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D Swift Show - Ep #6 - Enhance Learning Ability

Learning strategies and secrets that could help you right immediately. Drive time listening to this episode is a must, the NET [No Extra Time] method. So I divulge a bit into the idea and realm of learning a bit. Some simple methods and a few tips on how you can do this now. Also I'll be building a course around this idea of learning fast or Cutting the learning Curve. Since this is what I've been doing for the last decade, I might as well give back to those that are seriously interested...


Ep #4 - Get paid for posting on social media (steemit)

Basically share with you guys a little bit about steemit and the whole ecosystem that it runs on. I'm defintely no expert but I can say, after almost two weeks emmersed in the community, I definetly wish I had more time to read all the posts that get shared. I do a shitty job explaining about steemit but you have to forgive me, I didnt use any scripts or any equipment this time. Only editing when I got home. I'm sure for the guys that know what steemit is and how it operates can get more...


Ryu D Show - #3 - Centralization vs Decentralization

Yes, I'm reading off a script and very badly I might add. The talk is still something worth listening to. What this idea of decentralization is, i'm trying to tackle from the state of mind I have. I kinda free flowed the talk by scripting my mind, then recorded it. Sound quality is better, using a great DAW as well as adding the youtube add-on, I figured it out. My internet was suffering the last week so I could get anything up for a few days even though I wanted to load it yesterday...


Ryu D Show - #2 What Is Crypto Currency

This talk will revolve around what my understanding of crypto currency is. Trying to explain the basics in simplest terms. Stay tuned, Centralized vs Decentralized, this will be the leading talk for the next episode. The shows transcript/show-notes can be found here: YouTube Links Coming Soon You can reach me on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:...