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What People REALLY Want To Buy From You

"I told John Nemo I thought he'd be some boring, pole-up-his (read end), corporate suit and tie guy because he teaches LinkedIn." "Turns out he is hilarious, fun, and LOUD." I just got back from a Mastermind Event at a fabulous lake resort in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. It was hosted by top copywriter Ray Edwards and featured a small group of high-level online marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners. I earned my way into that room of top performers by helping Ray launch his Copywriting...

Duration: 00:14:15

How Business Coaches And Consultants Can QUICKLY Generate More Quality Leads Online

If you're a Business Coach or Consultant, and you want to generate quality leads, book discovery calls and build your client base quickly, then this strategy is something you must utilize. Here's why I love this approach: It is a strategy and system that is "set it and forget it," meaning you create it once, and then it runs 24/7 for you online. In essence, you have what equates to virtual, 1-on-1 coffee meetings with potential prospects all over the world, on their schedule and without YOU...

Duration: 00:15:40

John Hawkins on Overcoming Adversity, Motivation And Leadership

From writing his name on a bullet and considering ending his life to becoming one of the most successful Business Coaches, Trainers and Speakers in the United States, John Hawkins has an incredible story to tell. The lessons he shares on this episode on motivation, leadership and building a business (and life) that you love are priceless, along with how to overcome adversity, a negative mindset and much more! LINKS and RESOURCES Get John's New Book, Expect Greatness:

Duration: 00:44:39

How To Master The Art of Affiliate Marketing with Matt McWilliams

One of the easiest ways to monetize your online audience is through affiliate marketing. Also known as Joint Venture (JV) marketing, affiliate marketing is an easy way to get paid for recommending your favorite software, tools, products and services to your audience online. Few know the Affiliate Marketing world like Matt McWilliams, and he holds nothing back during this exclusive interview! BONUS CONTENT Go to to get your free bonus bundle that Matt...

Duration: 00:39:13

How To Cultivate a Tribe of Raving, Ready-to-Buy Fans with Derek Webb

Singer-Songwriter Derek Webb has sold millions of albums and built a raving, loyal fan base by giving away his best content for free. Employing the entrepreneurial lessons of content marketing, building a tribe of raving fans and the power of the Internet as a distribution platform are among the topics we cover in this wide-ranging discussion. Learn more about Derek online at

Duration: 00:49:38

What Insane Sports Parents Can Teach You About Business

This story ties into sports, parenting and business - you'll have to hear it to believe it!

Duration: 00:16:19

The Secret Presentation Software That Makes PowerPoint Obsolete

With 85 million users worldwide, Prezi isn't exactly a "secret" anymore, but it sure feels that way whenever I dazzle an online or real-life audience with one of their presentations! In this exclusive interview with Prezi COO Jim Szafranski, we dive deep into Prezi's origin story, how its grown to 85 million users in less than a decade and what's next for the fastest, easiest and most effective keynote, webinar and online presentation software I've ever seen! RESOURCES Learn more about Prezi...

Duration: 00:30:57

Are You Making This Massive Mistake on LinkedIn?

Having spent the past 60 months studying every possible element of LinkedIn lead generation, I've discovered one conversion-killing mistake that keeps popping up over and over again. On this episode, I reveal what it is, how to avoid it and what to do instead. FREE RESOURCE: Looking to win more business using LinkedIn? Grab a free copy of my bestselling book, LinkedIn Riches! Download here:

Duration: 00:17:17

A 9 Year Old Gives Entrepreneurial Lessons!

Simply put, it's an 8 foot tall monstrosity. It nearly broke my back getting it into the garage. But our 9 year old son, Bailey, would not be denied. For months, he saved his money, pestered us to scour the Internet with him for listings and never gave up on his dream of owning his own arcade claw machine. Yesterday, it became a reality. Bailey spent 7 straight hours(!) playing the machine, pursuing his passion and joy. The lesson here for you and me is simple - tenacity is not a problem if...

Duration: 00:08:49

The Time I Spent $35k to Feel Emasculated

For good or for ill, this one simple element determines the success of all your sales and marketing efforts. And in this episode, I'll not only reveal what it is, but also how it played a role in me choosing to spend $35,000 USD to feel emasculated. It's a timeless (and priceless) sales and marketing lesson you must master if you want to sell more of your products and services online! RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE Free LinkedIn Training: Free Webinar Training:...

Duration: 00:15:36

Nemo Radio Live - Live Music, Webinar Secrets And The Power Of Audio!

In this episode we start with a little live music, dive into the red-hot trends of audiobooks and podcasts, and cover some of my favorite webinar secrets and tools during a great audience Q&A. FREE RESOURCES Free LinkedIn Riches book - Free Webinars That Work Training - Get more episodes and extras at!

Duration: 00:41:26

CASE STUDY: How A Business Coach Landed A $90k Client Using LinkedIn

He called it "borderline worthless." He was frustrated. For years, Bill Prater, a Business Coach based in Seattle, Washington, had struggled getting people he found online to become paid coaching clients. "I felt the whole social media marketing thing was so inauthentic," he says. "But the way you've crafted this approach on LinkedIn, it enabled me to use the Internet in an authentic way that I'd been using for 15 years, but believed I had to be face to face with somebody." Listen to Bill's...

Duration: 00:18:34

Nemo Radio LIVE - How To Turn Live Events into Webinars and More!

A great run of Webinar questions on this episode, including how to turn a live event into a webinar, the best tools and platforms, how to get your webinar going on a shoestring budget and much more! Get more free Webinar tips and trainings here: Get a free copy of my bestselling book LinkedIn Riches and tons of free tips on using LinkedIn for business here:

Duration: 00:36:18

Nemo Radio LIVE - Webinars, Email Marketing & Audience Engagement

On this FB Live episode of Nemo Radio we dove deep into the best tools, platforms and tech for webinars, some secrets to successful email marketing, how to REALLY get your audience engaged and much more! Get more free LinkedIn training & tips here: Get more Webinar training & tips here:

Duration: 00:55:12

NYT Bestselling Author Chris Brogan's Unusual Approach to Email Marketing

NYT Bestselling Author and Speaker Chris Brogan pulls back the curtain on how he does email marketing, and it's NOT the "typical" strategy most people think of when it comes to utilizing email as a marketing tool. That's why Chris Brogan is who he is, and that's also why you don't want to miss this episode! Learn more about Chris online at and his company, Owner Media, at FREE RESOURCES Looking to leverage LinkedIn to win new business? Make sure...

Duration: 00:33:39

FB Live: How To Structure Your Webinar + Much More!

On the first-ever Nemo Radio Live Show on Facebook, we dove deep into Webinars, including the 9 simple steps to structuring a wildly successful webinar, how to sell on webinars, how to price your products and services and much more! Want to watch the show LIVE each week? Like my Webinars That Work FB Page so you get alerted each time we go Live, and I'll answer your questions live on the air! Link - Also, I mentioned a pair of free trainings during...

Duration: 01:07:10

The Secret Online Sales Tool Nobody’s Talking About

Welcome to an all-new, updated Podcast - Nemo Radio! On this episode, we'll dive into an incredibly lucrative online sales tool that almost nobody's talking about - Webinars! Access the FREE TRAINING mentioned on today's episode here: Long ignored because of the myth that they’re difficult to create and expensive to execute, webinars have become an easy, effective and indispensable tool for selling online. For the past five years, I’ve spent thousands of...

Duration: 00:25:06

How To Fix Your Sales Funnel with Marylou Tyler

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Marylou Tyler, the Bestselling Author of "Predictable Revenue" and "Predictable Prospecting." Tyler, who serves as a sales consultant for clients including Apple, Bose, Mastercard, UPS and many others, shared the three biggest mistakes she sees in many companies' sales funnels (and how to fix them!) and much more on this episode. Get a notepad handy! Learn more about Marylou online -- Get free LinkedIn lead generation,...

Duration: 00:23:48

How To Appeal To Multiple Audiences on LinkedIn

Discover the fastest, easiest and most effective method to appeal to multiple audiences on LinkedIn! Download the free "copy and paste" LinkedIn Profile Template here: Get more LinkedIn tips and a free copy of my bestselling book, "LinkedIn Riches," here --

Duration: 00:15:34

The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Template

Here's a copy-and-paste template you can use to transform your LinkedIn profile into a client-attracting piece of content. Make sure you download "The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile" template mentioned on this episode:

Duration: 00:14:23

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