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Michael, Anthony, and Brian are good friends who used to live close together but when we all moved to different towns, we decided a cool way to keep in touch and talk about the things we love would be a podcast about the nerdy stuff we love. Nerd Podcast Radio was born. Nerd Podcast Radio is a conversational podcast where Michael, Anthony, and Brian discuss all things Nerdy.

Michael, Anthony, and Brian are good friends who used to live close together but when we all moved to different towns, we decided a cool way to keep in touch and talk about the things we love would be a podcast about the nerdy stuff we love. Nerd Podcast Radio was born. Nerd Podcast Radio is a conversational podcast where Michael, Anthony, and Brian discuss all things Nerdy.
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Michael, Anthony, and Brian are good friends who used to live close together but when we all moved to different towns, we decided a cool way to keep in touch and talk about the things we love would be a podcast about the nerdy stuff we love. Nerd Podcast Radio was born. Nerd Podcast Radio is a conversational podcast where Michael, Anthony, and Brian discuss all things Nerdy.




Episode 67 - Scary Stories We Tell In The Light Cause The Dark Is Too Damn Scary Edit

This was Episode 67 and we talked about the things that scare us! Whether they are movies, stories, or the creepy stuff that has happened to us or in Anthony's case, the scary video games he has played. We discuss why we like to be scared, specifically us and Anthony share's some science stuff. We also talk about our favorite scary movie experiences and our own experiences with the paranormal. Enjoy the show. Shoutouts and Mentions Our Nerd Podcast Radio game designer who personally added...

Duration: 01:13:46

Episode 66 - LARP Raving Mad w/ guests Phillip and Leslie

Six people talking about LARP! That's what this episode was. We had LARP lover Leslie the Fierce and the LARP star himself, LARP coordinator, Phillip Trad. We had a fun time with a seriously chaotic episode as all six of us attempted to not talk over each other about a very exciting subject. LARP is live action role playing and we define it, discuss it and have a great discussion about respecting people's personal boundaries in a game. We also talked about costumes! It was a blast. Enjoy...

Duration: 01:11:37

Episode 64 - What Life Would Be Like Without Video Games

Episode 64 is here! Yeah, it's late. I had to drop my dog off for surgery tonight and it's been a little distracting this week so please forgive me. That being said, this was hands down one of the most fun episodes we ever recorded! It was a shame that Special Mikey couldn't be here for this one because he would have had a blast. Rest in Peace special mikey, we'll treat your clone just as good as we treated you. We hadn't talked about video games since episode 6 and we had a lot more to...

Duration: 01:21:12

Episode 63 - Adulting and Still Being a Nerd

This week on Nerd Podcast Radio we talked about adulting and still being nerds. How do you maintain a nerdy life and still be an adult? We answered how we do that from the perspective of a married nerd with two kids, a single dad nerd, and a nerd in a long distant relationship. What do our nerdy days look like? Listen and find out. Before the episode, the three of us recorded a bonus episode for the patreon waiting for Special Mikey who never showed. Check it out at...

Duration: 01:05:19

Episode 62 - No One Expects to Start a Conversation with Graphene w/ Artist Christie Shinn

We did another random topic episode! This one was insane! Graphene, sex, books, and more! If you didn't think you could start a conversation with graphene, let us prove you wrong! We were joined by the amazingly talented artist, Christie Shinn of Hora Tora Studios. Listen to this one for a fun conversation that is absolutely stuffed with tangents. Christie Shinn's Info Hora Tora Studios - Facebook - twitter -...

Duration: 01:06:30

Episode 61 We Spoil Game of Thrones w/ special guest, Fantasy Cartographer, Anna Meyer

Warning, this episode contains major Game of Throne Spoilers all the way up to the season 7 finale. That being said, Special Mikey, Super Vegan Brian, and our always welcome, very special guest, Map Maker Anna discussed the fantasy epic HBO show, Game of Thrones. We had a fantastic time where we talked about how Game of Thrones relates to history, RPGs, and more and shared are crazy speculations for season 9. Anna Meyer Contact Info Anna's Cartography Facebook -...

Duration: 01:03:09

Episode 60 - Gaming Lore with special guest, Senor Kurbell

Hosts today were Super Vegan Brian and Cursy Smurf Erica with special guest, Senor Kurbell. We talked about lore, not the famous podcast, Lore ,but lore in video games, board games, role playing games, etc. We had a fantastic discussion where we explored video game culture, what a game is like without lore, and an exploration of games compared to literature and film.

Duration: 01:05:00

Episode 59 - Stephen King Adaptations Discussion w/ Special Guest McCaptain McDan

We had the amazing Captain McDan, manager of the amazing band The Velveteen Band, as a special guest today. We discussed Stephen King adapations. We talked about The Dark Tower, Stephen Kings IT (the original and our expectations for the remake) and many many more Stephen King Adaptations both good and mcbad. The Velveteen Band Web Site - Youtube - Twitter - Instagram -...

Duration: 01:12:00

Episode 58 - Odin From Odin Makes Talks About Stuff Odin Makes

It's episode 58 and we had prop builder, Odin Abbot, from Odin Makes, Awe Me's DIY Prop Shop, and Beyond Geek to talk about his latest props he's built and what's new in his world. We've had Odin on quite a few times and we always have fun discussing nerdy stuff with him and this time we talked about the nerdy stuff he does for a living. As usual we had a fun tangent filled discussion. Odin's Info Odin Makes - The Odin Makes Patreon -...

Duration: 01:07:16

Episode 57 - Mythology

Veteran Freelance Game Designer Mike Myler was dying to come back to chat with us about mythology! We had a great discussion about mythology with plenty of great tangents. We discussed modern and classic mythology, our favorite myths, and the mythology of pop culture. Mike Myler's Info Web Site - Facebook - Twitter - Professional Goblins Podcast - Shoutouts and...

Duration: 01:05:10

Episode 56 - Crap Tons Of Doctor Who

We came back to Doctor Who and this time with our occassional cohost Cursy Smurf Erica! The entire gang got together and chatted about everyone's favorite time traveling time lord. We discussed the 13th Doctor with huge amounts of optimism, our speculations about the new season, and discussed the new showrunner. Our listeners really responded to this week's topic and left a huge amount of feedback. We heard from Sydney, Kelly, Alice H, Holly, Kat, Rachel (from Socal Games and Comics),...

Duration: 01:01:27

Episode 55 - Michael Loves Firefly And We Torture Him For It

It's episode 55 and we talked about Firefly! It was something we have been waiting to do for a long time and it was a great episode to do it on too because this was the first episode where Cursy Smurf Erica joined as our first occassional co-host! It's official people, Cursy Smurf Erica, is now an official member of the Nerd Podcast Radio team! Our Firefly conversation was amazing, it really brought us back to the reason we do this show. To spend time with our friends and talk about the...

Duration: 01:04:18

Ep 54 - Scfi/Fantasy RPGs w/ Special Guest - Veteran Freelance Game Designer Mike Myler

Episode 54 was a cohostless episode, but Super Vegan Brian was able to chat with a very special guest, Veteran Freelance Game Designer Mike Myler. The Starfinder Science Fiction Fantasy RPG is coming out and Brian and Mike discussed tons of games in the genre including much discussion about Starfinder. It was a fun, tangent filled, nerdy conversation. Enjoy the show. Mike Myler's Info Web Site - Facebook - Twitter -...

Duration: 01:11:52

Episode 53 - Random Topic - Pathfinder RPG With Bonus Technical Problems

It's episode 53 and we had issues. The original plan was to have Cursy Smurf Erica back and have all 4 us come up with a topic and randomly decide which one we were going to talk about but fate intervened and we not only lost Erica to the curse of technical difficulties, about halfway throught he episode, we lost Anthony as well. That being said, Michael and I went with the plan and randomly generated the topic of the Pathfinder Roleplaying game. The two of us described the Pathfinder...

Duration: 01:00:09

Episode 52 - Our Nerdiversary - It's all Kevin Smith's Fault

It's been a whole year! 52 episodes of Nerd Podcast Radio! We had occassional cohost Cursy Smurf Erica to interview us about the show and how we have managed to get this thing to go on for a whole year! It was lots of sharing and caring and basically a mushfest. 1,000 episodes, here we come! Mentions Epic Loot Game Shop in Centerville Ohio - The Zim's Word ont he Street Podcast - Clinton Boomer's Patreon -...

Duration: 01:10:29

Episode 51 - If Money Was No Object - What Would Your Nerdy Fantasy Be?

"If money was no object what would you do?" Is a great question to ask yourself but we are nerds and a lot of the stuff we want to do is just plain awesome. That was what we talked about this week. We shared our nerdy fantasies, everything from buying a castle to fighting Brad Pitt was discussed. Hope you enjoy. Shoutouts and Mentions Socal Games and Comics Knowhere Games & Comics Feedback A big thank you to Vince, Ariel, Kelly, Alice, Ani, Leslie, Heather, and David Theobald III for...

Duration: 01:00:23

Episode 50 - Warhammer 40k With Special Guest - Odin Abbott

This week we got Odin Abbott from DIY Prop Shop with us to talk about, the tabletop strategy game, Warhammer 40k! It was blast hearing about my co-hosts experience with this amazing hobby that includes army building, strategy, and modeling! We owe a big thank you to Odin for coming back yet again to have another awesome conversation with us. Odin's Info Odin Makes - DIY Prop Shop on the AWE me Channel -...

Duration: 01:11:40

Episode 49 - How I Met Your Mother

This is episode 49 of Nerd Podcast Radio and in this week's episode Special Mikey and Super Vegan Brian discussed How I Met Your Mother and in the post-friends era where it was assumed that the sitcom was dead we were surprised with a gem of a sitcom which is still beloved to this day. We had a great time talking about it and we hope you enjoy listening. Shoutouts and Mentions Thank you to Socal Games and Comics for supporting our content and being an amazing local comics and game store....

Duration: 00:59:42

Episode 48 - Saturday Morning Cartoons

Sorry for the delay everyone. Episode 48 - Saturday Morning Cartoons is up and we had a blast! It was just Hindu Anthony and Super Vegan Brian this week as Special Mikey had a priority viewing of Pirates 5 to go to but it didn't stop us from having a fantastic time talking about our love and nostalgia for Saturday morning Cartoons as kids. We talked about too many titles to share here but it was a blast to reminisce about childhood and our continued love for animated fun. Shout outs and...

Duration: 01:00:33

Episode 47 - Poser Wrestling Federation w/ special guest Brent Bowser

It's episode 47 and we have special guest Brent Bowser back to talk about his amazing project, POSER Wrestling. POSER Wrestling is a wrestling federation that's about to come out as a web series on youtube. Brent shares about his love for wrestling, the amazing story about he decided to start a wrestling federation, as well as details on the characters, and the entire concept. POSER Wrestling info Youtube -

Duration: 01:04:00

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