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We are avid consumers of film, television, music, and pop culture in all of its glory. We talk about these and life’s other mundanities weekly on our podcast.

We are avid consumers of film, television, music, and pop culture in all of its glory. We talk about these and life’s other mundanities weekly on our podcast.
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We are avid consumers of film, television, music, and pop culture in all of its glory. We talk about these and life’s other mundanities weekly on our podcast.




Not Gonna Lie Teaser Ep #2: Getting Windows Started

Hello all! We drawing closer to officially unveiling our new podcast next month, and we celebrate that, the recent eclipse, and the joys of updating Windows in our final teaser episode. We look forward to joining you on a regular basis soon! Cheers, JLo, Nick, and Shawn

Duration: 00:51:14

Not Gonna Lie To You: Teaser Ep 1

Hello kids, long time no pod. We are not quite ready to re-launch our podcast full time under our new name, Not Gonna Lie to You, but we wanted to give you a little taste of our new format. Be aware that there's going to be a little more salty language in the podcast going forward, so fair warning. JLo was chomping at the bit to talk about Edgar Wright's fantastic new film, Baby Driver, so we got together to record a glowing review. It's a total blast, and you should definitely go see it...

Duration: 00:18:16

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

2 years ago today, the Mundanity Podcast was unleashed upon an unprepared and unsuspecting world, so happy anniversary to us! We celebrate by welcoming back Voice of the Listener and pretty much official third chair Nick Parrucci to discuss the upcoming Star Wars Celebration Orlando, the fantastic first season of LEGION, catch up with some of our other favorite shows, and complain about the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer. (#Spoilermuch?) We thank you even more than usual for putting up...

Duration: 01:27:26

Episode 85: High Brow

In retrospect, my friends, when you willingly turn the keys of the podcast over to Voice of the Listener and professional provocateur, Mr. Nick Parrucci, you really shouldn't be surprised when he comes up with ideas like "hey, why don't you guys take the Proust Questionnaire", but here we are, surprised nonetheless. We transport you back to the fashionable salons of 19th Century Paris with talk of literature, favorite virtues, heavily edited curse words, haute cuisine, and Peter Cetera....

Duration: 01:24:50

Episode 84: OSCAR Picks!

On this episode of the podcast, we attempt to answer the age old question, "Can you make OSCAR picks if you haven't actually seen any of the movies nominated?" We answer that with an emphatic "Yes, we can!" In fact, we would argue that our analysis is all that much more impressive because of that fact. By popular demand we welcome back third chair and voice of the listener Nick Parrucci to help us forecast the Academy Award winners, as well as name our all-time "Roll in Vegas Squad," in...

Duration: 01:25:09

Episode 83: Fake Podcast!

We are joined by a very special guest for this episode, as longtime voice of the (infrequent) listener, Mr. Nick Parrucci reprises his role as third chair this week. Things start of on a light note, as we draft our all-time "squad" to fight an unknown evil, and of course delve into a little Star Wars talk. You know, the usual stuff for about the first 55 minutes. After that, however, things get a little political, as we break from the mold to discuss "fake news", the current state of...

Duration: 01:43:24

Episode 82: Five Takes

Welcome back to the Mundanity podcast, and this one is chock full of spoilers. We talk the (series?) finale of Sherlock, episodes of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Flash, and spend way too much time trying to glean anything we can from the reveal of the Star Wars Episode VIII title (The Last Jedi). Plus, Shawn's adventures in grooming! Cheers, and thanks for listening! Jim and Shawn

Duration: 01:18:34

Episode 81: Stud Finder

Greetings all! It's a birthday episode of the Mundanity Podcast, as this one was recorded on the 25th* anniversary of Jim being forced upon an unsuspecting world. To celebrate, we discuss movies that we'd love to see on the big screen, Episode 2 of Sherlock (The Lying Detective), the season premiere of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and hipster foods. Cheers, and thanks for listening! Jim and Shawn Update: It's confirmed! Jim does own original theatrical versions of the Star Wars...

Duration: 01:16:57

Episode 80: Rogue One

Greetings and happy 2017 from the Mundanity podcast! Now that Shawn has managed to free himself from the mountain of pops and toys that he received over Christmas, we are back after our holiday hiatus with our review of the terrific Rogue One, and some remembrances of the great Carrie Fisher. We also take a look at the first episode of season 4 of Sherlock, as well as talk briefly about the Doctor Who Christmas special. Spoilers abound for all three of these, so consider yourself well and...

Duration: 01:00:20

Episode 79: Christmas Throwdown!

I'm not going to lie to you (ding!), we recorded this podcast right after Thanksgiving, and I nearly forgot about it thanks to an untimely illness and the general holiday hustle and bustle. This pod though tackles one of the great existential questions of our time, though: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? It's a heated discussion as Shawn and I debate this most important of all holiday issues. We also chat about our favorite holiday traditions, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and...

Duration: 01:26:49

Episode 78: Old and Scared

Here's our Black Friday gift to you, a solid hour of stream of consciousness conversation that hits everything from The Orange Menace to the overall comfiness of Sketchers shoes, with some Star Wars Rebels and ways to blast defiant teens back to the technology dark ages. We hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday. Even in this never-ending dumpster fire that is 2016 we have much to be thankful for, so enjoy your time with friends and family and give thanks for what you...

Duration: 01:02:06

Episode 77: Goodbye, The Walking Dead

It's been a rough week for a lot of America, so we felt it was our duty as podcasters to try and bring a little levity and positivity into the world. And what better way to do that than to permanently ban that bastion of negativity and mediocrity otherwise known as The Walking Dead from our show for good. So goodbye, Rick, Darryl, Carol and Coral. After this episode we shall never speak of you again. We dedicate the rest of the episode to a (non-spoiler) review of Marvel's excellent...

Duration: 01:11:54

Episode 76: Last Pennant Before Armageddon

Nobody has ever accused us being timely, and there's no better example than this episode. We spend the first 5 minutes or so marveling at the Chicago Cubs making the World Series (don't worry, nerd-dom, this isn't a sports episode), when this episode is being edited and released during Game 7 of said World Series. If you do the math, that's about a week and a half between recording and releasing. Whelp, these things happen when you have a coupe of busy go getters on the mic. We like to...

Duration: 01:02:56

Episode 75: October Surprise!

I was really tempted to title this episode "Ken Bone", because we are not above trying to latch on to the latest trends. Instead, "October Surprise" seems appropriate since it was getting to be really doubtful that we going to be able to get this episode recorded. Never fear though, we are back, and talking all kinds of things, including Hurricane Matthew, X-Men: First Class, Mr. Robot, Microsoft MVPs, e-mail signatures, Zootopia, Westworld, Benedict Cumberbatch, Planet of the Apes, Spring...

Duration: 01:15:48

Episode 74: Set Your Phasers For Fun!

With the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, we could think of no better guest to have on to help fill the void of my utter lack of knowledge than Star Trek super fan and voice of listener, Nick Parrucci. We talk about the impact of the show, rank the movies, and play a super fun and not at all overly long quiz devised by Shawn. After an hour of that, we chat a little Stranger Things and 80 nostalgia, and wrap things up with our ubiquitous Pokemon Go discussion. Good times. Fair warning, this...

Duration: 01:40:18

Episode 73: Gene Wilder

2016, just stop it already. Seriously, cut it out. Bowie, Rickman, and Prince weren't enough for you? You had to go and take the great Gene Wilder too? We mark the passing of one of our favorite actors by revealing some of our favorite Wilder moments and films, as well as get a Pokemon Go update from Shawn, discuss the bumper crop of movies and originals coming to Netflix in September, and recap the last two episodes of Mr. Robot (prior to the episode that aired Wednesday night, September...

Duration: 01:01:58

Episode 72: Stranger Things

Hey, we're back! Did you miss us after our unplanned sabbatical last week? To make it up to you, we're coming back strong and talking about one of our favorite television shows in a very long time, the tons of fun Netflix series Stranger Things. We round the hour out with a Mr. Robot recap, and some sundry movie news, including the new Rogue One trailer, Spider-Man: Homecoming casting news, and bets on how soon the Harry Potter films get rebooted. Cheers, and thanks for listening! Jim...

Duration: 01:00:14

Episode 71: Unfortunate Harley Quinns

This episode is kind of a big deal for three reasons: 1.) It's a "recorded live" ep, since I was in Tampa for TB Comic Con and was able to get some live podding done while there 2). The run time of this entire episode is shorter than some of our Pokemon GO updates from previous weeks 3). This is the first episode in I don't know how long to get posted relatively close to our normal schedule. Huzzah! We went in to this ep with the intention of being tight and focused, and doggone it, we...

Duration: 00:34:56

Episode 70: Accio Adderall

Welcome to episode 70 of The Mundanity podcast! This week, we wish a very happy birthday to one Harry James Potter, honoring the birth of The Chosen One by ranking the Harry Potter Movies from worst to first. We also take the weekly pulse of Pokemon GO, discuss the new Avengers: Infinity War updates, catch up one Mr. Robot, and preview our trip to Tampa Bay Comic Con. We'll return next week with a summary of our adventures, as well as a review of Suicide Squad. Cheer, and thanks for...

Duration: 01:15:04

Episode 69: (Comic) CONNNNNNN!

Cards on the table time here: this episode is all over the place. We will freely admit that. In our defense, however, we recorded this episode on the Saturday of San Diego Comic Con, and trailers and news were literally breaking as we recorded, so we got a little off track. We talk all the trailers and news from the weekend, including an inordinate amount of time freaking out about the Brie Larson (Envy Adams 4 EVAAAA) is Captain Marvel news. Plus, our now legendary recap of the week in...

Duration: 01:11:01

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