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Muscle Owl Radio is the podcast stream of The Muscle Owl. We provide updates and engage in discussion on topics within the neuromuscular and disabled community.

Muscle Owl Radio is the podcast stream of The Muscle Owl. We provide updates and engage in discussion on topics within the neuromuscular and disabled community.
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London, United Kingdom


Muscle Owl Radio is the podcast stream of The Muscle Owl. We provide updates and engage in discussion on topics within the neuromuscular and disabled community.






Muscle Owl Radio - Ep82: SMA Awareness Month 2017 (OwlTalks#65)

August is SMA Awareness Month - so check out our episode from just a couple of months back! We all know spinal muscular atrophy is a form of muscular dystrophy, but how do its different types vary? Hear our co-editor Michaela Hollywood​ (who has SMAtype2) explain in our recent edition of Muscle Owl Talks!

Duration: 00:16:00

Muscle Owl Radio - Ep81: Buses, Wheelchairs, and the Supreme Court Ruling (OwlTalks#41)

We sat down to discuss travelling by bus for disabled people! Back in January the Supreme Court ruled a partial victory where bus drivers and operators are expected to use “moral force” if someone other than a wheelchair user is occupying the priority space on the bus. In recent weeks, bus operators and disabled people have said that more power to remove people is required. Here is our Muscle Owl Talks episode on the topic from March 2017!

Duration: 00:10:00

Muscle Owl Radio - Ep80: What is Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy?! (OwlTalks#72)

Limb Girdle Awareness Day 2017 was a great success. Here is our special episode on the condition from the day! One of our fabulous team members, Zoe - who has limb girdle muscular dystrophy herself - explains diagnosis, adapting, and the fairly broad diversity that exists between the various condition types.

Duration: 00:11:32

Muscle Owl Radio - Ep79: Action Duchenne Conference 2017 - Why Should You Go?! (OwlTalks#71)

One for all families in the Duchenne muscular dystrophy community! This is our Muscle Owl Talks show previewing the Action Duchenne Conference in November 2017. We are joined by Action Duchenne CEO Diana Ribeiro and Lynnette Ellison!

Duration: 00:19:38

Muscle Owl Radio - Ep78: Vivek’s Accessible Trip to the Imperial War Museum! (OwlTalks#70)

Today’s Muscle Owl Talks episode features an annecdote from one of our co-editors, Vivek! We talk accessibility, and in particular, Vivek’s recent visit to the airbase and Imperial War Museum in Duxford, UK with Action Duchenne and the Duchenne Family Support Group!

Duration: 00:06:44

Muscle Owl Radio - Ep77: Limb Girdle Awareness Day 2016 (OwlTalks#14)

With Limb Girdle Day fast approaching, here is last year’s episode from 2016, featuring Peter Zoe and Michaela.

Duration: 00:12:22

Muscle Owl Radio - Ep76: Motability for Disabled People in the UK?! (OwlTalks#44)

In the UK, the latest changes to Personal Independence Payments mean many disabled people are having their motability cars taken away from them. A large amount of these people have conditions such as becker muscular dystrophy, and may struggle to walk even short distances. Here’s our update from earlier in 2017.

Duration: 00:09:57

Muscle Owl Radio - Ep75: EHRC Disability Report UK 2017 (OwlTalks#47)

In May, the Equality and Human Rights Commission launched their 2017 Disability Report, which covered six key areas of life. It concluded progress towards real equality for disabled people over the past twenty years is insufficient and littered with missed opportunities and failures. Here are our views and response. Tune in to our episode on the report as we investigated its findings and gave our thoughts.

Duration: 00:15:45

Muscle Owl Radio - Ep74: No Wheelchair on the First Day of School!? (OwlTalks#59)

Today is World Duchenne Awareness Day. It was also 4 year old Fraser’s first day of school! However Fraser - who unlike many with DMD, has never been able to walk - has been refused a motorised wheelchair by the NHS in England, and has been left with no autonomy in his manual chair. We discuss the situation with Fraser’s mother, our good friend, Shelley. And we raise the very concerning normalisation of people having to fund their own wheelchairs.

Duration: 00:09:55

Muscle Owl Radio - Ep73: World Duchenne Awareness Day with Jon Hastie - Dreams & Aspirations! (OwlTalks#68)

Tune in to the first of our two special episodes for World Duchenne Awareness Day! We are joined by our friend and regular guest Jon Hastie, who is 36 and has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This year’s theme is DREAMS, so we discuss how young people with Duchenne muscular dystrophy can overcome any obstacles, plan out, and effectively accomplish their dreams! Jon himself has a Phd and runs his own charity DMD Pathfinders!

Duration: 00:16:57

Muscle Owl Radio - Ep72: What about disabled people in spontaneous emergencies? (OwlTalks#63)

“What would we do, if he and I were out, and something like this happened?” After the Grenfell Towers fire, and the disasters involving acts of terrorism this year, we recorded an episode discussing what happens to disabled people in such situations. With some time having passed since these events, we have decided to post this episode. In some parts we talk very seriously, in some we add a little humour. We hope you find it another interesting discussion.

Duration: 00:13:08

Muscle Owl Radio - Ep71: NHS Wheelchair Lottery?! (OwlTalks#62)

This week, BuzzFeed​ published a report finding that tens of thousands of disabled children and adults are being denied NHS wheelchairs in England because of a postcode lottery in services. Michaela​ and Peter​ discuss their views on this; why it is a problem, and how it needs to be fixed.

Duration: 00:20:29

Muscle Owl Radio - Ep70: Accessible Gaming with Ian Hamilton and Vivek Gohil (OwlTalks#61)

This week on Muscle Owl Talks, we spoke to gaming expert, Ian Hamilton. He and Vivek discussed how the gaming industry is making games more accessible for a wide range of people with disabilities. Do you play video games? What type of assistance do you use?

Duration: 00:18:47

Muscle Owl Radio - Episode 69: Trains, the London Tube, and Accessibility! (OwlTalks#60)

Muscle Owl Talks Ep60: Trains, the London Tube, and Accessibility! Zoe was taken an hour out of her way last week, when her tube train decided not to stop at the station without prior warning! All this when she was on her way to one of her professional qualification exams! Tune in for another chucklesome episode!

Duration: 00:17:41

Muscle Owl Radio - Ep68: Early Access to Medicines Scheme (EAMS) with Diana Ribeiro (OwlTalks#59)

Muscle Owl Talks Episode 59: We’re joined by Action Duchenne CEO Diana Ribeiro, as she explains the Early Access to Medicines Scheme (EAMS), which is helping many adults in the UK with Duchenne muscular dystrophy access new treatment. Questions from Ravi and Peter also touch on the topic of the European Union, and whether the upcoming Brexit decision will affect how drugs are approved in the UK.

Duration: 00:16:11

Muscle Owl Radio - Ep67: AHCA & Medicaid Facing US Senate Vote (OwlTalks#58)

The senate vote on the latest US healthcare bill is upcoming, and many Americans are fearful it will finally pass. Watch Steve and Hannah as they give their reactions to last week’s ADAPT protests, and explain why they are very much concerned!

Duration: 00:17:31

Muscle Owl Radio - Ep66: School Sports Days for Children with a Disability (OwlTalks#57)

Muscle Owl Talks Ep57: We hope you’re enjoying the heat wave (depending on where you are in the world!) With it being Summer in the northern hemisphere, and all the sports day videos across Facebook, we decided to reminisce on sports days gone by. We ask what is best for young children with a physical disability, and how best to adapt races! Tune in here and on iTunes, and as always, feel free to like, share, and comment below!

Duration: 00:14:39

Muscle Owl Radio - Episode 62: SMA Treatment Spinraza Delayed in UK?! (OwlTalks#53)

It’s a late night edition Muscle Owl Talks! We discuss the latest regarding SMA and Spinraza (nusinersen) in the UK. 70 children still not on the drug? What is causing the delay?

Duration: 00:12:02

Muscle Owl Radio - Episode 61: Shelley & Fraser Simmonds - Snowdon for DMD (OwlTalks#52)

This weekend, our friend Shelley will be climbing Mount Snowdon in the UK - with her young son Fraser on her back!!! Fraser, who is 4 years old, has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and their fundraising efforts will support research into the condition. You can check out Fraser’s page here: Fraser & Friends and their fundraising page:

Duration: 00:07:57

Muscle Owl Radio - Episode 60: Peter & Andrew Review their 10k Race in Manchester (OwlLive)

Join us as Peter and Andrew look back at their wild race in the Manchester 10k! As we had been discussing earlier, it was Andrew’s first race in his powerchair - who says guys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy can’t run races?! This episode was recorded LIVE on Facebook the evening after the race!

Duration: 00:21:25

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