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The first Music From the Hills of Home was hosted by Katie Laur and Buddy Griffin on the first Sunday of November, 1989, and it has been heard on Sundays ever since that time. Buddy Griffin was co-host for only a couple of months, and he was followed by Wayne Clyburn, who is the engineer, the one who "mashes" the buttons, or as Pester Flatt has dubbed him, "the guy who plays Wayne." Wayne is an engineer in real life. He lives and works in Northern Kentucky. He graduated from Ohio University and has been a stalwart bluegrass fan and an ongoing banjo picker since then. He spent some time in Boston, where he was a regular at the Hillbilly Ranch, the famous bluegrass bar where the Lilly Brothers and Don Stover played six nights a week. When he returned to live in Cincinnati, he went to the Ken-Mill and heard most every bluegrass band passing through town in the late 60's and early 70's. He has attended more bluegrass festivals and concerts than he can remember, and he is as knowledgeable of the music as most experts. This is important when it comes time to frame those "trivia" questions which make "Music from the Hills of Home" a popular ticket give-away vendor.



This show will be available on Sun, Aug 25 at 8PM.