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SHOW #400 - Roundtable #6 - The DJ's

The DJ's...or more appropriately, THE AIR PERSONALITIES! These incredible folks have the ability to play the music they want when they want. They create stories around their broadcasts...and in some instances, broadcast is not even the correct word...since most are either exclusively on-line or are on-line in addition to being heard over the airwaves. How has this all changed from when they are started...because, believe me folks, none of these folks are johnny-come-lately's who are only in...

Duration: 03:00:02

CKNM Johnny Rawls, CKNM Al Basile, Casey James, CKNM Laith Al-Saadi

Couch KidJohnny Rawls returns for his third visit. He was last here when Tiger In A Cage was released. He returns with his latest, Waiting For A Train and we’ll talk about the album and much more. Al Basile had to cancel a few weeks back, but the new album, Quiet Money, is so good I had to make sure we were able to reschedule. Al will sit with me for the third time as we talk about music and his life. Casey James has released Strip It Down, produced by Tom Hambridge. Casey has a great...

Duration: 02:47:48

CKNM: Alastair Greene, Shaun Murphy, Peter Parcek

COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Alastair Greene has released Dream Train, his latest with 12 originals and 1 cover. We'll find out what Alistair has been up to since his last visit in August of 2014, while we listen to the tunes on Dream Train. Shaun Murphy is back with Mighty Gates, her latest release. The album is steeped in the Blues and Shaun has written 7 of the 13 songs on the album. This will be Shaun’s fifth visit to the Couch and we’ll talk about all the things happening in her life. Peter...

Duration: 02:11:17

Howell/Weinheimer, Kim Wilson, Wee Willie Walker/Anthony Paule Albert Castiglia

Steve Howell sat on The Couch back in 2015, after Yes, I believe I Will was released. Tonight he returns with partner Jason Weinheimer to discuss their collaboration, A Hundred Years From Today. We’ll find out about Jason and then talk about the new music. Kim Wilson. See, that is all you need to say and people know him. Can I find out even more during our first time sitting together? We’ll find out. In either case, we’ll discuss the new album, Blues & Boogie. Anthony Paule was also last...

Duration: 02:54:18

CKNM Jimmie Bratcher, Lew Jetton, Paradise Kings & CKNM Kelly Zirbes

Jimmie Bratcher returns to The Couch after a 4-year absence. He brings with him his new album, This Is Blues Country, classic country tunes done Blues Style. What has Jimmie been up to these days and where is he going into the future…we’ll find out while we listen to the tunes. Lew Jetton began his career as a meteorologist but the Blues would not let go. He has just released his fourth album, Palestine Blues, which chronicles a dark period in Lew’s life. We’ll speak with this gentleman...

Duration: 03:01:10

COUCH KID NEW MUSIC: Omar Kent Dykes, Ilana Katz Katz, James Armstrong

All Couch Kid New Music It has been since 2015 that Omar Kent Dykes joined me and I am so happy to welcome him back for his sixth visit to The Couch. We'll talk about his new release Omar & The Howlers - Zoltar's Walk and find out what this legendary performer has been up to since we last visited. Ilana Katz Katz has released Subway Stories, a 13-song collection with originals and some covers. Can’t wait to find out what this remarkable musician has been up to since our last visit. James...

Duration: 02:12:00

Michele D'Amour, Scott Ellison, CKNM Al Basile, CKNM Keenum-Randlett

Michele D'Amour and the Love Dealers is a Seattle-based band playing blues and R&B. The band was formed in 2011. Lost Nights At The Leopard Lounge is their third release and I’ll chat with Michele about her journey and we will listen to their music. Scott Ellison is based out of Tulsa, OK and has been performing for over 30 years across the US, Canada and the UK. He released Good Morning Midnight back in July and we’ve been able to rescheduled Scott for this show. Couch Kid Al Basile...

Duration: 01:46:08

Milligan-Vaughan, CKNM-The Nighthawks, Joshua Jacobson, CKNM Joel DaSilva

The Milligan-Vaughan Project is the brainchild of Malford Milligan & Tyrone Vaughan. They’ve released their self-titled debut album and will join me to talk about their career and the new collaboration. Mark Wenner returns to The Couch with new Nighthawks music, All You Gotta Do. We had to reschedule Mark’s visit and am excited to sit and chat with him again. Joshua Jacobson toured with Cora Mae Bryant as her #1 guitarist and has now released, Good Little Things, which includes some heavy...

Duration: 02:41:15

CKN Niecie, Scottie Miller, Dry River, CKNM Kim Simmonds, CKNM Eric Hughes Band

Couch Kid Niecie comes by with some COUCH KID NEWS to start the show....stay tuned! When Scottie Miller is not working on his own music, he is the touring keyboardist for Miss Ruthie Foster. A member of the Minnesota Blues Hall Of Fame, Miller has also toured with Bo Diddley. I’ll get a chance to speak with Scottie about his new album, Stay Above Water, and talk about his sensational career. Dry River has released their second album, Prayin’ For Rain, and I’ll sit with the band and talk...

Duration: 02:45:45

Norman Jackson Band, Lou "Blue" Marini, Freddye Stover, CKNM Dudley Taft

The Norman Jackson Band came to the 2016 International Blues Festival and shook the stages up and down Beale until on Saturday they were named the 3rd Place Band Challenger. I will sit with Norman and sax player Rick Shortt and talk about their long history together while we listen to music from It’s The Drummers Fault In 1978 The Blues Brother’s Band was formed and became known throughout the world from the movie. The band still performs around the world and if that surprises you, don’t...

Duration: 02:58:45

Tucci, Prestage Brothers, Randy McQuay, CKNM Altered Five Blues Band

The Tucci Band is a rockin’ blues, funk, R&B, jazz, often indescribable mashup featuring a unique, funky, danceable sound. The band has ties back to The Allman Brothers and The Greg Allman Band and has just released the new album Olivia. I’ll speak with Steve Tucci about the band and more. Ben Prestage has been sharing his distinct one-man band stylings for years. In three years he took 4th, 3rd and then 2nd place at the IBC. He and his brother Johnny Debt Prestage have released Prestage...

Duration: 02:23:00

CKN Regina Bonell, Vintage #18, Heather Gillis, Geoff Achison, CKNM Benny Turner

We begin the show with some COUCH KID NEWS from Regina Bonelli…She comes by with her new single, "Put Your Hands On Me". We’ll find out what else Regina has been up to. D.C.-based Soul-Blues band Vintage #18 have performed together since 2013. In 2016 they represented the Central Virginia Blues Society at the IBC. Their new album is entitled Grit and we chat about their journey, the music and more. Heather Gillis is the complete package as a guitar player, lap steel player, songwriter,...

Duration: 02:57:36

3rd Annual State Of The Blues/Town Hall Meeting

This will be our Third Town Hall Show. I will be joined by Barbara Newman, President CEO of The Blues Foundation along with outgoing Board Chair Paul Benjamin and incoming Board Chair, Jeff Syracuse to look back on the last year and look forward into 2018 and beyond. This is a full participation show and we encourage you to call and ask your questions, make suggestions and voice concerns. Barbara, Paul and Jeff are hoping to respond to all who call. Phone #347.633.9400 You won't get an...

Duration: 01:33:39

CKNM Halley Devestern Jon Spear Band, Sunday Wilde & Reno Jack Forrest McDonald

ALL COUCH KID NEW MUSIC NOTE THIS IS A TUESDAY SHOW THIS WEEK First, Halley Devestern returns to The Couch with her new EP, Keep On Playin’ . The long awaited follow-up to Fabbo! Boffo! Smasho! The five original tunes are described as “…balls to the wall, Blues Funk Rock with a splash of Swampeloo” Halley and I will talk about the things going on in her life and what is coming next. Jon Spear Band have a new album, Hot Sauce and like its name it is HOT! We’ll speak with Jon and Andy about...

Duration: 02:56:04

CKNM John Pagano, Mark Telesca, CKNM Markey Blue, CKNM The Nighthawks

John Pagano returns with a new album entitled One More Round. John originally sat with me back in 2012 and then returned the next year when Make Room At The Table was released. We’ll find out what JP has been up to since then and listen to the new tunes. Mark Telesca is a wonderful musician, who can play multiple instruments. He is known for his prowess on bass. Mark and I have tried to hook up, but he hosts a Monday Jam at the Funky Biscuit. He has been sidelined due to health issues; so...

Duration: 02:32:43

Daytona Blues Fest, Toronzo Cannon,CKNM Josh Charles, Jason Ricci, Jim Allchin

Music On The Couch is proud to, once again, be a media sponsor for The Daytona Blues Festival. Having been shut down by a hurricane last year, they have brought back the lineup from 2016. I’ll chat with Frank Carbiener about the Festival and what is new this year. Toronzo Cannon is Chicago born and bred and played music locally for years. In 2015 he hit the stage at the Chicago Blues Festival and it all changed. His new album is The Chicago Way and Toronzo and I will explore his story...

Duration: 02:49:36

Larry Griffith, Mark Cameron, Joe Shelton, CKNM Mark Robinson

From Cincinnati to Atlanta to Clarksdale, the road Larry Griffith has traveled has formed the foundation for the Blues he performs. We’ll speak with Larry about the journey and the songs on his latest, Shake It Loose. The Mark Cameron Band came to Memphis for the 2017 IBC representing the Minnesota Blues Society. But back in August of 2016 while at the Blues On The Chippewa, they decided to record their performance. We’ll speak with Mark about his journey, the band and the new music. Big...

Duration: 02:55:28

Laura Tate, John McNamara, Darryl Ellyson & CKNM Andy T Band

Laura Tate has released her 4th album, Let’s Just Be Real. This multi-talented woman has excelled behind the microphone, in front of the camera, on-stage and even behind the camera. We’ll talk about her journey and the music for which she finds an affinity. John McNamara hails from Australia, but his latest, Rollin’ With It, was recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis with a cast of Memphians behind him. John and I will trace his road, which has brought him around the globe. Darryl Ellyson...

Duration: 02:46:57

Tom Craig, CKNM Charlie Morris, Bruce Mississippi Johnson, CKNM Karen Lovely

Show # 382 Then Tom Craig from Tom Craig & Soul Patch joins me. They were in Memphis for the 2017 IBC and certainly made themselves known. We'll trace Tom's career and life and find out how if the IBC has changed their direction Charlie Morris is one of the Original Couch Kids, having first appeared on the show back in March 2010! He returns with new music, The Bluescoast Sessions which features a huge group of artists incling Betty Fox, Damon Fowler, Lucky Peterson and more. We'll listen...

Duration: 03:06:58

Live From Tall City Blues Fest

SHOW #381 Live from the lobby of the Doubletree Hotel in Midland Texas, I will be talking to the artists playing the festival, festival organizers and the fans. Tall City Blues Fest is an incredible affair held in Midland, TX Scheduled for Saturday's show are: Rochelle & The Sidewinders, Tullie Brae, Eight O'Five Jive, Ally Venable, Toots Lorraine, Santini/Jensen Project, Victor Wainwright Lisa Grisson & Ronn reeger will always come by and you never know who else will just pop in! Please...

Duration: 02:50:32

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