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Preview of Episode 42

A preview of the Jan. 23 episode.

Duration: 00:01:42

EP 40: Shifting Perspectives on the Sharing Economy

Did you take an Uber or a Lyft home on New Year's Eve? Did you wonder on your way back what that ride meant for city policy? Probably not as such, sure, but you've likely heard the conversation about regulating the elements of the sharing economy, like ridesharing (Uber; Lyft) or homesharing (Airbnb; VRBO). That's just one corner of the conversation, though. The sharing economy is expansive and is moving or upending so many parts of the marketplace that it's impossible for cities and their...

Duration: 00:30:32


A year-end message.

Duration: 00:02:13

EP 40: Know Your Maker (Plus: More of the Best Fictional Mayors)

It's time to meet your maker -- your talented, independent, local creator of tangible goods, like art, clothing, instruments, toys, knick-knacks, tech tools, anything. Your city or town might even have its own, motivated maker community that experts are increasingly calling a missing link in the local economic development strategy. On this episode we hear from four of these experts and dig in to a recent report about this "maker economy." What can your city make of it? Show notes: Report,...

Duration: 00:40:23

Inbetweenisode - Police Recruitment Followup (And A Request)

An "inbetweenisode" ahead of next week's episode and following up on last week's > And a special request.....

Duration: 00:04:09

EP 39: The Police Recruitment Problem (And Solutions?)

It's a nationwide issue weighing on police departments of all sizes: the lack of good, qualified applicants when police chiefs seek to hire officers. Salary concerns, public scrutiny, the inherent dangers, long hours and the need for wholehearted commitment are just a few factors stressing the profession. And there's more. To get a handle on it, we talk with an expert and visit with police officials who recently changed their agency's hiring approach as an intentional effort to turn things...

Duration: 00:31:31

Preview of Episode 39

A preview of Episode 39, out Nov. 28.

Duration: 00:01:31

EP 38: Being Careful About Smart Cities and Civic Tech (And the Best Fictional Mayors)

Appropriate to the age of exponential innovation, the smart-cities conversation is moving quickly. Should we it slow down? Explore additional ethical questions? Evaluate our best practices and ideas? More and more people think so. On this episode, we meet a town that's built a "simulated smart city" so they can try it before they buy it and experiment to better understand how it all fits together. And we talk with an author whose new book, among many other things, questions whether...

Duration: 00:41:01

Preview of Episode 38

A preview of Episode 38.

Duration: 00:01:52

EP 37: The Power to Change Time (Halloween Mini Episode)

Typically, it would be time for the off-week preview. But since it falls on Halloween, we figured "why not?" and did a silly episode in tribute. But we keep our focus. We talk with a municipal official in Wisconsin whose town is like many these days in that its local government leadership actually schedules, by ordinance, when trick or treating takes place. We also look at the facts and figures on Halloween and its economy. And we check in with a police chief whose officers do their best...

Duration: 00:19:23

EP 36: Squashing 'Urban Vs. Rural'

For as often as we hear the phrase "urban versus rural" -- like it's an irreconcilable competition between two oppositely distinct regions -- there are loads of examples of urban and rural communities working together to learn from one another, obliterate stereotypes on each end and team up on common goals. It's also fallacious to think "urban" and "rural" describe the whole of a truly complex spectrum of local economies. On this episode we head to Kentucky to check out successful...

Duration: 00:34:05

Preview of Episode 36

A preview of Episode 36

Duration: 00:01:45

EP 35: 'Without Being Nudged' - Advancing Women in Government Leadership

Women are the majority of the United States, but only a slice of government leadership. On this episode, we talk with women working to turn the dial with research, myth-busting, confidence-building and a business case. (Tai chi, too.) We hear from the heads of the League of Women in Government, the president of N.C. Women in Municipal Government, and other local government officials who see positive trends but a lot of work to do. Oh, but first, we have to check in with a mayor and his...

Duration: 00:38:00

Preview of Episode 35

A preview of Episode 35.

Duration: 00:02:44

EP 34: Beer, Economic Development, and Civic Advice from Sinbad

"Beer is the beverage of community," says Sean Lilly Wilson, a brewer who played a role in changes that brought exponential growth in the number of breweries in his state -- with happy extras for their surroundings. On this episode -- recorded live from CityVision 2017 -- we hear Sean discuss how breweries have played major roles in downtown and warehouse-district revitalizations and re-energized the local sense of community. Good beer is economic development, hometown pride, craftsmanship...

Duration: 00:37:25

Preview of Episode 34

A preview of Episode 34.

Duration: 00:01:57

EP 33: The City Connection

A majorly successful social engagement program with a yearlong waiting list. Pianos left in the urban outdoors for any random person to play. And a totally mysterious city data collector. We plunge into their mutual concepts -- creative or playful ways of connecting people and their town -- and how they might work where you live. There's a lot of hectic stuff going on out there, so take this episode as a bit of fun (though our warmest and most immediate thoughts are with everyone impacted...

Duration: 00:42:37

Preview of Episode 33

A preview of Episode 33.

Duration: 00:02:02

EP 32: Games Over Gangs

Ah, those dang video games. Just can't seem to peel the kids away from ‘em, am I right? Sure, and there's one city using that to its advantage -- with an innovative partnership that's actually teaching video game development to local youths from a rough neighborhood (yes, they jumped at the offer to become game developers), affording them a break from an anxious environment and setting them up with a sweet professional skill that can open big doors: computer coding, which has tons of...

Duration: 00:28:41

Preview of Episode 32: The Code

A preview of Episode 32.

Duration: 00:01:25

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