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Episode 4: I just joined a sex club

In this episode H and D explore all the ways to get a threesome. They have some case studies that have worked and failed. Which ways are work and which ways have failed. Why? H also interviews a few unicorns that explain what it is they are looking for in a couple. Guest C

Duration: 00:19:59

Episode 3: How to have a candid first date

In this episode H goes out on Dates with other women and D goes out w/ other men. What happens on H’s dates and what happens on D’s dates. What are these other people going to think about this arrangement? Guests: F & L

Duration: 00:23:06

Episode 2: How I opened my relationship

In this episode H introduces D his Girlfriend. D and him have had an open relationship for quite some time…But, what has it taken to get to where they are now. Explore the ups and downs of creating an open relationship. How did the open relationship keep these two together and why? Guests: D, La & M

Duration: 00:20:49

Episode 1: I’m H and this is how I date

In this episode H documents what his friends and family think of his lifestyle and philosophy. Is it ok to be a player if you’re honest? How will people respond when they are told that they are seeing other people? What are other relationships like and what is the thing that make them all work? (communication) Guests: Y & Z, K and Bx (Check)

Duration: 00:20:20