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Hosted by SI senior writer Lee Jenkins, SI’s Open Floor podcast features guest appearances from some of the biggest names in the NBA.

Hosted by SI senior writer Lee Jenkins, SI’s Open Floor podcast features guest appearances from some of the biggest names in the NBA.
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Hosted by SI senior writer Lee Jenkins, SI’s Open Floor podcast features guest appearances from some of the biggest names in the NBA.




Thanksgiving Special: Family Arguments and Adjustments to the SI Top 100

On a special post-Thanksgiving episode of the pod, Sharp and Golliver talk through the first month of basketball and discuss who's risen the furthest in SI's Top 100 rankings, and who's fallen. Topics include: the rebirth of Boogie in New Orleans, Karl-Anthony Towns in Minnesota, Robert Covington's meteoric rise in Philly, Russell Westbrook's place in the top 10, market corrections for every Cavs player not named LeBron, properly rating Kyrie in Boston, Kristaps Porzingis vs. Draymond Green...

Duration: 00:58:22

Clippers Questions, LeBron and the Sixers, Tryptophan Warriors

On today's show Sharp and Golliver take more questions from listeners and begin by discussing Doc Rivers and the free-falling Clippers. What does this start say about Chris Paul? How long can Rivers last in LA? What happens if they tank? And will Blake Griffin be the first supermax contract to be traded? Then: Becky Hammon and Knicks coaching (20:00), the pros and cons of LeBron James to the Sixers (25:00), Michael Porter Jr.'s season-ending surgery (32:00), and the "Libero" generation of...

Duration: 01:06:47

Warriors/Celtics Reactions, Joel Embiid Owns Los Angeles, Unicorn Discourse

On today's show Sharp and Golliver recap Celtics/Warriors, including thoughts on Jaylen Brown, Boston's defense, Kyrie's offense, and disgust with Golden State for not delivering the blowout that America needed. Other questions: Are the Celtics the new Hawks? Will they be the best team in the East? And are they the next team to beat Golden State? Then (18:00): Golliver recaps his night with the Sixers at Staples Center, and they spend 10 minutes in disbelief at how good the Sixers are,...

Duration: 01:08:31

Introducing The Front Office, SI's New NBA Draft Site

On a special episode of Open Floor, Sharp welcomes Sports Illustrated's Jeremy Woo to talk about The Front Office, SI's new home for year-round draft coverage. Then, after explaining what the site will be and goals for this year's coverage, they run through a quick discussion of the preseason mock draft Woo released this week (5:00), and discuss early impressions of Luka Doncic, Marvin Bagley, DeAndre Ayton, Michael Porter, and more standouts from next year's draft class. At the end...

Duration: 00:32:57

East/West First Month Survey, Kristaps Comps, Jimmy Butler and Klay Thompson

On today's show Sharp and Golliver begin with some friendly encouragement for Steph Curry, and then (8:00) take a look around the strangely fun East, including the Celtics, the Pistons, the Sixers, and an answer to Golliver's Triple AAA analogy. Then (22:00) they talk through the stressful West, including thoughts on the Jazz, the Thunder, the Wolves, the Nuggets, and Rockets. At the end (45:00), they discuss a Kristaps Porzingis comparison, LeBron James Knicks dreams, D'Angelo Russell vs....

Duration: 01:10:09

Bucks Get Bledsoe, Kyrie as MVP, Ben Simmons Takeover

On today's show Sharp and Golliver take more questions from listeners and begin by breaking down the Eric Bledsoe trade. Was Greg Monroe really the best Phoenix could do? Where were the Nuggets? And (7:00) where does this leave Giannis and the Bucks? What will they do with Kidd? What about Jabari? And did Sharp will the Bledsoe experiment into existence? From there (26:00): they discuss Kyrie Irving's MVP candidacy, the Celtics' Finals chances, and how to explain the firstmonth in Boston....

Duration: 01:10:01

LeBron's Response, the Porzingis Ceiling, the Kawhi Mystery

On today's show Sharp and Golliver begin by comparing the Cavs and Thunder, and then (5:00) recap LeBron's 57-point explosion against the Wizards. How did that game affect the mental state of the Wiz? Why didn't anyone double LeBron? Was this karmic payback for too many Reggie Jackson jokes? And what does the win say about the year in Cleveland? Then (24:00): Porzingis has been incredible to start the year. How does it affect the Knicks future, and how good can he be? If Giannis is LeBron...

Duration: 01:11:06

Trick or Treat NBA, Wolves Anxiety, Back to the Coffee Shop

On today's show Sharp and Golliver begin by taking a look at some of the more impressive starts around the league and using a Halloween gimmick that they should've used on Tuesday. First (2:00), another tribute to Root Canal Reggie and the Pistons, and a closer look at the Jazz, Suns, Hornets, Clippers and Celtics. From there (34:00), we are not worried enough about Cleveland, and Maverick Carter has some thoughts on market size. Then (44:00), Coffee Shop Kyrie wants to start a...

Duration: 01:11:10

What the Hell Cavs, War on Draymond, Root Canal Reggie

On today's show Sharp and Golliver discuss the Cavs after a ghastly run that included losses to the Nets, Pelicans, Magic, and Knicks. How much of these struggles were expected? How concerned should the Cavs be? What does Cleveland's October tell us about LeBron's July? And how will Isaiah Thomas fit? Then (20:00): Reactions to the Wizards-Warriors kerfuffle, a conversation about whether Draymond Green is unfairly targeted by the NBA, and some overdue love for the Orlando Magic. From there...

Duration: 01:07:01

The Rookie Golden Age, Wolf Season, Carmelo Hall of Fame

On today's show Sharp and Golliver begin by discussing the Wizards let down against the Lakers, then jump into questions. First (5:00): How impressive have the Celtics young wings been, and what does it mean for the future? What about the rest of the rookies in a historically loaded draft class? Then (16:00) they discuss the state of Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz, and Brandon Ingram. From there (33:00): they talk more about the Wizards and their Wolf Season, Hassan Whiteside in a smallball...

Duration: 01:06:39

The Suns in Shambles, Early Lonzo Takes, More Mailbag

On today's show Sharp and Golliver begin by discussing the disastrous opening week in Phoenix. How did things get this bad? How much blame does management deserve? And are the Suns the most dysfunctional organization in the league? Then they discuss potential landing spots for Eric Bledsoe and whether the Bucks should deal Malcolm Brogdon or Jabari Parker. At 30 minutes, they discuss Lonzo Ball and how much we've learned after the first three Lakers games. At 35 minutes, Portis and the...

Duration: 01:08:48

The Kyrie Celtics, MVP Giannis, Week 1 Overreactions

On today's show Sharp and Golliver process the first meaningful NBA basketball in five months, and run through their favorite overreactions to the first wave of games. First they discuss the state of the Celtics after Gordon Hayward's awful injury on opening night. Will Kyrie Irving be explosive enough to keep them in the top half of the East? Then (15 minutes): MVP Giannis, the Rockets, more Warriors arguments, the Spurs and LaMarcus Aldridge, and Thibs and the Wolves. At the end (42...

Duration: 01:07:22

Last Minute Awards Picks, Our First Real NBA Preview

On today's show Sharp and Golliver offer their first and only serious predictions for the NBA season. They begin (3 minutes) by picking surprise teams this season, including the Pistons, Bucks, Wolves, and Heat. Then (10 minutes) they look for potential flops in 2018, including the Bucks, Blazers, and Thunder. Then (20 minutes): picks for MVP, rookie of the year, coach of the year, most improved, sixth man, and defensive player of the year. Then (40 minutes) they pick the playoff brackets...

Duration: 01:17:47

Three Teams to Ignore, Kyrie vs. Cleveland, Utah National Parks

On today's show Sharp and Golliver begin by listing three teams they're not interested in this season, including thoughts on the Kings, Bulls, Knicks, Raptors, Pistons, Grizzlies, and Warriors. At 18 minutes they talk through Joel Embiid's debut, Jahlil Okafor's place in Philly, the outlook for Ben Simmons, and the state of Markelle Fultz. Then, mailbag (33 minutes): Can the Nets make the playoffs? How should Boston feel about Isaiah? How should Cleveland feel about Kyrie? Are there any...

Duration: 01:03:32

Embiid's $148 Million, Preseason Means Nothing, Five Teams to Watch

On today's show Sharp and Golliver begin by discussing Joel Embiid's contract and whether $148 million for 31 games is as crazy as it sounds. Then they discuss preseason basketball and whether anyone can actually learn anything from these games. At 25 minutes they discuss the Clippers, Nuggets, Thunder, Celtics, Rockets, Sixers, Heat, Wolves, and new-look Cavs, among other teams to watch this year.

Duration: 01:08:56

Silver Disappoints Golliver, Extreme Smallball, Spurs vs. Rockets vs. OKC

On today's show Sharp and Golliver answer more mailbag questions. First they talk through Adam Silver's exciting support of the podcast, but his disappointing failure to give the West the respect it deserves. At 15 minutes, they talk through lottery reform: what the NBA got wrong, and what could be great anyway. At 25 minutes they talk about Kevin Love starting at center and the NBA's smallball destiny. At 35 minutes: Thoughts on the Spurs, what's possible for CP3 on the Rockets, and the...

Duration: 01:09:12

Westbrook's $200 Million Deal and The Fantasy Basketball Preview

On today's show Sharp and Golliver begin by talking through Russell Westbrook's massive extension. Was this a no-brainer for Westbrook? Will this deal look as good a few years from now? How will OKC handle the CBA? And how good is OKC right now? At 20:00: Sharp forces Golliver to endure 45 minutes of fantasy basketball discussion. Topics include: Giannis vs. Westbrook, Gary Harris vs. Harrison Barnes, Marcus Morris on the Celtics, Kyrie vs. Steph, fantasy football vs. fantasy basketball,...

Duration: 01:08:09

The New Cavs, Media Day Recaps, and Our Worst Articles

On today's show Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver begin by answering some questions about the Cavs. How will Ty Lue handle the egos in Cleveland? Is Wade still useful? Did the Cavs get better this summer? At 20 minutes: Recaps from Media Day in Los Angeles and Philly, including thoughts on Lonzo Ball's altitude training and the two sides of the Embiid coin. At 40 minutes: the state of the NBA's superteam system, the next stranded superstars to watch, LeBron and Popovich, and another visit to...

Duration: 01:16:52

Half-Full vs. Half-Empty on Carmelo, Donald Trump vs. the Warriors

On today's show we spend the first half discussing all things Melo. Will it really matter with the Warriors waiting for them? How much credit should Presti get? Will Adam Silver have to change the All-Star Game? At 20 minutes: Just how Knicksy are the Knicks after this summer? And how will Melo be remembered in New York? At 40 minutes they shift to the other news that broke Friday. If there were podcast championships, would we go to the White House? Were the Warriors baiting Trump into...

Duration: 01:13:15

L'Affaire de Burner Accounts, Coffee Shop Kyrie, and More Top 100

On today's show Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver talk through this week's Kevin Durant social media controversy, the summer of KD silencing the haters, and Golliver's thoughts on what we've learned from the past few days. At 25 minutes they answer more mail, with topics including: Kyrie Irving's triumphant and very much woke return to the media, Giannis' place in the NBA's top 10, John Wall vs. CP3, the value of Draymond Green, angry Bulls fans, the Wheel solution to the lottery, the future...

Duration: 01:08:42

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