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PyeongChang 2018 - Day 14: Ice Hockey, Curling, Figure Skating, Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Nordic Combined, Short Track Speedskating

It's been another exciting day of Olympic action! Jill and Alison discuss:


PyeongChang 2018 - Day 13 - Bobsled, Curling, Cross-Country Skiing, Speedskating, Figure Skating, Big Air, Alpine Skiing, Ice Hockey

It was a big day for Team Olympic Fever in Women's Bobsled and Men's Curling, as we celebrate Lauren Gibbs' silver medal and Team Shuster's advancement to the medal round. It was also an amazing day for women at the Cross-Country Skiing venue, as the U.S. sprint relay team of Kikkan Randall and Jessie won the country's first gold medal ever in the sport. And it wasn't just the U.S. who had a great day; the Winter Olympics has a new all-time leading medalist too. We talk about the U.S....


PyeongChang 2018 - Day 12: Biathlon, Nordic Combined, Bobsled, Short Track Speedskating, Alpine Skiing, Figure Skating, Ice Hockey

Big day at PyeongChang 2018. We look at crazy races in Biathlon mixed relay, Nordic Combined Large Hill, Bobsled, Short Track Speedskating, and Women's Downhill Skiing. Plus Ice Hockey and a little bit of watching-while-we-tape Women's Figure Skating. And we share opinions about a certain infamous country shopper who shall not be named here. Yeah, we've got opinions about this one. Team Olympic Fever is doing well today -- Bryan Fletcher and Lauren Gibbs were competing and had strong...


PyeongChang 2018 - Day 11: Bobsled, Ice Dancing, Speedskating, Ski Halfpipe, Curling

Alison's twizzled back onto the podcast, just in time for us to watch the free dance competition in Ice Dancing. While we watch the top couples compete, we also talk about the crazy final run of the 2-man Bobsled competition, which sadly our Team Olympic Fever member did not qualify for. Another crazy match was Team Olympic Fever's Team Shuster beating Canada in Curling in the 11th end on the last rock. We also double back and talk about Ski Halfpipe and Slopestyle and Team Olympic Fever...


PyeongChang 2018 - Day 10: Bobsled - Ski Jumping - Alpine Skiing - Big Air - Curling - Biathlon - Speedskating - Figure Skating

Alison's traveling today, so Team USA's #1 fan Sarah Patton is here to twizzle in her shoes. We hear how her Opening Ceremonies party went (perhaps it was golden), and then Jill and Sarah talk about: Our fundraising campaign is going really well--thank you so much! If you'd like to help us keep the lights on, please give through the PayPal button above. We also love hearing from you! Our VM line is 530-763-3837 (530-7-O-FEVER).


PyeongChang 2018 - Day 9: Figure Skating - Biathlon - XC Skiing - Ice Hockey - Skeleton - Curling - Slopestyle

Before today's episode, Jill hit the wall, but after today's conversation, she's back in the game. What sport makes her feel better? Today we have Part 3 (of 3) of men's Figure Skating--just in time for the Ice Dancing competition. Also an intense Biathlon race and an amazing Cross-Country Skiing relay. Alison fills Jill in on Men's Ice Hockey um, Fighting, um Ice Hockey and why she doesn't like Skeleton. Plus Curling and Jill's anger at NBC over the Slopestyle coverage of Team Olympic Fever...


PyeongChang 2018 - Day 8: Figure Skating - Aerials - Alpine Skiing - Skeleton - Curling - SpORDS

When does a Men's Figure Skating competition take three days? When Alison and Jill have to go to bed. Today is part 2 of our Men's Figure Skating coverage. Plus, Alison gives Aerials and Skeleton another try. There's also some Alpine Skiing and Team Olympic Fever member Devin Logan in Slopestyle, and a look at everyone's favorite Tongan in competition. Jill gets to see the Curling measurement device in action. And we've got more SpORDS. We love hearing from you! Email your thoughts to...


PyeongChang 2018 - Day 7: Figure Skating - Luge - Ice Hockey - Snowboardcross - Alpine Skiing, Curling, Aerials, Biathlon

Jill and Alison discover they have a raging case of O.D. (Olympic Disorientation), yet they press on for today's wrapup, which includes the rest of pairs figure skating, luge, ice hockey, snowboardcross, alpine skiing, curling, aerials, men's figure skating and biathlon. Alison's jumped on the biathlon bandwagon, as today's races moved her to tears. Meanwhile, Jill would just like to be in charge of the Thinking Clock.


PyeongChang 2018 - Day 6: Ice Hockey - Curling - Norwegian Pants - Luge - Nordic Combined - Speedskating - Figure Skating - Downhill Skiing

Jill and Alison catch up on their last day's viewing. Alison had a big team day, watching some men's ice hockey. Both Jill and Alison caught the NOR vs JAP men's curling match, which of course, meant the first look at the Norwegian team's famous page (check the FB page here). Jill watched Team Olympic Fever member Bryan Fletcher compete in Nordic Combined. She also pondered the existence of doubles luge. The Dutch won in speedskating again (which we think is a good thing), and Jill's found...


PyeongChang 2018 - Day 5: Halfpipe - Short Track Speedskating - Speedskating - Figure Skating - Luge - Alpine Skiing - Ice Hockey - Curling

Cheers and tears as Jill & Alison talk about their day of Olympics watching. We've got: Plus, we do finally have a discussion about Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir's commentary. And VMs! We'd love to hear from you and what you're watching! Leave us a VM at 530-763-3837 (530-7-O-FEVER).


PyeongChang 2018 - Day 4: Luge - Figure Skating - Biathlon - Moguls - Ski Jumping - Halfpipe

We think it's Day 4 of the Olympics....or at least it's Day 4 of our viewing coverage. Jill and Alison got to watch a lot today, so we're in for a big wrap-up. On today's docket (not necessarily in order): Plus, what's Jill interested in officiating today, and our early feedback on the NBC hosts. What are you watching? Give us a call at 530-763-3837 (530-7-O-FEVER) and tell us what you think of the Games so far!


PyeongChang 2018 - Day 3: Figure Skating - Luge - Biathlon - Speedskating - Cross Country Skiathlon

Jill and Alison continue their daily viewing wrapups! Today we continue with the Team Figure Skating event, then Jill goes crazy over the craziness on the Luge track and Biathlon course. There's some Sven Kramer talk during Jill's 3rd or 4th viewing of his race. Plus, chaos and triumph during Men's Cross-Country Skiing Skiathlon. And Jill finds another sport she might want to officiate. If you want to share what you're watching, give us a call at 530-763-3837 (530-7-O-FEVER).


PyeongChang 2018 - Day 2: Short Track and Long Track Speedskating, Ski Jumping, Figure Skating, Luge, Ice Hockey, Cross-Country Skiing

It's been a great day of competition in PyeongChang. Jill and Alison trade notes on the competitions they've watched, which includes: If you've got some favorite moments or want to point out something worth discussing, call our VM line at 530-763-3837 (530-7-O-FEVER).


PyeongChang 2018 - Day 1: Opening Ceremonies - Figure Skating - Curling - Freestyle Skiing - Sid Marantz

Jill & Alison (and Jill's Opening Ceremonies party guests) review the Opening Ceremonies and the early competion in figure skating, curling and moguls. Plus, an insider look from the Opening Ceremonies with Olympin's Sid Marantz.


Nordic Combined with Bryan Fletcher

Jill and Alison discuss the most obscure of obscure sports with U.S. Nordic Combined Olympian Bryan Fletcher. Plus news on future Winter bids, an invite to our Fantasy Olympian league and an update on our broadcast schedule during PyeongChang 2018. Now, you will notice that Jill makes a most excellent joke that our dear guest doesn't quite get. This commercial can't be that old, can it? You can join our Fantasy Olympian league--but not for long! We're doing a draft Thursday night. If you...


Episode 20 - Speedskating through the Cross Country

Just about one week left before the PyeongChang Games begin!! This week we're on the long track with speedskating sprinter Erin Jackson. Erin's a world champion inline skater who recently transitioned to the ice and surprised everyone--even herself--by snagging a spot on the team in the 500m. Not surprising is that a last-minute trip from the US to South Korea's pretty expensive, so Erin's been doing some fundraising to get her father and two cousins to the Games. Check out her website...


Bonus Episode: RockerSkating.com's Jackie Wong on Figure Skating

Rockerskater.com's Jackie Wong was so great that we had to include his full interview here. He goes deep on figure skating--who to watch for, the scoring system, skating judges and the different disciplines....and he humors Jill while she waxes poetic about spirals.


Episode 19: Digging on Figure Skating

It's the week Alison has been looking forward to: Figure Skating Week! We've got three great guests on today's show: 2014 Olympic pairs skater Nate Bartholomay. Look for him on Twitter and Instagram. If you missed his and Deanna Stellato's amazing short program from U.S. Nationals, here it is. They also attempted a throw quad salchow on their long program, which is insanely difficult to do. He and Deanna are currently competing in the Four Continents Championships - here's the results of...


Episode 18 - Ice Hockey and the Other Olympian

We're talking Women's Olympic Ice Hockey this week! First up, Jill is beyond excited to talk with one of the "other Olympians." That's right, the Games wouldn't be possible without officials, and women's hockey linesman Jessica Leclerc has proven she has what it takes to be an Olympic official. We've got her story, plus Jill's conversation with U.S. Women's Ice Hockey forward Brianna Decker. Then there's exciting news about North Korea and South Korea marching together, tough news for...


Episode 17: Snowboard! Party Time!

It's snowboard week on Olympic Fever! Jill talks with Alex Diebold, Sochi 2014 bronze medallist in snowboardcross, and Alison chats with halfpipe medal hopeful Chloe Kim at Team USA Winterfest. It's also time to prepare for your Opening Ceremonies party--we talk with Team USA's #1 fan Sarah Patton for party planning advice. You can follow Alex Diebold on Twitter and Instagram. Chloe Kim is also on Twitter and Insta. Sarah Patton is on Twitter, but you might want to follow her dog Theo on...


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