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This podcast is experimental audio bit comedy, great for people who want more out of a comedy podcast than two guys talking for an hour. Each episode is creative writing, ambient music, and dark comedy bits blended together for you to trip out to for an hour. There is no hosting or discussion. We put a heavy emphasis on the surreal and anti-corporate. The two most recent episodes are always on the RSS and all back episodes are available on the website. We welcome listener submissions and would love to hear from you.




Capitalist Preexisting Condition, The End of Empire: Season 4 Episode 3 Teaser

Authoritarianism running rampant. This is it the end of empire.

Duration: 00:03:36

Season 4 Episode 1 - This Action Cannot Be Undone - OEBREW, experimental comedy podcast

Do you fear the future? Does your weary breath? Your aching knees? Your 56k modem? Remember along time ago when things like the Internet, Christianity, and MTV were genuine forces of good in the world? Look around you, do you really think that its going to get any better? What does it all mean? It is a little game we play here as humans, meaning making before all our meanings are forgot. Are we getting worse at it, or were we always this dumb? Perhaps the wheel of history can only roll...

Duration: 00:47:44

Season 3 Episode 3 - Liver Rat: or fine God, you win, now leave me alone

Where do you find God? What book, box, bottle, burger, or boudoir do you open up to find him gone? A whiff of his perfume of perfectness still hanging in the air. That window slightly open with the blinding white light streaming through it from between the clouds, did he just leap out it? That plate with meat grease now growing mold, was that the existence defining meal you've been searching for? Those drugs used up by the bed, were they the ones that held the key to unlocking the...

Duration: 00:47:30