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OSDlive.com Presents “Obsessive Sneaker Disorder” which airs every Wednesday night at 10 pm ET at www.osdlive.com. What used to be a rarely written about or documented phenomenon, the sneaker subculture has been in existence for more than 3 decades, but gained popularity in the late ‘80s due to athletes such as Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi, Ivan Lendl, Michael Chang and Bo Jackson, to name a few. The OSD-Obsessive Sneaker Disorder talk show shines the spotlight on the culture with interviews with designers such as Tinker Hatfield (Nike), Paul Litchfield (Reebok) and D’Wayne Edwards (PENSOLE) and celebrities such as DJ Clark Kent, Bobbito Garcia and Chi McBride (Actor). While the term 'sneakerhead' has become more commonplace due to televisions shows such as ESPN's "It's The Shoes" or magazines such as Sole Collector and Sneaker Freaker, sneakerheads have always existed because if you look good then you feel good and nothing says that better than a pair of fresh sneakers! Sneakers are art for your feet, after all. Please visit www.osdlive.com for more information or email Dee at dee@osdlive.com.






Matt Halfhill "Sneaker Report" on Sway In The Morning on Shade 45

Matt Halfhill, owner of Nice Kicks located in Austin, TX, chops it up with Sway of the "Sway In the Morning" on Shade 45 of the top sneakers being released this weekend. Besides the sneakers, you'll hear Matt's prediction about the NBA semi-finals and which teams he feels will meet in the NBA Finals. Recorded and edited by Dee Wells of OSD. Follow @DeeWellsOSD and Walk Good.

Duration: 00:02:40

EP265-OSD-Summertime Essential Kicks"

The Sole Doctors put on their doctors' coats and we're ready to prescribe what sneakers what sneakers they deem â??Summertime Essential Kicksâ??.

Duration: 02:41:39

EP264-OSD-"What Did You Say About The Culture?"

For Episode #264, the Sole Doctors address the recent ABC News Nightline segment, "Sneakerheads", which was hosted by Darren Rovell as Darren takes a peek at the culture that has given birth to numerous websites, brick and mortar sneaker stores and their online counterparts that bring 'heads from various parts of the world together, relatively speaking. Watch the LIVE show every Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. Est at www.OSDLIVE.com/osd-talk-show/

Duration: 02:30:24

EP262-OSD-"My Philosophy"

The Sole Doctors a/k/a/ The OSD Crew gives viewers and listeners another great episode where we discuss the sneaker sales numbers comparing Michael Jordan to LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. Wanna take a guess who sells the most sneakers? We also discuss the recent move by Nike to sever ties with Livestrong due to Lance Armstrong usage of performance-enhancing drugs that enable the well known cyclist to win 7 Tour de France titles, which he was stripped of in October 2012. On the kicks front,...

Duration: 02:02:30

EP261-OSD-My Soles Stay Dirty

The OSD Crew is joined on Episode #261 by Jim Moeller of A Good Walk Unspoiled as we discuss Tiger Woods' new Nike golf shoe the TW14. The crossover appeal that Tiger's golf shoes have for 'heads who play golf and those who may never set foot on the greens, shows that Tiger and Nike are continuing to push the concept of what is considered 'fashionable' on and off the golf course. We're also joined by Schane Prados of Kick Theory, located in Duluth, GA, which celebrates their 1 Year...

Duration: 02:25:03

EP260-OSD-Heart & Sole

For Episode #260 we're joined by Matt Tomamichel, Owner of Corporate located in Cincinnati, Ohio, who gives us the 411 about the upcoming Cincinnati Sneaker Showcase, which takes place on June 2nd. Matt shares that he will be displaying sneakers from his collection at the Showcase and folks can expect to see never-seen-before sneakers! We also discuss what it's been like to own a sneaker store with Matt and what some of the growing pains or lengths some people go to in order to get a pair of...

Duration: 02:32:00


Fresh out of the oven like some Caribbean dumb bread, the Crew is back and we discuss the NBA Playoffs, LeBron James winning his 4th MVP title and, of course, the sneakers that many of the players are wearing on the hardwood. Also, in Episode #259, we discuss Saturday Night Live's parody about New Balance sneakers, season 2 of "The LeBrons", which will be in 3D, along with the 24th year anniversary (5/7/1989) of Michael Jordan's famous shot over Craig Ehlo and the Cleveland Cavaliers and,...

Duration: 02:40:56

EP258-OSD-"Doin' It In The Park" w/ Bobbito & Kevin Couliau

In this episode, the Crew is joined by the film dynamic-duo of Bobbito Garcia and Kevin Couliau as they discuss their film, "Doin' It In The Park: Pick-up Basketball NYC". Buy the teaser at www.DoinItInThePark.com See and hear the various basketball courts and places that Bobbito and Kevin played basketball and colorful personalities that they encountered while filming and playing basketball in New York City.

Duration: 02:22:53

EP255-OSD-"Sneaker Guerilla Marketing"

The OSD Crew addresses how the sneaker companies go about marketing their footwear and, more importantly, how they convince sneaker aficionados and non-sneaker aficionados to buy more sneakers. For example, adidas is the official sponsor for the Boston Marathon, which the 117th race will take place on April 15th, but companies such as Saucony and New Balance have produced sneakers that are directly linked to the 26. 2 mile race. Also, we discuss brands that don't get a lot of love, but are...

Duration: 02:15:42

EP253-OSD-"Footwear Biz"

Who knows about the footwear business and isn't afraid to share their opinions on it? Yes, we're the ones and in Ep. #253 we talk about the footwear business and where the rubber meets the road. Sneaker NEWS 210 Footwear Announces "Footwear Cares" Community Service Week. Sole Collector Acquired by Complex Media

Duration: 02:33:50

EP252-OSD-Frank The Butcher (BAU)

You may know Frank as the guy behind the "The Kennedy" New Balance 999 x Concepts sneakers, or the various mix-CDs that he's released, but in this episode you'll see and hear Frank talk about his role at Boylston Trading Company, his willingness to do whatever tasks to get the job done and, of course, the Reebok Classic Leather "BAU" sneakers. More dimes than a point guard are dropped by Frank on Episode #252.

Duration: 02:14:54

EP251-OSD-"Laced Up" Edition

For Episode #251 we discuss the sneaker culture, how the Internet affects it and the 'Kickstories' that we share with folks that sometimes live on the other side of world, but 'sneaker' language is universal. Similar to any so called culture, sneakers are gaining more popularity because they're more accepted in this day and age than they were in the '50s, '60s or '70s, when exercising and competing in various activities such as aerobic became popular in the '80s, sneakers took center stage....

Duration: 02:11:12

EP250-OSD-"Exponential Growth"

Sneaker talk, business and more from the OSD Crew. About OSDlive.com: OSD's vision is to show the appreciation, education and elevation of the sneaker culture as we simultaneously expose our collaborative partners to a new audience. Our methods are both traditional and non-traditional, but being innovative and cutting-edge allows us to further promote products, events and trends. Our affinity for embracing new technology is what keeps us steps ahead of others, and it has become what we're...

Duration: 02:24:25

EP249-OSD "H-Town Sneaker Summit All Star Edition 2013 Recap

The OSD Crew recaps Winter 2013 H-Town Sneaker Summit in Episode #249. If you haven't been able to make it to the H-Town Sneaker Summit make your plans now to attend the Summer Edition taking place on July 28, 2013 at the Reliant Center.

Duration: 01:50:28

EP248-OSD Sneaker Talk Show "Not From Houston, But I Rap-A-Lot"

The OSD Crew talks about the H-Town Sneaker Summit (HTSS) taking place during NBA All-Star Weekend 2013.

Duration: 02:13:31

EP247-OSD Sneaker Talk Show "The Pack"

With the NBA All Star Weekend right around the corner along with the H-Town Sneaker Summit we see a number of sneaker "packs" from the likes of adidas , Nike and Reebok that have nothing to do with the All Star festivities, nonetheless we do see the UNDFTD x Nike "Bring Back" pack that highlights Undefeated's past and the present. Likewise from Reebok, we see the Shaqnosis "Florida Rivalry" pack, which pays homage to the 2 Florida teams that Shaq played for--Orlando Magic (1992-1996) and the...

Duration: 02:27:36

EP246-OSD Sneaker Talk Show "Pum Up....And Air Out"

OSD hits the Internet hard every Wednesday at 9:30 pm. EST, and while you know you're going to hear the opinions from the Crew, one thing you can count on is that you'll also hear us agree and disagree with each other about sneakers, life and how the overall community reacts to "leather and rubber". The people within the community are always more important than the sneakers, but we've seen our share of robberies, murders and fights over the same leather and rubber that many of us have been...

Duration: 01:56:28

EP245-OSD Sneaker Talk Show Sneakerbox Truck

We're joined by Angela & Tiffany of the Sneakerbox Truck for Ep. #245 "Taking It To The Streets". Angela and Tiffany give us the low down on what sparked the idea for the Sneakerbox Truck and their road trip that will take them from Boston to Florida to Texas and ending in Oregon. Yeah, these women have SOLE!

Duration: 02:14:23

EP244-OSD Sneaker Talk Show "The Right Stuff"

Episode #244 the OSD Crew discusses Just when we think we've seen it all when it comes to customized sneakers, in strolls something that makes stop, look and point! (Hat tip to TheShoeGame.com for the news & pics.) Also, in this episode we discuss some sneakers that we hope are brought back by the likes of Puma and Reebok. Join the weekly, live show at 9:30 pm Est on Wednesday at http://osdlive.com/osd-talk-show.

Duration: 02:06:12

EP243-OSD Sneaker Talk Show "Game is Changin'"

The OSD Crew is back for Ep243 and we discuss what the sneakers that 'heads are looking for, wearing and of course wishing they didn't pass on. Hey, such is the life of being a sneaker aficionado, sometimes it takes awhile for a pair of sneakers to "grow" on you, and then when you decide that you want a pair, they're hard to find, but as we always say, "Be patient......they'll turn up somewhere."

Duration: 02:09:45

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