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3rd Annual State Of The Blues/Town Hall Meeting

This will be our Third Town Hall Show. I will be joined by Barbara Newman, President CEO of The Blues Foundation along with outgoing Board Chair Paul Benjamin and incoming Board Chair, Jeff Syracuse to look back on the last year and look forward into 2018 and beyond. This is a full participation show and we encourage you to call and ask your questions, make suggestions and voice concerns. Barbara, Paul and Jeff are hoping to respond to all who call. Phone #347.633.9400 You won't get an...

Duration: 01:33:39

CKNM Halley Devestern Jon Spear Band, Sunday Wilde & Reno Jack Forrest McDonald

ALL COUCH KID NEW MUSIC NOTE THIS IS A TUESDAY SHOW THIS WEEK First, Halley Devestern returns to The Couch with her new EP, Keep On Playin’ . The long awaited follow-up to Fabbo! Boffo! Smasho! The five original tunes are described as “…balls to the wall, Blues Funk Rock with a splash of Swampeloo” Halley and I will talk about the things going on in her life and what is coming next. Jon Spear Band have a new album, Hot Sauce and like its name it is HOT! We’ll speak with Jon and Andy about...

Duration: 02:56:04

CKNM John Pagano, Mark Telesca, CKNM Markey Blue, CKNM The Nighthawks

John Pagano returns with a new album entitled One More Round. John originally sat with me back in 2012 and then returned the next year when Make Room At The Table was released. We’ll find out what JP has been up to since then and listen to the new tunes. Mark Telesca is a wonderful musician, who can play multiple instruments. He is known for his prowess on bass. Mark and I have tried to hook up, but he hosts a Monday Jam at the Funky Biscuit. He has been sidelined due to health issues; so...

Duration: 02:32:43

Daytona Blues Fest, Toronzo Cannon,CKNM Josh Charles, Jason Ricci, Jim Allchin

Music On The Couch is proud to, once again, be a media sponsor for The Daytona Blues Festival. Having been shut down by a hurricane last year, they have brought back the lineup from 2016. I’ll chat with Frank Carbiener about the Festival and what is new this year. Toronzo Cannon is Chicago born and bred and played music locally for years. In 2015 he hit the stage at the Chicago Blues Festival and it all changed. His new album is The Chicago Way and Toronzo and I will explore his story...

Duration: 02:49:36

Larry Griffith, Mark Cameron, Joe Shelton, CKNM Mark Robinson

From Cincinnati to Atlanta to Clarksdale, the road Larry Griffith has traveled has formed the foundation for the Blues he performs. We’ll speak with Larry about the journey and the songs on his latest, Shake It Loose. The Mark Cameron Band came to Memphis for the 2017 IBC representing the Minnesota Blues Society. But back in August of 2016 while at the Blues On The Chippewa, they decided to record their performance. We’ll speak with Mark about his journey, the band and the new music. Big Joe...

Duration: 02:55:28

Laura Tate, John McNamara, Darryl Ellyson & CKNM Andy T Band

Laura Tate has released her 4th album, Let’s Just Be Real. This multi-talented woman has excelled behind the microphone, in front of the camera, on-stage and even behind the camera. We’ll talk about her journey and the music for which she finds an affinity. John McNamara hails from Australia, but his latest, Rollin’ With It, was recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis with a cast of Memphians behind him. John and I will trace his road, which has brought him around the globe. Darryl Ellyson...

Duration: 02:46:57

Tom Craig, CKNM Charlie Morris, Bruce Mississippi Johnson, CKNM Karen Lovely

Show # 382 Then Tom Craig from Tom Craig & Soul Patch joins me. They were in Memphis for the 2017 IBC and certainly made themselves known. We'll trace Tom's career and life and find out how if the IBC has changed their direction Charlie Morris is one of the Original Couch Kids, having first appeared on the show back in March 2010! He returns with new music, The Bluescoast Sessions which features a huge group of artists incling Betty Fox, Damon Fowler, Lucky Peterson and more. We'll listen...

Duration: 03:06:58

Live From Tall City Blues Fest

SHOW #381 Live from the lobby of the Doubletree Hotel in Midland Texas, I will be talking to the artists playing the festival, festival organizers and the fans. Tall City Blues Fest is an incredible affair held in Midland, TX Scheduled for Saturday's show are: Rochelle & The Sidewinders, Tullie Brae, Eight O'Five Jive, Ally Venable, Toots Lorraine, Santini/Jensen Project, Victor Wainwright Lisa Grisson & Ronn reeger will always come by and you never know who else will just pop in! Please...

Duration: 02:50:32

Live From Tall City Blues Fest - Friday

SHOW #380 Live from the lobby of the Doubletree Hotel in Midland Texas, I will be talking to the artists playing the festival, festival organizers and the fans. Tall City Blues Fest is an incredible affair held in Midland, TX Scheduled for Friday's show are: Guy King, Randy McQuay, Chase Walker, Ruben V, Noah Wotherspoon, Erin Harpe, Grace Kuch Band, Dennis Jones Lisa Grisson & Ronn reeger will always come by and you never know who else will just pop in! Please note the time for this show

Duration: 02:42:48

Calgary Blues Fest, CKNM: Mikey Jr, Selwyn Birchwood, Doug MacLeod, Delta Moon

SHOW # 379 Music On The Couch is a media sponsor for The Calgary Blues Fest and we will chat with Cindy McLeod, the heart and soul behind the festival, about this year’s event. Then Four Returning Couch Kids: Mikey Junior comes back to The Couch with his new tuneage. We’ll find out what this sensational harp player has been up to and what he has in store moving forward. Selwyn Birchwood has released his new album, Pick Your Poison and I look forward to chatting with this remarkable artist...

Duration: 02:16:49

Ann Arbor Blues & , Low Society, Brad Stivers, Polly O'Keary

ANN ARBOR BLUES FESTIVAL The Ann Arbor Blues Festival has become a Festival Sponsor for Music On The Couch. The festival is returning after an 11-year absence and we spoke with Founder, James Partridge about the event and how it all came back together. KAREN LOVELY - COUCH KID NEW MUSIC - Segment Begins At The 18:00 Mark Karen was scheduled, but we had a miscommunication. Karen will return soon to talk about her new album “Fish Outta Water”. We played four songs during the segment LOW...

Duration: 02:56:51

Steve Krase, CKNM Bridget Kelly Band, Kate Lush, CKNM Chris Barnes

Steve Krase is out of Houston, TX and is well known for his harmonica playing on three of Trudy Lynn’s albums. In April he released, Should’ve Seen It Coming and it continues to get solid airplay. I’ll speak with Steve and we’ll trace his journey while listening to music from the new album. Couch Kids, The Bridget Kelly Band have released Bone Rattler. This collection of 22 songs will show you the real deal Bridget Kelly Band. Bridget and Tim will join me to talk about the making of this...

Duration: 02:57:46

CKNM Balkun Brothers, Jerome Godboo, Jim Roberts, CKNM Janiva Magness

Steve & Nick Balkun sat with me in March of 2016 around the time their album Balkun Brothers was released. They return to talk about the newest release, Devil On TV. This one is self-produced and shows their hard-edged side of Blues. We’ll find out what they’ve been up to and listen to tuneage. Jerome Godboo has been on stages for over 30 years and took home the Lee Oskar Harmonica Player Award at the 2014 IBC. Now, he leads the band Godboogie and they’ve released the album Play Music &...

Duration: 02:59:33

Mike & Mike, Bobby Messano, CKNM John Nemeth, CKNM Bob Corritore & John Primer

SHOW # 375 Monster Mike Welch has been on the scene since he was 11 years old. Mike has multiple BMA nominations both individually and with Sugar Ray & The Bluetones. Mike Ledbetter has ben vocalist for Nick Moss band for years and has enjoyed the role with others including Ronnie Earl. Now these two powerhouses have come together to release Right Place, Right Time, a brilliant new album. We’ll explore each of their paths and learn how the whole album came to be. Bobby Messano has been...

Duration: 03:00:00

Tall City Blues Fest, CKNM - Jon Zeeman, Billy Price, Delta Moon, Jim Gustin

SHOW # 374 Tall City Blues Fest enters its 7th year with another stellar lineup. Lisa Grissom will join me to talk about the lineup and all of the other events happening the weekend of July 14-16. Music On The Couch is a media sponsor and will, once again, web cast from the hotel lobby on Friday & Saturday mornings. Jon Zeeman last Sat on The Couch on 7/1/13 and tonight he returns to talk about his new album, Blue Room. We’ll find out what Jim has been up to and talk about the new music....

Duration: 02:46:00

Hector Anchondo, Chris Antonik, Brody Buster, CKNM John Ginty

SHOW #373 Hector Anchondo and his band have appeared at the IBC twice in the last 3 years, making the final stage in 2016. Their new album is entitled Roll The Dice and Hector will join me to talk about his journey and the new music. Chris Antonik is out of Toronto and in 2011 earned a Maple Blues Award for his debut album. He just released his third album, Monarch, and Chris will join me to take a look at his life and career while we listen to Tuneage from the album. Brody Buster...

Duration: 02:58:52

WIB-Thornetta Davis, Vanessa Collier, Lauren Mitchell, CKNM Samantha Fish

CELEBRATING WOMEN IN BLUES FOR MOTHER'S DAY We begin with Thornetta Davis. whose new album, Honest Woman is a collection of 13 originals that show the incredible strength of this Detroit native. The Queen Of Detroit Blues will join me to talk about her life and career. Meeting My Soul is the latest from singer, songwriter, saxophonist Vanessa Collier. The album, released on the Ruf label, has a collection of amazing musicians and Vanessa shares 8 originals and 3 covers. She and I will chat...

Duration: 02:56:38

Smokin'In Steele, CKNM Mr Sipp CKNM Tommy Talton, Alvon Johnson, CKNM Conqueroos

John “Blueshammer” Hammer will join me to talk about this year’s Smokin' In Steele Blues Fest to be held June 2-4 in Owatonna, MN. Music On The Couch is proud to be a media sponsor for this sensational festival. Mr. Sipp, The Mississippi Blues Child, stops by for Couch Kid New Music with his stellar album, Knock A Hole In It. We’ll talk to Sipp about his touring the world and talk about the songs on the album. Tommy Talton returns again with his new album, the incredible Somewhere South Of...

Duration: 02:57:41

COUCH KID NEW MUSIC-Hurricane Ruth, Dave Fields, Eliza Neals, Peter Karp

4 Couch Kids Return With New Music Hurricane Ruth returns with her brand new album, Ain’t Ready For The Grave. Ruth has continued to garner fans around the country as she shares her talents with so many. We’ll talk about the new album and find out what is to come for this talented vocalist. Dave Fields returns for his third visit to The Couch. His new album is entitled Unleashed and that is exactly what Dave has done. The album contains 7 studio and 7 live cuts, so you get to hear the...

Duration: 02:45:07

COUCH KID NEW MUSIC-Cary Morin, Biscuit Miller, Reverend Freakchild, Jeff Chaz

4 Couch Kids Return With New Music Cary Morin has released Cradle To The Grave, with 8 originals and 3 covers. This album completes a three-album project of acoustic recordings. We’ll talk about the project, now that is has come to a completion and find out what is next for Cary. Biscuit Miller has released Wishbone, a dozen originals songs in the Biscuit Miller style. Biscuit last sat with me back in July of 2012, so we will have plenty to catch up on as we listen to tunes from Wishbone....

Duration: 02:37:04

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