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Austin, TX


I have always described my show as being bi-polar! Where else, besides KUT, will you be able to listen to musicians like Thelonious Monk or Hank Williams; Air or Okkervil Rivr; and M.I.A. or Bebel Gilberto in the same three-hour show, much less the same hour! Welcome to my world! I love the local artists, as well as those who are getting big play in the world. I play b-sides that you might have never heard of, as well as the favorites and hits. I give you themes on holidays and sometimes just for the heck of it! I’m on from midnight until 3 am—so whether you’re in for the night or decided to go out and your coming back at 2 am, I’m here to entertain you. At midnight, we’re just getting warmed up. At 1 am, I play a flashback of songs the first 15 minutes—usually new wave-ish from the ‘80s, but sometimes as far back as the ‘40s. Then, winding things up with a some electronica in the last 15 minutes of my show until 3 am. I’m always live and in person, so I always answer the phone to talk to you unless I’m back in the music library pulling music for your requests—which I do take! Music with Audrey. Enjoy the craziness!



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