The Heard

An audio show by Jakob Lewis, where next door hits home. Telling stories of ordinary people that connect us to others and ourselves.

An audio show by Jakob Lewis, where next door hits home. Telling stories of ordinary people that connect us to others and ourselves.
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The Heard


An audio show by Jakob Lewis, where next door hits home. Telling stories of ordinary people that connect us to others and ourselves.






Matt Got Shot: Part 2

In Part 2 of the Neighbors mini-series “Matt Got Shot,” we explore the reality of the trauma of getting shot: first to Matt’s body, then his identity and finally to his mind. Matt says, “PTSD doesn’t show up with a name tag.” He was in the recording booth tracking a song called “Guide Your Light” when he had his first panic attack. Credits: Music in this episode by Matt Lovell and Podington Bear. This story was edited by Emily Siner, Mack Linebaugh and Anita Bugg with production...


Matt Got Shot: Part 1

It was inauguration day 2017 when Nashville singer-songwriter Matt Lovell was ambushed while sitting in his car — and then shot in the chest. A doorman at a nearby bar miraculously saved his life, setting in motion a series of life-changing events. In this first episode of a three-part Neighbors mini-series, we explore how the shooting forced Matt to come to terms with his identity and gave him an unexpected gift—peace. Music in this episode by Podington Bear, Matt...


The Manifestor

Everyone seems inspired by fitness instructor Katherine Tisha Wilson. People describe going to her class as "going to church". Her fierceness comes at you instantly from the front of the class, but this high school drop out wasn't always confident in herself. After a long road of disappointment and embarrassment she found a fitness dance program and lost over 100 pounds, then used that momentum to start changing lives. Music by Podington Bear and Caleb Shiver.


Season 5 trailer (launches January 16th)

Hello. I’m Jakob Lewis and Neighbors….is back. January 16th. I’m on a quest to make sense of the human experience through the lives of my neighbors. There’s something magical about getting an intimate pass into someone’s world and hearing about the moments that transformed them. *In season 5 I go deeper into their stories than I ever have before. Stories of getting shot, getting kicked out of the house, finding a lost brother, donating a kidney, starting a rock band, forgiving your...


The Language Learner

As Myanmar aka Burma is going through a humanitarian crisis Neighbors brings an update to the story of a man who fled the region to come to America with his family. We meet Gin Thawng. The 66-year old man lives in a Nashville apartment with his ailing wife, a baby grandson, his daughter-in-law and son. A graduate of an innovative ESL program-on-wheels, Thawng shows us something about the power that language has and how human connection is bigger than just words. Editing by: Emily Siner...


The Tuba Man

It's an odd scene: A man, playing a sousaphone, stands inside a tunnel on a busy Nashville road during rush hour. Is he crazy, divinely inspired or something else entirely? In this episode of Neighbors, we go inside the world of "tuba man" Joe Hunter and discover what brings him and his instrument to the tunnel. Some music by: Podington Bear Editing help from: Emily Siner, and Mack Linebaugh Production Assistance: Bailey Robbins


The Digger

Whit Hill digs up items she finds with a metal detector — Civil War bullets, forgotten toys, old coins. Her treasures, and the songs she writes about them, remind her that there’s always the possibility of wonder in the ground beneath her feet. This story was reported by Tony Gonzalez. The shows editors are Emily Siner, Mack Linebaugh, and Anita Bugg. Neighbors is a member of the Heard, find out more at Music by Podington Bear and Whit Hill


Shine Service

Robert Person Sr. — Percy, as he’s known — has been shining shoes for 70 years. He started around age 10 and now, at 80, continues to work at Percy’s Shoe Shine Service in Nashville. He’s worn out, stressed out, but this veteran shoe shiner just can’t stop. The shows editors are Emily Siner, Mack Linebaugh, and Anita Bugg. Neighbors is a member of the Heard, find out more at Music by Podington Bear and Dan Burns. Music by: Podington Bear and Dan Burns


Childhood's End

Prepare to be embedded into a gaggle of neighborhood kids, playing at the peak of summer. Producer Erica Heilman from the always-delightful podcast Rumblestrip brings us the story of children holding on to the last gasps of youth. The shows editors are Emily Siner, Mack Linebaugh, and Anita Bugg. Neighbors is a member of the Heard, find out more at Music by Chris Zabriskie, Jason Goforth.


The Fighter

Wayne cherishes his independence. And having had ALS for 33 years, he has to fight for it everyday. But his disease is only one of the seemingly insurmountable challenges he’s faced. Credits: Edited by Emily Siner, Mack Linebaugh and Anita Bugg. Production assistance by Caleb Shiver. Music by Kelly Latimore


Dave, The Weather Nut

Dave Hayes is a “social media-rologist”. He has no meteorology degree, but posts dense and poetic weather updates on Facebook where he’s grown quite a following. Hear how one man uses his computer to bring north-eastern Massachusetts together and protect them from the elements.


The Funeral Director

Bethany embalmed bodies for a living, but she couldn’t help but empathize with every corpse she worked on, seeing her job as one final gift—one that was taking it’s toll. It turns out, some professions require a certain detachment. Edited by Emily Siner, Mack Linebaugh and Anita Bugg. Music by Podington Bear, Chris Zabriskie, and Jason Goforth.


Every Breath Is Precious

Hannah has a rare genetic disorder that causes her to stop breathing when she goes to sleep. She wears a ventilator at night. How does having to constantly monitor a basic human function change how Hannah and her family approach life? Music by Podington Bear, Chris Zabriskie, Jason Goforth, and Kevin MacLeod (


The Oregon Trailblazer

In 2011, Rinker Buck crossed the Oregon Trail — yes, that Oregon Trail — in a covered wagon pulled by a team of mules. He traveled with his brother Nick and a Jack Russell Terrier named Olive Oyl. The journey forced Rinker to confront his greatest fear. Music in this episode by William Tyler, Podington Bear, Chris Zabriskie, and Kevin Mcleod


Season 4 Starts April 4, New Episode Every Two Weeks

Hey Everyone, a new season of Neighbors starts Tuesday April 4th. Tell your friends, tell your family, the party starts Tuesday.


A Musical Recovery

The season 3 finale is a little different. It is a personal story of Jakob’s told by taking a musical journey all around Nashville. Together, you will experience an Irish session, an Indian jam in a Mexican restaurant, a Jewish musical Shabbat, Beer and Hymns, and sacred harp singing.


The Ordinary Radicals

In 1969, Leroy and Gloria Griffith got married in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It would have been an ordinary event, except that they are believed to be the first interracial couple to legally wed in the county. We hear the story of why they opened up their wedding to the public, despite racial tension in the community. Edited by Emily Siner and Anita Bugg Music by Podington Bear and Dan Burns Reporting by Mary Helen Montgomery Sponsor: Yazoo Brewing Company


The High Five Revisted

Two men walk over a mile once a week just to give each other a high five. It's a seemingly meaningless act, but one that can take on a powerful meaning over time. We examine why they do this and check back in with one of them a year later. Editors: Rob McGinley Meyers, Tally Abecassis, and Emily Siner Music: Podington Bear and Dan Burns AKA Dop Shrah Sponsors: Yazoo Brewing Company


Barbershop Duet-Part Two: Stephen

Like Part one—this is a story of a barber who followed an unlikely path to the grooming profession. Stephen Mason's journey took him from 20 years on the road, playing guitar in a Grammy-winning Christian rock band, to a one-chair, one-man barbershop called The Handsomizer. Edited by Emily Siner, Mack Linebaugh (who also voiced rex the barber), and Anita Bugg Music by Podington Bear, Dan Burns, and Jars of Clay Artwork by Mack Linebaugh, photo taken by Brad Butcher Sponsors: Yazoo...


Barbershop Duet

Ronnie Clardy grew up near the barbershop he owns in Nashville, but the path that led him to his current life is anything but short and straight. He started dealing drugs at 13 and relapsed into a life of crime and prison several times, before he finally redirected his entrepreneurial spirit. Edited by: Mack Linebaugh, Emily Siner, and Anita Bugg Music by: Podington Bear and Dan Burns Sponsors: Yazoo Brewing Company Work In Progress a podcast by Slack...


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