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Open Source Sex is a podcast hat is half explicit erotica, and half explicit sex instruction (half Ginger, half Mary Ann). Violet Blue reads short erotic stories, the next chapters of the current novel being read, an interview, or some nonfiction sexual how-to. The nonfiction includes racy interviews, porn reviews, sex ed for couples (such as how to have hot sex with a fetishist), and much more.






Open Source Sex 88: (Non-sex) The Panama Laugh - St. John of the Throwdown

Tonight's podcast is a non-sex short story about zombies - and me. Author of the (awesome) new zombie novel The Panama Laugh wrote a short story based on his novel's universe where a young female street punk in San Francisco goes up against a pack of zombie frat boys. The author Thomas Roche based the story on my very real life as a homeless teen here in SF. If you like action, horror and zombies (and you like me), you'll love it. If you don't like those things, tune in for the next...

Open Source Sex 86: How to Flirt With Geeks (Tips)

Learn how to flirt with geeks in this episiode, based on six years of research on flirting and pick-ip arts, plus get opening lines that don't suck and tips for turning fliritng into dating. Find more at thetotalflirt.com/SXSEXY. This episode is the audio version of SXSW 2011 Interactive geek flirting tips written especially for the event (known as Spring Break for Geeks). At thetotalflirt.com there are also three explict sexy geek erotica stories in different delightful flavors.To find...

Open Source Sex 83: SXSW Erotica - Sharing Trends by Alison Tyler

In "Sharing Trends" his SXSW panel session just started: and she's hoping their session will start ASAP. A dirty oral tale about geeks getting lucky. Heterosexual focus. This episode is the audio version of SXSW Interactive erotica written especially for the event (known as Spring Break for Geeks) crafted by erotic writing star Alison Tyler. There are two more sexy geek stories in different - yet explicit - flavors.To find more of the free materials I put together for Sexy Geeks, visit...

Open Source Sex 77: An Open Invitiation Review and Advice on Swinging and N

In a recent article, I reviewed the very sophisticated adult film "An Open Invitiation" which is a love story of one couple's journey into swinging, in San Francisco. Links for this podcast include: Open Source Sex episode 20 where I tell you exactly how to have a threesome. Open Source Sex episode 43 which is a reading of explicit erotic threesome story "Cast of Three" My review of "An Open Invitiation" (with exclusive, explicit gallery and trailer) -- link NSFW. The webiste for "An Open...

open source sex 72

I'm so excited about Best Women's Erotica 2010 (also: UK) that I just can't resist reading one of my favorite stories from the collection: the Apple Genius Bar tryst. In this episode I read Emerald's story "Shift Change" where a woman goes in for MacBook Pro repair and gets better service than anyone could imagine. It's amazing that those Geniuses can do, indeed.* * * * * * * Violet Blue: tinynibbles.com More audio + ebooks: DigitaPub.com Click here to launch iTunes: Open Source Sex Thank...

open source sex 71

It's here! Lush, gorgeous, arousing: Best Women's Erotica 2010 (also: UK)! In this episode I give you a taste of each story in my handpicked, heart and soul collection of the best erotica by women, for women that the globe has to offer. It might be the most daring entry in the series yet.* * * * * * * Violet Blue: tinynibbles.com More audio + ebooks: DigitaPub.com Click here to launch iTunes: Open Source Sex Thank you Libsyn.com.

open source sex #70

Here's another favorite from Girls On Top, "A Woman In His Room" by Saskia Walker. This story is so delicious I actually get quite flustered while reading it -- and after as well. If you like my less polished reactions to the material, you;ll like this; and it's a seriously arousing, explicit story by a very gifted British author. In it, a young woman fantasizes about a boarder in her parent's home, only to come home one night to discover she'ts not the object of his affections. What...

open source sex 69

Girls On Top is the newest and most recent erotica collection I've edited -- and I haven't even had a chance to tell you about it! So internationally acclaimed sex blogger Remittance Girl's story "Central Registry" is the very best way to give you a taste of my freshest hotness, and the female authors from around the world who make this collection a hardcore, girl-powered stunner. With the devious Londoner in "Central Registry" a pierced party girl decides that enough is enough when it...

open source sex 68

This is "Lost at Sea" by Peony. It is from Best Women's Erotica 2008 and is not typical fare for this podcast (or for the erotica series; it is not explicit).* * * * * * *My podcast thought I was someone else for a minute, even though I enjoyed it, with Libsyn.com Violet Blue: tinynibbles.com More audio + ebooks: DigitaPub.com Click here to launch iTunes: Open Source Sex

open source sex 67

Tonight it's raining, and I finally got a chance to read you the intense, explicit opening story from Best Women's Erotica 2009: it's "Fly" by Valerie Alexander. Penthouse absolutely loved the book and highly recommends it for couples, I'm getting tons of email praise about it, and Erotica Revealed gave it a glowing review. After listening to "Fly" you'll never look at Peter, Wendy and Tiger Lily the same way again, and I think it's one of the hottest stories I've ever read. At the end I...

open source sex 65

So, Bill O'Reilly wants to talk about the evils of San Francisco? He really has a hard-on for talking about what he sees as my filthy dirty sex-and-LGBT drenched city, and his fake documentary shows just what a fetish he's got. Yes, it's all about the sex -- our San Francisco Values. So Bill -- this one's for you. Next time, say it to my face. We have enough hate in the world right now. I'd be happy to "scare you straight."Hope you all like it; it's my sermon. After this, more sexy...

open source sex 64

The most amazing sexual privacy online discussion you'll ever hear. This is the panel I organized and moderated at SXSW: Interactive 2008, including a cyberlawyer (Jason Schultz, EFF), a security expert / hacker (Jonathan Moore, 0x0000), an outed sex blogger (Zoe Margolis, Girl With A One Track Mind), and a Gawker editor (John D'Addario, Fleshbot.com). It's just over an hour long, and it's riveting! Thanks to SXSW for letting me share the file with you. Here's the description:Can anyone...

open source sex 63

In this long-awaited Open Source Sex episode, learn how to plan an erotic encounter with roles (slight roles or elaborate ones), how to time sexual surprises so they come out perfect, how to add a delicious climax to your sexual encounter, the perfect locations for certain types of erotic scenarios, and how to have a public sex scene -- and make it safe and unforgettable. I just released the audiobook Erotic Role Play: A Guide For Couples, and I'm so excited I wanted to give a chapter...

open source sex 62

Feeling up for a little erotica? My new book Best Women's Erotica 2008 just came out, and it's packed -- literally, the biggest one yet -- with six months' worth of culling the very best explicit erotic stories written by women. This was to be my last book in this series, so I made it the crowning piece in the collection -- though since the sales have skyrocketed and I've won awards every year I've edited this series, I'm considering a final two more, to make it a five-year stint.But, to...

open source sex 61

Just for fun, last night after I recorded my new sex ed how-to audiobook How to Kiss, I set aside this chapter to share. It's chapter 4, where I detail all the different types of kisses: the good, the bad, and the scary! Be prepared: in some places, I giggle uncontrollably -- it was *that* kind of reading (the fun kind). The whole book is sexed-up: it also features two very explicit short erotica stories with pleanty of oral action. Yum! Find more of my inexpensive, DRM-free audiobooks and...

open source sex 60

A delicious sample chapter from my new Halloween erotica audiobook at digitapub.com, Creatures of the Night (also in many ebook flavors). In KC's "Cops and Robbers", a woman mistakenly dresses as a famous 70s hamburger-stealing character at a costume party, only to find herself up against a lawman who takes 'search and seizure' quite seriously. Includes some intense cuffing and spanking -- quite delicious. Better than a burger. Enjoy! I'm so proud of all the authors in the collection!Here's...

open source sex 59

Last night at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco, I gave a five-minute talk for the nationwide O'Reilly Radar Ignite series -- my talk was called "Porn or Not?" and discussed how online 2.0 social networking communities (like Flickr) are trying to police their users for adult (or "offensive" sexual) content, and how that's working out for them. Or not. Mostly not. I had 20 slides that were automatically advanced every 15 seconds, and by the end of the talk I had veered so hysterically (and...

open source sex 58

The exciting launch of my sex-ed digital media empire, digitapub.com! This podcast is the introduction to my nine (9) chapter audiobook, "open source sex :: pleasure zone basics". It's DRM-free MP3 files for $5 that cover a wide variety of sex ed topics, with techniques and my usual silliness. I have audiobooks for couples on the way, in addition to e-books (in a variety of formats) featuring more sex ed and erotica -- all cheap and shareable. True "open source sex", as I explain in this...

open source sex 57

A total, ultimate primer on the G-spot: what it is, how to find it, how to stimulate it, what it feels like, recommended toys and more -- a lot of info, but just a taste of what's in my new book The Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot. The book has waaaaay more, including g-spot positions for couples and all about female ejaculation. Yay! Read more about the G-spot on my slippery delicious G-spot info page, with book excerpts and additional links. * * * * * * My podcast is still looking for...

open source sex 56

This is very much a new favorite story (and fantasy) for me, and it was a sublime pleasure to read -- "Tied to the Kitchen Sink" by Kay Jaybee. It's in my new book Lust: Erotic Fantasies for Women, and it features a cute ponytailed lass giving a stranger a very unusual (and very *hot*) surprise gift. Soooo yummy! Enjoy. * * * * * * My podcast once had a kitchen-sink tryst with Libsyn.com Violet Blue: tinynibbles.com Click here to launch iTunes: Open Source Sex
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