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London based Designer, Tawanda Chiweshe Talks Education and the Importance of Participation.

Zimbabwe born and London based designer, Tawanda Chiweshe, is in a coveted position that most kids that play and work in the world of design would want to be in. Having graduated from Central Saint Martins and armed with a couple of internships under his belt, he found himself working as a design consultant at Off-White, a fashion brand founded by creative polymath and recently appointed artistic director of Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh. While it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and the...


How Tiffany Calver Turned Her Perspective And Passion Into A Career In DJing And Media

Within five seconds of our meeting, one thing become immediately apparent — Tiffany Calver is radiating happiness. And why shouldn't she be? After years and years of grinding, cutting her teeth as a student of music (which, by the way, she backs up in spades), U.K. media has caught on to her perspective in droves. Last year, Ms. Calver's consistent quality appearances, spinning hip-hop on Radar Radio, NTS Live, Boiler Room, along with touring as breakout U.K. rapper Fredo's DJ, has helped...


Glenjamn On Cultivating A Content Empire

Cultural Archivist Glenjamn Speaks On Documenting Life And Cultivating A Content Empire. Listen to Glenjamn’s humble beginnings above documenting culture and shit his friends were doing the whole time in front of him, and how it got him on stage, shooting and working with some of the biggest artists and brands in the world. Read more: Follow Glenjamn


Ollie Olanipekun, Co-Founder of Superimpose Studio in Conversation

Ollie Olanipekun has engineered himself the perfect situation that allows for personal and creative freedom. The constant hustle, being a part of passion projects like BNTL (Better Never Than Late) a leading lifestyle blog based in London and running club nights have all paid off. Currently, he’s the co-founder and creative director of Superimpose Studio, a creative studio that challenges brands to take things to next level. Adidas is one of their biggest clients. In our conversation, we...


Liza Ostanina, Paris-based Fashion Stylist, Art Director and Filmmaker in Conversation

In our conversation, which took place off the Seine in Paris, Liza Ostanina talks transitioning from a small city in Russia to Paris, realizing her creative process and the importance of connecting with people IRL. Follow Liza:


Zahra Siddiqui, Photographer

Since picking up the camera six years ago, Zahra Siddiqui’s work has mostly focused on representation. Last year, she held a solo exhibition that featured her on going project, the Invisible Majority. The project consisted of a collection of small canvases featuring a diverse range of people in Toronto. In our conversation, we talk about her journey, her process of creating from a place of mindfulness and much more. Follow Zahra:


Makeup Artist Mila Victoria In Conversation with Spencer Badu

Those who know Mila Victoria personally knows that she’s unapologetically herself. They also know that she’s a brilliant makeup artist that has worked on countless high profile editorials, advertising campaigns and music videos. This past spring we had her frequent collaborator, Spencer Badu, a Toronto based fashion designer interview her for New Currency. In their conversation, Mila shares her story on how she got into makeup, her experience while living in London and her relationship...


Brittany Randell, Tattoo Artist in Conversation

Brittany Randell is a Toronto-based artist and mother who embodies what it means to be a true artist. She expresses herself through a variety of mediums, whether it be painting, illustration or decorating her beautiful apartment where our conversation takes place. Brittany’s finesse and focus in the past year is something we’ve been paying attention to and we felt it was important that we shared her story. Tattooing is a brand new practice for her. On an unusual warm afternoon this past...


Shaine Crosbie, DJ & Producer On Music and Entrepreneurship

From our encounter with Shaine Crosbie, he isn’t the type of person to praise himself. Or think that he’s the coolest person on earth. But from afar and to anyone in the creative scene or fans of nightlife and music, it’s not a stretch to consider him one of the pillars that makes Toronto tick. His sets are aggressive and melodic. He puts you onto new music without losing your attention, and exudes an energy that sets the tone and vibes of any party he’s playing at. It’s the reason why...


Chief Bosompra, Event Producer Talks Building Brands and Culture

While we’re living in the era of Instagram bios reading slash this and slash that, Chief’s Instagram bio simply states - “Maintain the mystery”. From the research I’ve done, the general consensus is that Chief Bosompra’s quiet. And perhaps that’s why no one really knows what he does. But if you’re a creative or scenester living in Toronto, you’ve most likely been to one of his events. What makes Chief’s events unique is his attention to every small, minute detail. I was able to witness...


Maria Rubin, Creative Producer Speaks On Connecting Dots

“It doesn’t feel real.” Maria reflects on her life since doing a pilgrimage to New York from Boca Raton, a small city in Florida. From interning for Kenneth Cappello, a photographer behind some of the iconic imagery in streetwear culture to working as a creative producer for Made music and Made fashion week, Maria has built a reputation for being the conduit in the execution of creative projects and making things happen. For this conversation, we meet in Toronto. She’s in town from to...


Bobby Bowen, Stylist and Creative Director in Conversation

We sat down with Bobby Bowen, a Toronto-based stylist and creative director that has worked on projects for artists like Jazz Cartier, Roy Woods and Majid Jordan. In a world where anyone can be a stylist or creative director, Bobby has managed to stand out. In our conversation, we talk everything from his early beginnings, the meaning of style and his place in Toronto’s emerging creative scene. To experience the full editorial for this piece, visit Follow us on...