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075 – Bits and Bobs – The Continuing Saga of Minos Family and That other guy

Auto-Cannibalism, Blasphemy, Shape-Shifting and Slave trading are all on the menu today and that is just the first story! We cover three stories, one on Erysichthon who pissed off Demeter and apparently had a shape shifting daughter, The story of Glaucus which is really the story of a poor seer named Polyidus who gets far more ... Read more

Duration: 00:14:11

State Of Podcast 2017

It is August! which means it is State Of The Podcast Time! Where I catch you up on my end of the Podcast and what is going on with me. Feel free to skip if you like and if this is your first episode please go listen to Musing On Muses Instead. Though I did ... Read more

Duration: 00:08:17

074 – Musing On Muses

We Take a second and highlight the Muses in Myth. Though their myths tend towards one specific story, It is pretty interesting what everyone has to say about them so I thought I would share.

Duration: 00:15:30

073 – Another Jaunt To The Underworld

We cover Orpheus, Eurydice and Orpheus's occasional big brother Linus. We go over the decent into the underworld, The toss up as to whether or not he was killed by Maenads or just really pissed off Thracian women and discuss his oddly emphasized Misogyny. I also finally discuss a mystery cult. The Orphic Cult to ... Read more

Duration: 00:18:10

Delay Notice

Been Rough week. Adjusting to new meds and lost a ferret. Will be back in two weeks with Orpheus, Linus and The Muses.

Duration: 00:01:28

072 – Of Timing And Stars

We cover Orion today! His blinding and somehow or another usual death by Artemis's hand and a bit about how upset I was to find that he too falls into the Sex Offender Category

Duration: 00:17:05

071 – Nobody Likes The Undead

We are talking about the great healer of Greek Myth. Who might have been a Lich, Aesculapius! famous for raising the dead, in apparently a larger amount than I remembered and was smote for doing so. Sometimes.

Duration: 00:14:22

070 – The Theoretical Death of Theseus

We finish up Theseus today! Covering Peirthous Bad Idea, Theseus kidnapping Helen as a child and his ignoble death by the hands of some guy. Unless he never came out of the underworld.

Duration: 00:15:16

069 – Theseus Knows Some Interesting People

In which we cover the uprising against Theseus, the random going out of his way to irate the amazons, the story of Phaedra and Hippolytus, and touch on another divine sex change story. Correction it is at the 4 dollar sub level not 5

Duration: 00:17:49

068 – A Surprisingly Persistent Crown

Theseus takes a small vacation in Crete, Defeats the Labyrinth with whatever Ariadne happened to have in her pocket and we follow the consequences of his actions up to the death of Minos.

Duration: 00:25:01

067 – Bye Medea!

Theseus gets to Athens, meets a nice little ol' lady, captures and kills a rampaging bull, almost get poisoned and Volunteers for Tribute. Medea leaves our mythological stage in a fit of pique and sometimes rescues her father on the way out. Plus the poor neglected Medus. I get a bit excitable with Theseus proclamations ... Read more

Duration: 00:14:01

066 – Your Money Or My Life

We kick off the official start of Theseus story as he wanders along the coast killing a bunch of bandits thru... well mostly brute strength. We cover 5 bandits who all have an interesting gimmick, two of which involve monsters who love them Lake Placid style. Reasons we are explicit: So Much Murder All Around, ... Read more

Duration: 00:17:16

065 – Not The Guy From The Hunger Games

A surprise academic episode! It turns out, to my surprise, that Plutarch is a necessary source of the frame work for story of Theseus. So this week we are looking at Plutarch and his life work "Parallel Lives".

Duration: 00:13:17

064 – You Know Who Else Has Kings? Athens

A look at the Athenian Kings list, which includes a suprising, if not excessive amount of Lizard People. Plus Procis is back. We cover up until Theseus's conception and his sometimes fathers happy third marriage. Bonus Herakles thought Jason was an ass-hat too! Reasons we are Explicit: Lizard People, Procris, Procreating With Lizard People, A ... Read more

Duration: 00:22:23

063 – From Queen To Outcast

As we wrap up the discusion on Medea and Jason we talk about Child Murder. A lot. We discuss the options of Jason's death and I finally explain why I hate this guy so hard. Also this episode as a snippet from Extra Credit 11 about the orginal audience of The Medea. Reasons we are ... Read more

Duration: 00:16:47

062 – It Is All In The Seasoning

Medea introduces the daughter of Pelias to a Stew Recipe and Pelias gets his comeuppance for something or another. Aeson and his family dies... Sometimes. Acastus gets the throne of Ioclus and kicks our couple the hell out of his country. As a bonus we get to hear a bit of Medea Awesomeness that is ... Read more

Duration: 00:13:24

061 – Someone Read The Odyssey

We are covering the Voyage of the Argo from when they leave Circe's Island to the defeat of Talos, mostly following Apollonius as he is still the closest to a canonical source for the material for all this sequence of events are based more on The Odyssey than any previous variations of the Argo's Journey. ... Read more

Duration: 00:15:22

060 – Born To Die

We are on the return trip of the Argo, but there are options as to how that trip goes. We discuss the death of Absyrtus who was added into Mythology just to die horribly and have his corpse desecrated and meet Circe. Reasons we are explicit: Child Murder, Corpse Desecration, Geography Expansion Packs, Options, A ... Read more

Duration: 00:12:19

059 – Keep Dreaming

Jason meets Aeetes, the beloved son of Helios and Medea the Beloved daughter of Aeetes. He starts off on the wrong foot but everything is made better by godly intervention and he pulls off some admittedly spectacular stuff. Then sneaks off in the middle of night. Reasons we are Explict: King Sex, Revoking Of Free ... Read more

Duration: 00:14:56

058 – Side Effects Include Blindness

We are covering the last leg of the Argo journey to Colchis and most looking at the eye watering variations of Phineus. People Die, Speed metal is invented and we get another solid reason to be careful of how you word things. Reasons we are explicit: Lack Of 30 Foot Jumping Shark, Thrace, Step-Mothering, Also ... Read more

Duration: 00:17:34

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