Our Listeners! & F**k/Marry/Kill Misfit Style

This week on our motorcycle podcast we have an unruly crowd. The weather's been great (we know the weather is always great here, but it been extra great) and we've been having lots of fun with our motorcycles and each other. We hear from Mike and Andy, who took a road trip to Tahoe, and Andy didn't have to ride his POS chopper. See what a difference the lack of misery adds to your trip Andy? Then we hear from John Dalton, who recently visited an amazing moto junkyard in Fresno called APF...

Duration: 01:34:15

Podcast 211: LIVE from the AMA Vintage Days

We bring to you this special recording taped live in front of a studio audience at the AMA Vintage Days in Lexington Ohio. But wait, there's more. We have Phil and Dustin from the Cleveland Moto podcast too. We cover all the greatest hits like "What's Your Favorite Tool?", "Who Found The Best Swap Meet Bargain" and "How To Fix That Thing". But it doesn't stop there. You'll also hear hits like "Pass The Gin Darling" and "Don't Punch Me In The Dick". Listen now and we'll throw in "How To...

Duration: 01:38:23

Podcast 210: Goals

In this motorcycle podcast: What we did today, CL Porn Pic, We discuss our goals as motorcyclist and we read emails. with: Kat, Doug, Nak, Evan, Isaac, Charlie, John D., Bex, and Andy.

Duration: 01:24:04

Podcast 209: Laughing Our Asses of AKA The S**t Show

This week on our motorcycle podcast, we bring to you the shit show. It's not that it's not entertaining and full of valuable information, it's just a packed house and things get a little wild and loud. First we talk about the Hollister Rally and our quick paced ride to Pinnacles National Park where Liza almost passes out at 120mph. Then we cover what we're working on in the garage, and find out what lesson Jeremy learns. We hear a rap from our friend Siobhan, that for some reason brings up...

Duration: 01:39:16

Podcast 208: Road Rage and Jizz Delivery

This week on our motorcycle podcast we cover big topics with a small crew. First we get an update on the latest dirtbiking shenanigans where we pushed the Chickistan girls to the point of exhaustion. And they loved every minute of it. Next we talk about who's working on what, and who wins the Bless Your Little Heart award for relentlessly spinning a tool the wrong way for way too long. Then we discuss the latest rounds of road rage, including the one that resulted in a horrible multi car...

Duration: 01:49:23

Podcast 207: Emotional Steam and The Perfect Fling Poo

This week on our motorcycle podcast, we hear from Andy, who's struggling to find the motivation to keep fixing his bike. He's elbows deep in an engine rebuild, and just can't find the strength to go on. We try our best to help him find a reason to not quit. Then we hear from Greg, who was so impressed with his CSC RX3 that he went and bought another model of these Chinese made bikes. We ask if CSC is the one company that can actually make reliable bikes at an amazing price, or if he just...

Duration: 01:44:09

Podcast 206: Get To Know The New CEO: Sam Paschel of Zero Motorcycles

This week on our motorcycle podcast we are joined by Sam Paschel, the new CEO of Zero Motorcycles. He's a rider with a fondness for the vintage bikes, but he's a full convert to electric now. We get to know about his biking past, and the future of Zero Motorcycles. But first we get a report from Mike and Charley about the Vampires rally, and the shall we call it"spirited" ride. Then we play a round of Cool Or Fool, and find out what everyone thinks of this Craigslist DR350 that's been...

Duration: 01:48:59

Podcast 205: Possum Interruption Take 2

This week on our motorcycle podcast we are joined by guests Leah and Jaime, who came to Santa Cruz to celebrate Leah's birthday. They got to experience the shit show we put on each week, and somehow seemed to be entertained. We catch up on our recent rides, including popping some dirt cherries with a few of the ladies here. Then we jump into listener emails, where we take the time to answer some questions regarding needed advice. It is debatable whether the advice given is sound or not,...

Duration: 01:33:40

Podcast 204: Sheetiron 300 and the Oakland MC

This week on our motorcycle podcast we get a report from Nak, Naked Jim and Liza about the Sheetiron 300 enduro ride they did last weekend. We are joined by Bob Vaughn of the 110 year old Oakland MC. He gives us a history of this historic club, and we also get to know more about Bob and his bikes. Then we get a report from Josh, who ended up stranded on the mountain and went through hell to get back safe. We also get an update from bike builder Matt Harris of 40 Cal Customs, who was doing...

Duration: 01:37:33

Podcast 203: Isaac's Odyssey, Twin Cam Hondas and Other Little Goodies

This week on our motorcycle podcast we talk about what we did today, including servicing the often unloved twin cam Hondas. Next up, we learn more about the adorable Isaac, and his love for long haul riding. Then we go to listener emails and Mike reveals his displeasure with Paul. With Emma, Douglas, Isaac, Kat, Michael, Bagel, Goldwing Gary, Evan, and the sailors in the peanut gallery. Call and leave us a message at 831-291-5112 Go to...

Duration: 01:37:37

Podcast 202: Defining Lines with the Bike Life

This week on our motorcycle podcast we catch up with the goings on for the past week including dirt biking, an altercation with a duck, and there's no such thing as a free bike. Next up we discuss the Bike Life trend as discussed in a recent NY Times article. Where do we draw the line individually between our hooligan rides, and these kids who are blatantly breaking the laws of the road. Is there a difference between us and them? To help us draw the line, we are joined by media mogul and...

Duration: 01:48:17

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