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Preview of Episode 34

A preview of Episode 34.

Duration: 00:01:57

EP 33: The City Connection

A majorly successful social engagement program with a yearlong waiting list. Pianos left in the urban outdoors for any random person to play. And a totally mysterious city data collector. We plunge into their mutual concepts -- creative or playful ways of connecting people and their town -- and how they might work where you live. There's a lot of hectic stuff going on out there, so take this episode as a bit of fun (though our warmest and most immediate thoughts are with everyone impacted by...

Duration: 00:42:37

Preview of Episode 33

A preview of Episode 33.

Duration: 00:02:02

EP 32: Games Over Gangs

Ah, those dang video games. Just can't seem to peel the kids away from ‘em, am I right? Sure, and there's one city using that to its advantage -- with an innovative partnership that's actually teaching video game development to local youths from a rough neighborhood (yes, they jumped at the offer to become game developers), affording them a break from an anxious environment and setting them up with a sweet professional skill that can open big doors: computer coding, which has tons of...

Duration: 00:28:41

Preview of Episode 32: The Code

A preview of Episode 32.

Duration: 00:01:25

EP 31: 'City People Lose Their Minds for Sunflowers'

On a summer day last year in Burgaw, North Carolina, a farmer named Michael Lanier snapped a photograph of bright new life on his family land and put it up on social media. The next day, a massive crowd beyond anything he'd imagined turned out for an in-person look. This farmer had unwittingly stumbled upon an amazing engagement opportunity, and when he tried it again this year, an even bigger crowd showed -- thousands of people. So when one of the state's biggest city governments did...

Duration: 00:22:02

Preview of Episode 31: The Plant

A preview of Episode 31, out on Aug. 15.

Duration: 00:01:06

EP 30: State of the Cities, Eclipse and Turbo Growth

If we gather up a bunch of "State of the City" addresses from mayors across the U.S. and rub them together, what happens? Well, the National League of Cities does that kind of work, and it's enlightening. We talk with NLC about its latest examination to find out what today's mayors are saying in chorus and why -- after a chat about a rare total solar eclipse over a gem-studded mountain town. Show notes: Franklin Mayor Bob Scott - NASA's online...

Duration: 00:38:55

Preview of Episode 30: What Mayors Want

A preview of Episode 30

Duration: 00:02:29

EP 29: Step Into the Alley

When you think of downtown alleys, what comes to mind? Bad associations, maybe? The place to avoid at night? Ever since childhood, Americans have had the general impression that alleyways are dark, dirty, dangerous -- the right setting for noir crime stories. And that might often be the case. But some U.S. cities are starting to embrace their alleys like assets -- as places to be -- with art, lighting, planters, seating and cleanliness. Inviting spaces that pedestrians can use to cut from...

Duration: 00:33:56

Preview of Episode 29: Alley Stigma

A preview of Episode 29.

Duration: 00:01:23

EP 28: Government and Art

Why does government feel inclined to support or invest in local arts? We ask the director of a municipal government arts office and talk with a notable public artist who together paint a picture of beautification, community pride, connection, attraction, inclusion, dialogue and big economic returns. They say public art also brings about an important conversation for growing municipalities whose identities may be changing or as new public challenges emerge. Can art be an outlet for...

Duration: 00:41:44

Preview of Episode 28: Inside Local Arts

A preview of Episode 28.

Duration: 00:01:35

EP 27: The Skatepark Solution

Local governments are always looking for ways to get kids involved. Meanwhile, millions of skaters across the U.S. are doing their thing -- often to the irritation of business owners and law enforcement. On this episode, we look at the big things that happen when kids and government get together to develop public skateparks, a solution that takes away tension, encourages civic involvement and celebrates freedom and creativity. It's no wonder they often end up being the most popular feature...

Duration: 00:45:24

Preview of Episode 27: Public Skateparks

A preview of Episode 27.

Duration: 00:01:15

EP 26: Bee in the City

We've all heard about the hard times that honeybees are going through and the huge implications for us all. But how do cities fit into all this? There's a surprising compatibility between cities and bees, and a role local governments can play. This episode comes just ahead of National Pollinator Week (June 19-25, though some honor it all month). To celebrate, we're joined by Bee Downtown, Bee City USA, and other voices covering the North Carolina cities of West Jefferson, Davidson,...

Duration: 00:41:41

Memo From Far Away (Depending on Where You Are)

From a distant land, an iPhone memo to stand in for our usual off-week preview.

Duration: 00:01:31

EP 25: Inclusive Innovation

There are so many cities and towns right now on amazing rebounds in the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. But what's missing? As innovation economies grow, we keep hearing more and more about the need for "inclusive innovation" in cities. But are we clear on what that entails? On this episode, we head out to Durham, N.C. -- an innovation-heavy city surging with activity -- to meet up with an authority on the subject. Christopher Gergen, an entrepreneurial leader and head of...

Duration: 00:49:59

Preview of Episode 25: Christopher Gergen Returns

A preview of Episode 25

Duration: 00:01:50

EP 24: Autonomous Vehicles in Your City

Do autonomous vehicles or driverless cars still sound futuristic to you? Even if deployments are planned for just a few years away? That's right, this technology is developing so quickly that it's catching a lot of local policymakers off-guard. Experts say it's time for cities of all sizes to put some serious thought into what will be a major change in how we get from A to B. For cities, that means understanding the implications, considering the unknowns, and thinking about policy. But...

Duration: 00:30:54

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