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If OK! Magazine reads more like a "who’s that?" than a who’s who, if you have zero clue what #ILY stands for, if you wonder why that cute lesbian keeps getting into trouble, only to find it’s Justin Bieber, then you need a shot of OMFG! It's pop culture Botox! Emily Foster & Deanna Raphael are reaching out to the youth of America in an attempt to stay young and hip. Or at the very least, less lame.




151 Hot Mess Kitchen (w/ Gabi Moskowitz)

Chef and food blogger Gabi Moskowitz joins Emily and Deanna this week to talk about her new book Hot Mess Kitchen: Recipes for Your Delicious Disastrous Life. Gabi fills in the girls on how to prep a thrifty meal, the choicest recipes from the cookbook, and her blogging origins. Then Gabi explains how she inspired a sitcom before they “unbox” the trend of unboxing videos.This episode is sponsored by ThirdLove (

Duration: 00:53:27

150 Flex and Drag (w/ Black-ish's Marcus Scribner)

Actor Marcus Scribner (Black-ish) joins Emily and Deanna this week to discuss Yeezy shoe status, the lure of microtransactions, and his best ever Halloween costume. Plus, Marcus and the girls share their experiences being "flexed" and "dragged" before launching into a game of Thirsty, Savvy, or Thavvy.This episode is sponsored by ThirdLove ( and Thursday Boot Company ( code: FREESHIP2DAY).

Duration: 00:51:17

149 Glitter Tongues (w/ Brandon Rogers)

Comedian/content creator Brandon Rogers joins Emily and Deanna this week to discuss the best new digital media producers, living out his dream aspirations, and the weirdest thing he’s done in Hollywood. Plus, Brandon explains the power of Instagram comedy, tells what it was like to be directed by James Franco, and weighs in on the “Shut Up, Carol” phenomenon.This episode is sponsored by ThirdLove (

Duration: 00:47:48

148 From Vine to Smosh (w/ Courtney Miller)

YouTuber and Smosh cast member Courtney Miller joins Emily and Deanna this week to give the low down on working for one of the most-subscribed comedy channels ever. Courtney talks about meeting creative (and romantic) partners on Vine, how that led her to Smosh, and her connection to #GirlLove. Plus, Emily and Deanna get Courtney's take on the Ta-Ta Towel, Summer's Eve Douches, and Millennial Relationship Dealbreakers.

Duration: 00:50:58

147 Contours and Edges (w/ Lovie Simone)

Actress Lovie Simone (Greenleaf) joins Emily and Deanna this week to share her makeup expertise! Lovie talks meeting Oprah, which beauty trend she wishes would disappear, and contouring tips before telling her bad edge story and playing a game of Savvy, Thirsty, or Thavvy.This episode is sponsored by ThirdLove (

Duration: 00:42:59

146 The Glass Castle (w/ Ella Anderson)

Child actress Ella Anderson joins Emily and Deanna this week to talk about her new film "The Glass Castle." She talks about playing a young Brie Larson and working with Woody Harrelson before they dive into Ella's skin care line, "Aiko by Ella." Later, the girls get Ella to dish on who she knows and how she feels about them.

Duration: 00:42:35

145 ATTN and Gigi Gorgeous (w/ Silva)

Silva, a creative team member at ATTN, joins Emily and Deanna this week to explain her One Direction feelings and why she swears by Twitter. Plus, Silva talks about creating content for ATTN, filling the girls in on what she's learned about transgender issues like gender dysphoria and reassignment surgery. This episode is brought to you by ThirdLove (

Duration: 00:45:11

144 In the Bey-hive (w/ Jordan Doww)

Comedian and YouTube personality Jordan Doww joins Emily and Deanna for this week's HTBLO! Jordan talks about getting started on YouTube at an early age before playing a drinking game variation on the classic Never Have I Ever. Then, the girls get to know Jordan better by getting his take on grocery bags and custom water bottles. Plus, Jordan shares his Beyoncé fandom and his experiences transitioning from YouTube to mainstream programming.This episode is sponsored by ThirdLove...

Duration: 00:50:36

143 Snap Maps (w/ Chris D'Elia)

Comedian and actor Chris D'Elia joins the gals this week to assess the full situation of Snapchat's "Snap Map" feature. They talk about Chris's new Netflix comedy special "Chris D'Elia: Man on Fire" as well as how fame and social media intersect and the new definition of friendship. Plus, Chris gives his take on everything from Kardashian culture to Nike's unicorn sneakers during a game of Thirsty or Savvy.

Duration: 00:46:15

142 Revenge Porn (w/ Allyn Morse)

Actor/writer Allyn Morse (Scotch Moses) joins Deanna as well as guest host Bryan Safi for this week's HTBLO! Bryan shares the scariest thing about having a late night show before they talk to Allyn about the origin of her cool name, having respect for Bella Thorne's unabashed vanity, and Ed Sheeran's abundant tats. Plus, they break apart the Rob Kardashian/Blac Chyna revenge porn scandal.

Duration: 00:51:14

141 The New Ken (w/ Ali Vingiano)

BuzzFeed creator Ali Vingiano joins Emily and Deanna this week to discuss celebrity love letters, the best unexpected responses to her videos, and her future project aspirations. Then, Ali explains her perspective on being a young feminist in the modern age, and later, the girls break down the newly redesigned Ken dolls.This episode is sponsored by ThirdLove (

Duration: 00:46:53

140 Life After Vine (w/ Wahlid Mohammad)

Vine personality Wahlid Mohammad joins Emily and Deanna this week to talk about living in a post-Vine world! Wahlid gets the girls moving on Facebook stories, explains the new app "," and sheds some light on the fate of Vine superstars past. Plus, we hear about the hot tail from Vine and the explanation for Wahlid's unique vanity plate.This episode is sponsored by ThirdLove (

Duration: 00:47:06

139 Hangin' and Bangin' (w/ Hanna Dickinson)

Comedian Hanna Dickinson joins Emily and Deanna this week to give tips on leading a youthful life! They discuss experimenting with sexuality through apps, falling asleep while drinking, and Hannah's comic aspirations. Later, the girls quiz Hanna on her Vintage Reality Show proficiency and check in with a re-emerging Amanda Bynes.This episode is sponsored by ThirdLove (

Duration: 00:54:04

138 Momsplaining (w/ Eden Sher)

Actress Eden Sher (The Middle) returns this week to discuss what it takes to get your hands on the best Twitter handle possible! Eden tells Emily and Deanna about her new movie "The Outcasts" before they dive into the perils of momsplaining. Then, they talk rotten millennialhood, boob nail art, and moisture situations before checking out the latest in Instagram highlights. This episode is sponsored by ThirdLove (

Duration: 00:42:28

137 The RompHim (w/ Jo Koy)


Duration: 00:52:55

136 SitOnMyFace (w/ The Kaplan Twins)

Collaborative artists The Kaplan Twins join Emily and Deanna this week to teach the ways of the young artist provocateur! The Kaplans tell all about being mistaken for the Olsen twins, attending NYU for studio art, and how they got ahead of the marketing game. Plus, they talk taking inspiration from celebrity selfies, Coachella, and their Playboy shoot before diving into a game of Thirsty or Savvy.

Duration: 00:48:18

135 Serious Insta (w/ Catherine McCafferty)

Stand-up and model Catherine McCafferty joins Emily and Deanna this week to discuss the serious side of Instagram. The girls talk to Catherine about her modeling career and what it means to be born "naturally naked," what Katy Perry could have done simpler on the SNL stage, dealing with ingenuine personas, the best way to own your rage, and much, much more. This episode is brought to you by ThirdLove (

Duration: 00:52:08

134 YouTube Essentials (w/ Matt

Writer Matt Whitaker (The Late Late Show with James Corden) joins Emily and Deanna this week to show off his curated YouTube pools. They experience a selection of Matt's YouTube essentials that include a reenactment of Celine Dion's tearful Larry King interview, a Dinah Shore/Ella Fitzgerald duet, and Patti LaBelle singing the alphabet on Sesame Street. Then, he fills the girls in on how his YouTube favorites shaped his sensibilities as a writer.

Duration: 00:41:06

132 Sugar Daddy (w/ Jonathan Rowell)

Comedian Jonathan Rowell joins Emily and Deanna this week to talk dating older, Jenner family politics, and how to impress as a sugar baby. Then, the girls get to know Jonathan with 5 Questions, and they break down the new promo for the new Echo Look before playing a game of Swipe Left Or Right.This episode is sponsored by ThirdLove ( ).

Duration: 00:48:15

131 Social Media Camp (w/ Paul F. Tompkins)

Comedian Paul F. Tompkins comes ready in his Easter best for this week's episode of OMFG! He talks with Emily and Deanna about everything from the boldness of today's youth to his favorite fashion icon before the girls take him to task with a high-class questionnaire. Then, they share their favorite positive things to come out of the internet, and Paul gives his take on the new phenomenon known as "Social Media Camp."

Duration: 00:55:42

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