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Originally from Brooklyn NY Jessica Brown, known now as Jes Blaze, lives her life following the motto, “Every move is critical”! Jes grew up with the world of music surrounding her. She was especially fascinated with the elements and culture of Hip Hop. She recalls being mesmerized while hanging out with her brother and listening to classic Hip Hop, and watching Video Music Box and of course Yo MTV Raps. It was during those times she would daydream about having her very own underground shows to pay homage for artists and Hip Hop. Even though when she entered adulthood and claimed the role of caterer, biker, model, and apparel designer, Jes was consumed with those childhood daydreams and gravitated towards creating dreams into reality. “I will build my own brand for artists to explore, share, promote, and display their music…Too many talented indie artists are left unnoticed”. In 2015 Jes began to lay out her blueprint and develop a plan of action. With her no filter mouth, call it like she sees it attitude, and bringing to light taboo topics, it was a no brainer that Jes brand “No Filter” through radio, media, and stages stretching across New York. No Filter Radio Show which airs live on Sunday’s from 6-8pm has grown to be the go to station to tune in to the latest interviews and new music from up and coming indie Hip Hop artists to classic Hip Hop artists! Each week...




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