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Open MetalCast is a podcast dedicated to promoting Creatie Commons metal music. There’s a lot of great Creative Commons licensed music out there, but finding great Creative Commons licensed metal music can be tough. This show scours the net to find the best Creative Commons licensed metal music to bring to your ears.




Open Metalcast Instrumetalcast #011: Reflections

It’s been over a year since we brought out the last Instrumetalcast. Time to rectify that. (00:46) Resonance Cascade by Seversun from New World Chaos (BY-ND) (03:51) Deciduous Glory by Psychendoscope from Chronicle: 1998 (BY-NC-SA) (09:32) Minueto Disconforme by Datura … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:37:10

Open Metalcast Episode #159: Metal Journeys

Sometimes i get lost in the music. Sometimes I involuntarily stop what I’m doing and just listen to the music. In this episode we have plenty of metal music to get lost in. We have tracks by Demimonde, Hekatombe, Seversun, … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:05:02

Open Metalcast Episode #158: Don’t let up

Sometimes it’s easier to let go. Sometimes it’s easier just to put down the sword and stop fighting. Sometimes it’s easier to just let the hordes run right over you. Sometimes it’s easier to let them win. It’s harder to … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:53:58

Open Metalcast Episode #157: Third of July

Over here in the USA we’re planning on celebrating yet another year of independence by finding anything that goes boom and setting it on fire. And much in that spirit of freedom and independence we here at the Open Metalcast … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:57:27

Open Metalcast Episode #156: Screaming into the void

There’s a saying “if you stare at the void the void stares back at you”. But what if you scream at the void? What if you play loud music (such as this fine episode here) at the void? Hey, stop … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:01:50

Open Metalcast Episode #151: Keep Away From Open Flame

Sometimes when putting together an episode I don’t want to stop putting together the music. Everything flows together so well that jumping in would be an intrusion. But there’s lots to talk about with this episode so hopefully you’ll listen … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:06:45

Open Metalcast Special Episode: Club Metal #18

Cortical stacks scrambled. Can’t get a decent thought together. Must warn the others about the delivery. (00:21) Eradication Procedure by Alchemy from The Machines Will Kill Us All (BY-NC-SA) (05:41) Machine II (SynElectro Mix) by Room 101 from The Gadfly::Remixed … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:02:36

Open Metalcast Episode #150: One Five Oh

Welcome to the 150th episode of Open Metalcast, where we’ve been exploring the world of Creative Commons Metal Music for lo these many episodes. I’m sure there’s a way to check to see how many songs and bands we’ve uncovered … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:53:36

Open Metalcast Episode #146: Jump In Anytime

Ever have one of those moments when you don’t know when to jump into a conversation? Where the time to speak doesn’t happen for a while? That’s what happened with this episode. Normally I jump in after the first few … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:38:22

Open Metalcast Episode #144: Closing out 2016

It doesn’t feel like the end of 2016 is upon us. It also doesn’t feel like this should be the last regular episode of 2016. Yet, here we are.. But we’re going out with style, with brand new music from … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:47:59

Open Metalcast Episode #143: Cat on the Desk

This episode brought to you despite the efforts of Pixel to prevent it from happening. (00:11) Conflict by Violblast from Conflict (BY-NC-ND) (03:44) Deceiving The Host by Wasting The Genesis from Viral Supremacy (BY-NC-ND) (06:33) Expiation by Screaming Savior from … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:50:08

Open Metalcast Episode #142: Thankful

We’re coming up on the Thanksgiving holiday here in the USA and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for listening to this humble podcast of Creative Commons Metal Music. It’s a privilege to bring you this episode … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:13:50

Open Metalcast Episode #140: Like and Reshare

Here on the 140th episode of Open Metalcast we invoke the spirit of social media and implore you to share this episode as widely as possible with your friends and networks. You’re lovely people and I adore each and every … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:47:55

Open Metalcast Episode #139: Something Old, Something New

For this episode we wanted to go back into the archives to find a few albums we wanted to revisit, like Carnivora, Unholy Quest, Idlemine, and Sonus Mortis. We’ve also picked up some brand-spanking new tracks from Harrow, Walter Sickert … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:34:21

Open Metalcast Episode #138: Just Begin Again

No matter how bad things get, sometimes you just need to begin again. We have some great music ahead for you, including tracks from Cremosity, Ruins of Humanity, PhaZer, Nightosaur, Hippie Doon Squad, Nocturnal, Thesauros, and strozek. It’s a show … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:47:08

Open Metalcast Episode #137: Chapter’s End

I got off my schedule for releasing episodes, so this episode is a little late. It also comes on the heels of me losing my job, so some of the tracks reflect my mood. We have brand new Colosso from … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:31:52

Open Metalcast Episode #136: Low-Earth Orbit

I don’t tend to do “themed” episodes much, but decided after downloading a ton of stoner / doom / sludge metal to compile a little journey for you. Once the seatbelt sign goes off please feel free to move about … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:33:39

Open Metalcast Special Episode: Club Metal #16

Ugh. What the hell happened. Oh shit, has it been that long since the last episode? I hate lack. Downloading latest transmission: (00:25) Victimized by Deconbrio from The Art of Violation: Part One (BY-NC-SA) (04:53) Army Of Arseholes by Maximum … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:09:31

Open Metalcast Episode #135: Bite-sized metal satisfaction

Here at the Open Metalcast headquarters we’re looking at the throes of summer as it winds down for the year. This is the time where people plan out vacations and other assorted trips and really don’t have much time for … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:42:26

Open Metalcast Episode #134: Short on Words, Long on Metal

Trying to finish up this episode before heading to bed (which tends to be a theme, as I try to get these out before I hit the hay). Decided to start this episode with some of the more epic tracks … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:49:48

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