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Hosted by SI senior writer Lee Jenkins, SI’s Open Floor podcast features guest appearances from some of the biggest names in the NBA.

Hosted by SI senior writer Lee Jenkins, SI’s Open Floor podcast features guest appearances from some of the biggest names in the NBA.
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Hosted by SI senior writer Lee Jenkins, SI’s Open Floor podcast features guest appearances from some of the biggest names in the NBA.




All-Star Game Reactions, Dunk Contest Angst, Alien Abductions

On today's show Sharp and Golliver check in from Los Angeles to recap NBA All-Star Weekend. First, they talk through a surprisingly not-terrible All-Star game and the ongoing dominance of LeBron James. Plus: the tragic demise of Team Steph, the clutch performance of James Harden, and the arrival of Joel Embiid. From there they move to the rest of the weekend, beginning with Adam Silver's comments on the playoff format (18:00) and LeBron's response to Laura Ingraham. Then (29:00) they talk...


Where Art Thou Kawhi, All-Star Storylines, Early Awards Arguments

On today’s Sharp and Golliver are live from a Los Angeles hotel room where they begin by wondering about the fate of the Spurs and Kawhi Leonard for the rest of the season. From there, they discuss Steve Kerr’s coaching decision and the ongoing Warriors riddle, when the Cavs will really miss Kyrie, the Celtics struggles, Isaiah Thomas vs. Rondo, the failed peace summit between Marcin Gortat and John Wall, and All-Stars to watch this weekend. Then: answering some e-mails about Elfrid...


Cavs Overreactions, 10 Straight Jazz Wins, and the AD Dark Horse

On today's show Sharp and Golliver begin with 20 minutes of reactions to the new-look Cavs after LeBron James ruined Paul Pierce's retirement party. Questions include: Are the Cavs fixed now? Will Jordan Clarkson ever miss a three? Is Koby Altman the new Jerry West? And then, beyond the Cavs (20:00), what about the rest of the chaotic East? Then they move briefly to the Denver Nuggets (28:00), before focusing on the Utah side of the Rodney Hood trade (32:00) and the Jazz storming through...


Cavs Madness, Lakers Calibrations, and All Things Trade Deadline

On today’s show Sharp and Golliver talk through the trade deadline as the dust settles on wild day in Cleveland. First they talk through how Koby Altman and the Cavs pulled a fun roster out of thin air (1:00), what it changes in East and against the Warriors, the rest of the year for LeBron in Cleveland. Then they discuss the sobering year of Isaiah Thomas (22:00), the future in LA, Danny Ainge’s dark arts, and the possibilities in Lakers free agency. From there they move to thoughts on...


Reseeding the Playoffs, CBA Questions, NBA Pet Name Hall of Fame

On today's show Sharp and Golliver celebrate the calm before the trade deadline storm. First, after another disastrous Cavs game, when will the NBA think about abandoning conferences and re-seeding the playoffs? How has the current model hurt the East? And what's the best way to fix it? Then (19:00): they circle back to talk about the diminishing returns of today's max contracts, the pitfalls for teams in the middle tier, and the ongoing implications of the failure to smooth the cap in...


Another Warriors Banner, More Blake Takes, Montessori Madness

On today's show Sharp and Golliver begin with some praise for their colleague Rob Mahoney and the Breakaway podcast, and then dive into the bizarre LeBron Warriors rumor (7:00). Is this fake news? Would the Warriors really trade Klay? And how much did Golden State love this news? Then (20 minutes): quick thoughts Mirotic to the Pelicans, Prunty with the Bucks, and the Greg Monroe buyout sweepstakes. From there they offer some follow-up thoughts on the Blake trade (32:00), the Wizards...


The Blake Blockbuster, Pelicans Darkness, Player Coaches

On today's show Sharp and Golliver begin by discussing the Blake Griffin trade that came out of nowhere Monday night (and forced them to double back for a second phone call). Topics include: the strangely coherent logic coming from the Clippers, the pros and cons of the move from Detroit's side, potential moves LA could make from here, and more. From there (35:00) they discuss the Boogie injury news and the various ways it complicates the future in New Orleans. Then: OKC after Roberson's...


LeBron's Trade Demand, All-Star Takes, Team World vs. Team USA

On today's show Sharp and Golliver begin by discussing Ben's completely reasonable proposal for LeBron to demand a trade from the Cavs. Where would he go? Why would it make sense? Why won't it happen? And is LeBron becoming the Brett Favre of basketball? Then: they follow-up on Jason Kidd's oral history of his phone call with Giannis (21:00), and discuss the All-Star selections (28:00), All-Star fixes, Team Steph vs. Team LeBron, and All-Star uniforms. At the end (45:00), they answer some...


Jason Kidd is Gone, Kawhi Leonard is Distant, Cavs are Cavs-ing

On today's show, Sharp and Golliver react live on the podcast to the news of Jason Kidd's firing in Milwaukee, but first, they begin with a word about profanity and Golliver deconstructing Sharp's personal growth over the past two years. Then they address the report of Kawhi Leonard's frustration in San Antonio (7:00) and the potential implications for both the Spurs and the rest of the league. From there they move to the Cavs (20:00), the pros and cons of LeBron's GM skills, more...


International Oral History, NBA Fight Club, Markelle Fultz Solutions

On today's show Sharp and Golliver begin by talking through Sharp's oral history of international players adapting to the NBA. Topics include: the bond between international players, the importance of American teammates, the Western Conference and European stylistic influences, the NBA's role in the evolution, and the joys of Dario Saric. From there they hit the mailbag to discuss the NBA's recent spate of fights (33:00), Kawhi's continued injury for the Spurs (39:00), a new Nets pick...


Clips/Rockets Reactions, Future Draymond, the All-Star Starters

On today's show Sharp and Golliver begin by discussing the fallout from the Clippers and Rockets on Monday night. What did we learn about the Lob City years? Why does everyone hate Blake? And which was more impressive: Chris Paul's passive aggressiveness, or Patrick Beverley's aggressive aggressiveness? From there (21:00), they recap a disturbingly familiar Cavs-Warriors game, marvel at the Kevin Durant cheat code, and wonder about Draymond Green and potential weak links in the Warriors...


Midseason Fact or Fiction, Bad Draft Comps, Wrapping Up Lavar Talk

On today's show Sharp and Golliver celebrate the halfway point around the NBA by taking stock of a handful of wild cards after the first few months. First, they talk about the Miami Heat (2:00), whether they deserve real praise or generic praise, whether they can scare anyone in the playoffs, and where they will go from here. Then they talk about the red-hot Wolves (15:00) and where they fit in the West hierarchy, the Thunder and whether Paul George is secretly more valuable to title teams...


Lonzo Needs to Step Up, Up Close with Giannis Inc., Extinct Player Comps

On today's show Sharp and Golliver begin by talking through Lavar Ball's comments about Luke Walton. First they discuss the role of Lonzo in all of this (1:00) and wonder why he hasn't stepped forward to explain how he feels about Walton. Then they consider Lavar Ball's role in everything (10:00) and debate whether the media deserves any blame for giving him a platform. From there they move to the Wizards and Bucks on Saturday night (23:00), the state of the Mavericks (30:00), and the...


In Defense of Lakers Rumors, Isaiah and LeBron, All-Decade Team

On today's show Sharp and Golliver begin by taking stock of what's gone wrong with this season's Lakers (2:00), what's possible this summer, and whether the steady stream of "LOL Lakers" articles make any sense. Then, they discuss Isaiah Thomas' return for the Cavs (19:00), LeBron's staggering numbers 15 years in (24:00), and whether it's possible for either one of them to say something nice about the Celtics (30:00). From there they check in with DeMar DeRozan and the Toronto termites...


Rockets Reality Check, Debating the New DeRozan, Choose Your Coach

On today's show Sharp and Golliver reunite to provide a post-holidays update to Golliver’s December discussion of Sharp’s crumbling basketball world. After a brief overview at the beginning (1:00), they focus on the Rockets (8:00) and what's become complicated since Houston opened the year looking like the NBA's newest Warriors threat. Then they discuss the excellent year of DeMar DeRozan in Toronto (22:00), his 52-point performance against Khris Middleton, and where he belongs in the...


End of Year of Gratitude, Jimmy Butler Week, Warriors Time Travel

On today's show Sharp and Golliver open the show by giving thanks to the listeners, and then dive into this week's NBA news and discuss the value of Jimmy Butler in Minnesota (4:00). Then they answer more questions from listeners, including the re-programming of NBA defenses and offenses in the modern era (10:00), the rise of the Raptors, historical comparisons for their team, and the complicated conversation about how good they really are (20:00). From there: the 1988 Lakers dropped into...


Westbrook Strikes Back, Wizards Save Christmas, Cavs-Warriors Takeaways

On today's show Sharp and Golliver get together to talk through takeaways from Christmas Day. First (3:00): they talk through Oklahoma City's win against Houston and the latest twist in the Great Harden-Westbrook War of 2017. Has OKC actually changed? What does it mean if Chris Paul wasn't playing? And if the Thunder stabilize over the next few weeks, how much will that affect their decision on a Paul George trade? Then (21:00): Revisiting old Celtics takes, debating the differences...


Quantifying Apathy, Updated LeBronzo Theories, NBA Christmas Movies

On today’s show Sharp and Golliver celebrate the holiday weekend with an extended mailbag. They begin (4:00) addressing the Wizards, DeMarcus Cousins, and the lack of apathy analytics in today’s NBA. Then: Kyrie’s MVP case and Danny Ainge (18:00), Paul George to San Antonio (23:00), the Cinderella Bulls and the restorative powers of a good punch (28:00), Kyle Lowry and the Raptors as the forgotten stars of 2017 (37:00), and another battle against basic math from Jason Kidd (45:00). At the...


The Open Floor NBA Awards After Two Months

On today's show Sharp and Golliver begin by airing some grievances after Joel Embiid's 49-minute game against the Thunder. Then it's time for awards picks. Real awards include: the early MVP favorites (7:00), Will Barton vs. Eric Gordon for sixth man of the year (16:00), Brad Stevens as the obvious coach of the year, Ben Simmons vs. Donovan Mitchell vs. Jayson Tatum (22:00), and whether Oladipo and Draymond are foregone conclusions after two months. Then: Least valuable player (31:00),...


Several LeBron Questions, Victor Oladipo Week, Thibs is Spiderman

On today's show Sharp and Golliver get back together to run through a supersized edition of the mailbag. They begin with LeBron (3:00), yet another mind-boggling season in Cleveland, and how he'll eventually be remembered. Then (12:00): Will he go to the Rockets this summer? Would the world implode if LeBron joined a title team? And what happens if the Cavs land Paul George and Marc Gasol? Then, the year of Oladipo in Indiana (33:00) and what it says/doesn't say about Russell Westbrook in...


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