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The New voice for Gen Y.

The New voice for Gen Y.
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The New voice for Gen Y.






Guns and Mental Illness Don't Mix, Why These School Shootings Are Happening

Special Edition of the New Theory Podcast as we discuss the recent school shooting with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi. He breaks down why this may have happened and what can be done at both the local and national level.


Are DACA Illegals in US?

Dr. Bart Rossi joins the New Theory podcast in order to debate "Dreamers" who are close to 1 million who may be left out to dry by both Democrats and Republicans. They can pay taxes, fight in the military and social security cards. But are they illegal? Why are both sides of the aisle doing such a poor job at coming to an accord.


Way of The Wolf An Interview with Jordan Belfort

New Theory sits down with real Wolf Of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort. He shares his system which will teach you how to persuade anyone with the straight line system. Jordan will be speaking at the Syngery Global Forum at the Marriot Marquis on February 22nd. In order to attend his seminar, click here:


Protect Brand or Fail, The No Bull$hit Way To Grow Your Brand with David Brier

David Brier, Author of the Best Selling book: Brand Intervention, 33 Steps To Transform The Brand You Have Into The Brand You Need, joins Tom La Vecchia on the New Theory Podcast.


Plastic Surgery Tech Advancements with Paula Young

Paula Young who hosts "It's a Young Thing Podcast" joins the new Theory podcast as she discusses her newest venture with as well the latest tech advancements in the Cosmetic Surgery space.


Can You Make 7 Figures with MLM?

We hosted Romacio Fulcher who may be the new godfather of MLM as he's killing it and now wants to make you filthy rich!


Former Fox Injector Goes All in on Podcasts

CEO and Founder of Wondery discusses while he is doubling down on podcasting as the media of the future.


Building Global Leaders With Tayo Rockson

Tayo Rockson joins the New Theory podcast as he is a son of a diplomat and has always found himself between cultures in order to "fit in". He's growing his platform as he's truly an inspiration for all those who face adversity and still decide to make a better life for themselves. This is worth a listen, so pause and come back as this a must listen!


From Near Death To Top Entrepeneur and Influencer Cherie Aimee

Cherie Aimee is the real deal. She had a meteoric rise in corporate and then starter her own firm for which she was successful from day one due to talent and hard work. Then tragedy struck as she found herself in a coma for 4 months. She later received a heart transplant. Rather than feel sorry for herself, she transformed in a powerful force as she is now a a top Influencer and Entrepreneur. She joined the New Theory podcast to share her story.


Zia Michelina and Mikey C - Why You Need to Enjoy Time With the Ones You Love Now

We hosted Mikey C and Zia Michelina as they have a six figure following as they share their lives as a Nonna and grandson living in the Bronx and having a great time living life. She reminds me of my mother as they are catching on not only here in the US, but worldwide in Canada, Belgium and of course Italy. Take a listen to hear the story of a grandson who lives his Nonna and cherishes every minute with her. A lesson all of us should learn.

Chatbots Are Growing Her Business 10X With Kassandra Kuehl

Chatbots are revolutionizing every industry—and the beauty industry is no exception. A recent partnership between Gupshup, the world’s leading chatbot and bot development platform, and MindBody, the world's leading wellness services marketplace, now offers a new scheduling software with customizable conversational bots for over 2.8 million users, and connects them to over 59,000 fitness, wellness and beauty businesses around the world. With the world’s leading lifestyle marketplace on...


Dr. Zena Garbiel Customizes Uses Her Signature Four As Her Customized Approach To Beautiful Skin

Dr. Zena Gabriel sat down with the New Theory podcast as she shares her truly unique process towards maintaining beautiful skin through a no nonsense. I spoke with 1,000s of Aesthetic professionals over the years and Dr. Gabriel is the real deal. This podcast was sponsored by The Plastic Surgery Network, check out Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics on Demand:

From Tupac To Trump, Why Reverend Al Sharpton Is Relevant Now More Than Ever

New Theory sat down the legendary Al Sharpton as he shared his views on race relations in the United States. Regardless of what you think about Al Sharpton he has stood the test of time. Now he is reaching out to Millennials and Gen Z in hopes of continuing his legacy. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do in order to survive, Al Sharpton is an example of that by never backing down despite the odds. Take a listen to this epic interview with the Reverand Al Sharpton at his...


Portuguese Surrealist Painter Santiago Ribeiro Launched International Exhibit

Portuguese surrealist painter Santiago Ribeiro finds new and unusual avenues to showcase his art and promote the international art exhibit as he joins Tom on the New Theory podcast.


Is School Still Necessary? Conversation with the Successful Dropout

New Theory hosts Kylon Gienger the "Successful Dropout" as he breaks down why school may not be necessary for most career paths. Check out kylon here:


Interview with Magaziine London Baased Artist Discusses Her Strategy To Make It Big

Magaziine is a new upcoming artist who is currently based in London . She is 25 years old, originally from Tallinn, capital of Estonia. She has been a world traveller for the past 6 years living in places like Barcelona, Ibiza , London that have influenced her and her music growth. She has been writing songs for more than 10 years and she is now producing her own music. Her song Ocean is the first original song to be released . Her musical sound is dark pop which is captivating and...


From An Abusive Childhood to Being Hit By a Car To a Best Selling Author

Joey Ortiz has been through hell and back. Starting out with an abusive childhood to getting hit by a car at 70 MPS and being left for dead. He has had more than his fair share of life's challenges, but he chooses to stay positive. An Author of four books he shares his life story and mission with the New Theory podcast.


Why You Should Support Donald Trump

Gene is an example of the American Dream as he shares why we need to show support for President Donald J. Trump.


What Trump's New Tax Proposals Means To You

Trump's Tax Plan is proposing some major changes, listen how it may affect you. We also discuss who will lose out by these changes if they are passed into law.


Old School Italian Restaurant Develops New Theory Towards Catering To Gen Y and Gen Z

Mark Andrea joined the New Theory as he discussed how he kept the tradition of his 47 year old family restaurant while changing with the times. He truly has developed a New Theory in modern dining hospitality while keeping his old school traditions. Check the RoadHouse: - make sure you get the world famous Clam Pie!


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