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Night Shift with Luke Bona

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Best of: The Night Shift - Nov 29

We're having our own music awards following the ARIAS, The Nighties. Who would win what? What's the best concert you've ever been to? If you ran for PM - what be the number one policy you would implement? Have you ever been Santa - how did it go? 1 in 3 employees are victims of food theft at work - the revenge they get is disturbing!

Duration: 01:28:42

Best of: The Night Shift- Nov 28

Don Burke: the ACA interview disected. Triple J has moved their Hottest 100 from Australia Day - is this the right move towards bridging the gap? Do we need to change the date of Australia Day? What it's like having a false sexual harrasment claim made against you

Duration: 00:53:26

Best of: The Night Shift - Nov 27

Liam Flanagan filling in for Luke Bona. Do you know how to resucitate a child? Should swimming be part of our national education system? Are you over Christmas already? Pill testing - is it about time we introduced it? Do we bring back the cane? Do our kids lack discipline?

Duration: 01:20:49

Best of: The Night Shift - Nov 24

What's it like being a shopping centre Santa? What are the regulations? Do they do a polcie check? Australians don't what harvesting jobs as they find it too tough, and employers are relying on migrants to do the hard work. Yet, the best part is, Aussies continue to complain that migrants are taking their jobs. We discover that Google is no longer calling it 'Christmas Day' - political correctness gone mad? And the dangers of purchasing a dog as a Christmas gift.

Duration: 01:34:57

Best of: The Night Shift - Nov 23

Voluntary dying bill has been passed in Victoria - Should it be passed nationally? If we put our pets down when we know they are unwell, shouldn't we be able to make that decision for ourselves? Ikea being sued for the death of 8 children - isn't it a parent's responsibility to take care of their kids climbing the furniture? And bosses from hell

Duration: 01:01:36

Best of: The Night Shift - Nov 22

Paedophiles being let off - why is our judicial system failing to protect us? Relationship struggles and cheating for those who work away from home and on the road and Trevor Long our tech expert drives the new Tesla from Brisbane to the Barossa Valley

Duration: 01:03:57

Best of: The Night Shift - Nov 21

John pays people for their demerit points - how common is this? Should professional drivers naiton-wide be given extra points because they spend longer time on the roads? Have you ever been accused of being a pervert or peadophile when watching your own children? What is the mental health of a lot of long haul drivers and is there enough support for them?

Duration: 00:54:14

Best of: The Night Shift - Nov 20

Remembering the late and great Malcom Young, is sledging a part of our sport culture that we simply must accept? A peadophile has spared jail time after pleading guilty to several child crimes - yet has been granted leniency for ludacris reasons such as his high cholesterol and his farm going through drought

Duration: 01:12:39

Best of: The Night Shift - Nov 17

Should it be compulsory that securit gaurds are trained in self-defense before being hired? The AFL is going to establish an anonymous hotline for women to report offenses against men - why haven't men been educated that harrasment is wrong and what if women lie and abuse it? Does the entire security industry need reform?

Duration: 01:27:10

Best of: The Night Shift - Nov 16

Marriage Equality is a YES! Caller Shay, in a same-sex relatiosnship, says she didn't vote yes for marriage - she voted yes for far more. Rev Jim shares a shocking, moving story. Caller Brett argues - where is the equality for our veterans? Can you use a diagnosed sex addiction as an excuse for bad behaviour in the work place?

Duration: 01:13:37

Best of: The Night Shift - Nov 15

Leaving kids in the car whilst you fill up and pay for your petrol is illegal - is it safer than letting them out thought? Would a dash cam help prevent insurance scams? What horrific things have you encountered on the road? Do old fashioned service stations still exist? And the marriage equality plebecite result is today revealed - but have our government thought this one through properly!?

Duration: 01:14:00

Best of: The Night Shift - Nov 14

Has your local council become the grinch of Christmas? People commiting severe animal cruelty and getting away with it. Muslim sheiikh loses his job for expressing his views - extreme or fair? What did you get expelled for? Gambling in video games - are we teaching our kids bad habbits from a young age?

Duration: 01:18:43

Best of: The Night Shift - Nov 13

Jelena Dokic - this treatment in sport cannot happen today. Luke calls BS on Tennis Australia saying they couldn't do anything - they have a duty of care. Useless things you learnt at school that you've never needed since and things we SHOULD be taught. An 8 year old girl has tragically died in a drag racing crash - is it a safe sport for kids?

Duration: 00:46:16

Best of: The Night Shift - Nov 10

Sam Dastyari being ambushed in a pub - conspiracy or legit? Which books are better than the movie? We heavily screen refugees - why have we let a NZ pastor who incites violence into our country? Let's go back in time to our very first prime ministers - they all had British parents - did they denounce their citizenships?!

Duration: 01:06:05

Best of: The Night Shift - Nov 9

Should immigrants have their welfare cut if they cant speak english after 12 months of living here? Should it be illegal for people to smoke in the presence of kids? Employers like hiring good looking people because they're more confident - thoughts? The circus that is dual citizenship. Aussie handbook to be released will instruct migrants not to bash their wife or harm their children.

Duration: 00:55:38

Best of: The Night Shift - Nov 8

Does Austraia need a Domestic Violence Registery - would it save lives? What if people are wrongly accused on it? Traffic controllers vs. truckies - who's in the wrong when it comes to accidents around road works? Why is the term "di*k pic" casually used in our vocab?! How did we get here?! Study shows e-ciggs are just as bad as ciggies - so what's the point of them?

Duration: 01:01:51

Best of: The Night Shift - Nov 7

Graphic sex-ed being taught in our primary schools - is it too much? Should under 16s be eligible to drive as an incentive for them to work and turn away from crime? If you could follow any band or musician on tour - who would it be? Tip Top drivers being held ransom due to an antiquated law from the 1950s - interviewee from the ABC's 7:30 Report last night calls through.

Duration: 01:00:19

Best of: The Night Shift - Nov 6

How do we get kids to attend school and actually show up? QLD train drivers being paid SIMPLY for turning up to work in the Commonwealth Games. Young caller Shanon's great story of how she turned her life around. Do you ever clean behind your bed - who bothers?! And the staggering rise of STIs in Australia

Duration: 00:50:23

Best of: The Night Shift - Nov 3

Is vaping safe/healthy? Sex worker Tammy tells us what women want. John Edward and psychics - are they legit or taking the micky?

Duration: 00:40:37

Luke chats to Trevor Long - Wed Nov 1

Luke chats to Trevor Long - Wed Nov 1

Duration: 00:04:29

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