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Murphy, Sam and Jodi have been together since 1997, they joined the Mix 94.1 team in 2001! Sam North Sam is a comic genius (and writes his own bio). Just listen for a few minutes…he can’t help but to throw out a joke. He says it comes from watching too much Bob Hope and Three Stooges from his crib as a baby. Time off finds Sam spending time with his sons Sammy (teen), Will (tween) and toddlers Jackson, Parker & Maddie (twins). His hobbies include cooking, gardening, reading and of course MUSIC…his iPod has over 3500 songs. Sam was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. He did a stint in college radio and on an oldies station before teaming up with Murphy in 1992 and adding Jodi in 1997. Bob Murphy Murphy is ‘the diplomat’ in the show, but will stand by his convictions when it’s important. The real life relationship between Murphy and Jodi takes you through the typical (and not so typical) adventures of marriage with children. (He’s also teased for his quirkiness for being “Mr. Safety” about things). Murphy is a Type 1 diabetic who is involved with the American Diabetes Association, and gives encouragement to children and young adults who are learning their way through insulin dependency. He enjoys working with Sam and Jodi and being a regular part of everyone’s morning routine through the radio. Murphy spends most of his spare time with Jodi and their two daughters Taylor and Phoebe eating out, visiting family and friends, and supporting various non-profit agencies. Murphy is a Baton Rouge, LA native who’s been behind a microphone since 1984, when he got his start in high school radio. Murphy and Sam have been working as a team since 1992, and Jodi joined the team in 1997 Jodi Carson “I feel like we’ve been friends forever,” that’s what most people who listen to MSJ have to say about Jodi. She’s the perfect balance of entertainment and compassion. Jodi keeps you up to date on the things daily that affect busy working families, career moms and dads, stay at h