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True crime stories told chapter-by-chapter.

True crime stories told chapter-by-chapter.
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True crime stories told chapter-by-chapter.








The Next Chapter: PureLand Author Annette McGivney

PureLand is the story of the brutal murder of a young Japanese tourist named Tomomi Hanamure who was found stabbed to death while hiking to Grand Canyon's Havasu Falls. But, it is also the story of three cultures - Japanese, American and Native American, the cycle of family violence, nature, spirituality, healing and so much more. In this first episode of a new feature on Once Upon a Crime called "The Next Chapter" I recommend the book Pure Land and share an interview with it's author,...


Episode 082: Unusual Criminal Defenses: Chapter 2: The Twinkie Defense

Supervisor Dan White murders San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk in 1978. His defense would claim "diminished capacity" to keep him from being sentenced to death. The media dubbed this "The Twinkie Defense". But, what really caused Dan White to become a double murderer? From L to R: Supervisor Harvey Milk, Mayor George Moscone, Dan White Sponsors: KIND Snacks - www.kindsnacks.com/once to try 10 KIND Bars for free - just pay shipping. Bissell BarkBath -...


Episode 081: Unusual Criminal Defenses: Chapter 1: The Sleepwalking Defense

Three cases are outlined where a person commits murder and then blames the crime on sleepwalking. First up, Albert Tirrell murders his mistress in 1846 claiming he was in a trance-like state at the time. Kenneth Parks travels 23 km to commit a murder - all while asleep, he claimed. Finally, another man tries to use the sleepwalking defense after killing his wife in Phoenix, Arizona in 1997. Sponsors: Simple Contacts - www.simplecontacts.com/onceupon Use offer code ONCEUPON for $30 off...


Episode 080: Academy Award Winning Crimes: Chapter 4: Stolen Oscars, Streakers and Deadly Deeds

The last chapter of this series continues with stories of the darker side of the Academy Awards. You'll hear about missing and stolen Oscars, the tragic story of the Oscar Night Streaker and a murder committed by the son of an Oscar winning songwriter. Note: Harvey Milk was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and served for almost a year before his murder. I apologize for the omission. #Oscars #AcademyAwards #CelebrityCrimes #HollywoodCrime Sponsors: Bissell BarkBath -...


Episode 079: Academy Award Winning Crimes: Chapter 3: The Killing Fields and Dr. Haing S. Ngor

A man escapes the genocide in Cambodia and becomes an Academy Award Winning Actor in the U.S. #genocide #Cambodia #VietnamWar #refugees #Hollywoodcrime Dr. Haing S. Ngor as Dith Pran in The Killing Fields & with his Oscar Resources: Books: A Cambodian Odyssey by Haing. S. Ngor and Roger Warner, Survival in the Killing Fields by Haing S. Ngor Movies: The Killing Fields (1984), directed by Roland Joffe, starring Haing S. Ngor, Sam Waterston, John Malkovich Documentary: The Killing Fields...


Bonus Episode: Introducing West Cork

Audible’s first serial crime drama, West Cork, explores Ireland’s longest standing murder investigation: the chilling Christmastime killing of French film producer Sophie Toscan du Plantier on Dec. 23, 1996. For twenty years the cold case has fascinated the Irish public, heightened by local authorities’ failure to pin charges on chief suspect Ian Bailey. The series offers an intimate look at Ian’s life and the inner workings of his mind through first-hand interviews with Ian and his...


Bonus: Business Wars

Netflix vs. HBO. Nike vs. Adidas. Business is war. Sometimes the prize is your wallet, or your attention. Sometimes, it’s just the fun of beating the other guy. The outcome of these battles shapes what we buy and how we live. Business Wars gives you the unauthorized, real story of what drives these companies and their leaders, inventors, investors and executives to new heights -- or to ruin. Hosted by David Brown, former anchor of Marketplace. From Wondery, the network behind Dirty John...


Episode 077: Academy Award Winning Crimes: Chapter 1: The Dog Day Afternoon Bank Heist

The Academy Awards is held annually to honor the best of Hollywood. But, there is a darker side of this star-studded ceremony. The first is the true story of the crime portrayed in the Academy Award winning film Dog Day Afternoon. #bankrobberies #johnwojtowicz #chasemanhattanbank #newyorkcrimes Left: The real John Wojtowicz, Right: Al Pacino as "Sonny" in Dog Day Afternoon Resources: Movie: Dog Day Afternoon, Starring Al Pacino, John Cazale & Charles Durning (1975) Documentary: The...


Episode 076: Survivor Stories: Chapter 4: Mary Vincent

A teenage hitchhiker is picked up by a violent rapist in Northern California in 1978. The attack upon her would horrify the public and Lawrence Singleton would serve as a terrifying warning about accepting rides from strangers. Mary Vincent soon after her attack by Larry Singleton. Mary Vincent testifies at Singleton's murder trial in 1998. Music on today's episode is by St. Patrick. You can purchase the music on iTunes at this link or on the website...


Episode 075: Survivor Stories: Chapter 3: Tracey Thurman

A woman leaves her abusive husband and spends months trying to get law enforcement authorities to help her escape her abuser. In 1983, she survives one of the most brutal and vicious incidents of domestic violence I've ever encountered. She will file a civil lawsuit against the city an the police department for failing to protect her. Tracey Thurman Motuzick Sponsors: Thrive Market: www.thrivemarket.com/once for $60 in free grocery credits, free shipping and a 30-day trial. Zola: To...


Episode 074: Survivor Stories: Chapter 2: I Survived Ted Bundy - Rhonda Stapley

A young woman is offered a ride by a nice looking man in Salt Lake City in 1974. By the end of the day she would be attacked and almost killed by the infamous serial killer, Ted Budy. My special guest, Rhonda Stapley, is the author of "I Survived Ted Bundy: The Attack, Escape and PTSD That Changed My Life". You can find it here on Amazon. Rhonda can be found on Facebook here. If you are someone you know would like help and/or information about post-traumatic stress you can go to...


Episode 073: Survivor Stories: Chapter 1: The Abduction of Elizabeth Shoaf

A young girl is abducted on her way home from school in Lugoff, South Carolina in 2006. 14-year-old Elizabeth Shoaf masterminded her own rescue from this underground bunker hidden deep in the woods. Today's sponsors: Thrive Market - www.thrivemarket.com/once for $60 in free, organic grocery credits plus free shipping and a 30-day trial. Harney and Sons - www.harney.com - Use offer code ONCE at checkout to get $15 off your first order of $49 or more. Twitter: @uponacrime Patreon:...


Episode 072: The 12 Crimes of Christmas: Chapter 4: Laci Peterson - Part 2

I continue my discussion of the Laci Peterson case with my co-host, Yolanda of the Not Perfect or Functional Podcast. In this episode we take a deep dive into the background and psychology of Scott Peterson and what we believe contributed to his crime. Holiday Greetings in this episode from: The True Crime Guys The Fall Line Hillbilly Horror Stories Not Perfect or Functional Happy Holidays!


Episode 071: The 12 Crimes of Christmas: Chapter 3: Laci Peterson: Part 1

Dec. 14, 2002 - Laci attends Christmas party alone (left). Scott says he's working. Scott attends holiday party with mistress, Amber Frey (right). Laci will go missing ten days later. On Christmas Eve day, 2002, an 8-month pregnant woman went missing from her home. A large-scale search was started right away, but suspicion immediately fell upon her husband, Scott Peterson. This episode will be a little different for OUAC. I have a special co-host, Yolanda Norris from the Not Perfect or...


Episode 070: The 12 Crimes of Christmas: Chapter 2: Holiday Hijinx

We're talking Black Friday Madness, Grinchy burglars, and more true crime holiday craziness on this special holiday edition episode. Hear holiday greetings from some of my pod friends including Canadian True Crime, True Crime Garage, Southern Fried True Crime, Insight Podcast, True Crime Island, Murder Road Trip, The Cleaning of John Doe, Killifornia Dreaming and Done Disappeared. Today's sponsors: Swap.com - www.swap.com and use offer code ONCEUPON40 for 40% off your first order and...


Episode 069: The 12 Crimes of Christmas: Chapter 1: Very Bad Santas

We kick our true crime holiday season with stores of Santas who go bad. #Christmascrime #badsantas #historicalcrime Today's sponsors: BarkBox - www.barkbox.com/truecrime for a free month of BarkBox with a 6 or 12-month subscription. Hello Fresh - www.hellofresh.com/onceuponacrime30 for $30 off your first week's delivery.


Episode 068: Murder in the Family: Chapter 4: Fritz Klenner and Susie Lynch

Two cousins from a prominent and wealthy family seek revenge on their own relatives and turn to murder. Today's sponsors: Sock Club: www.SockClub.com/ONCE Get 15% off using offer code ONCE at checkout. LinkedIn Learning: www.linkedin.com/ONCE for a free 30-day trial. Resources: Books: Bitter Blood: A True Story of Southern Family Pride, Madness and Multiple Murder by Jerry Bledsoe Movies/Television: In the Best of Families: Marriage, Pride and Madness (Also known as "Bitter Blood")...


Episode 067: Murder in the Family: Chapter 3: Sante and Kenny Kimes

A mother-son team of grifters turns to murder to get away with their financial schemes. Sante & Kenny Kimes on 60 Minutes. #serialkillers #SanteKimes #KennyKimes #conartists This episode's sponsors: Sock Club - www.sockclub.com/once - get 15% off your order by using offer code ONCE. Swap.com - www.swap.com and use offer code ONCEUPON40 for 40% off your first order and free shipping. Patreon: www.patreon.com/onceuponacrime


Episode 066: Murder in the Family: Chapter 2: The Gonzalez Sisters

One of the most prolific serial killer families in history was discovered in Jalisco, Mexico in 1964. This is the story of the Gonzalez Sisters. Serial killers, sex slavery Today's sponsors: LinkedIn Learning - www.linkedin.com/once for a free 30-day trial Hello Fresh - www.HelloFresh.com/onceuponacrime30 for $30 off your first week. www.Patreon.com/onceuponacrime - become a Patron starting at only $2 month for merch, early release episode, series wrap-up discussions and bonus...


Episode 065: Murder in the Family: Chapter 1: The Briley Brothers

Our new series "Murder in the Family" details cases where family members commit murder together. First up, the story of The Briley Brothers who went on an 8-month crime spree in Richmond Virginia. Left to right: Linwood, James (JB), and Anthony Briley, Douglas Meekins serial killers, death row, prison escapes, executions Today's sponsors: Policygenius - www.policygenius.com - compare insurance from the top providers online without speaking to an agent. ZipRecruiter -...


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