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Episode 008 - "Directly Online" - Special Co-Host: Jonathan Polan

Episode 008 - "Directly Online" - Special Co-Host: Jonathan Polan We cover all of the Nintendo Direct from September 13th with our special guest host, JP in his podcast debut. This Direct was absolutely filled to the rim with great games coming; so much so, we had to share it. We also cover the PlayStation Classic, the close of Telltale Games, and more. You can find links to JP's stuff down at the bottom of the description. Timestamps: JP Intro - 1:33 Luigi's Mansion 3 - 2:59 Kirby's Extra...


Episode 007- "We've Got Issues" - Special Guest: Paul Murphy - Switch Player

Episode 007 - "We've Got Issues" What better way to spend your day than reading old gaming magazine back-issues? That is, of course, to spend your day reading NEW gaming magazine issues!! Join us as we discuss the Switch, the Vita, and the meaning of life with Paul Murphy from Switch Player. We also take a look at the latest Smash direct, pontificate on AAA vs. Indie gaming, discuss the upcoming Diablo III Switch release, and even better...Soul gets a chance to dig into Cyrix's psyche to...