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Spokane, WA


This is a weekly Sunday afternoon radio variety program of folk and kids' music with Spokane musician Carlos Alden. You are most likely to tune in to traditional and non-traditional Celtic selections, but you might stumble into a program of nineteenth century banjo styles, or women folksingers, or an exploration of the connections between Celtic and Middle Eastern music, or a studio show featuring local artists. The second half of the program always features kid musicians old and new. This spans the spectrum from vintage 1950's Pete Seeger sing-a-longs to contemporary musicians Trout Fishing In America singing about bad hair days or Barry Louis Polisar describing the ups and downs of potty training in glorious song. There is usually a recorded storytime, too, featuring the work of BIll Harley, Bill Wellington, Armstrong and Aichelle, Sharon Kennedy, and many others.



This show will be available on Sun, Apr 21 at 5PM.