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Episode 51: First Anniversary, Cringe Fest 2017

This week Jay and Casey celebrate their one year anniversary of doing the show while they try Neshaminy Creek’s Neshaminator German Wheat Bock. This very special episode Jay and Casey look back at previous...

Duration: 01:02:18

Episode 50: Baywatch, Rotten Tomatoes, and Hardwood Floors

Hosted by Casey and Jay, the Openly Hostile Opinions Podcast covers Technology, Politics, News, Comedy, Beer, Music, Movies, TV, Pop Culture and everything in between. We are the internet’s best morning comedy talk radio...

Duration: 00:56:01

Episode 49: Hailee Steinfeld and Unspoken Rules of Sex

This week Jay and Casey get in touch with their Heil Hitler as they try Spaten’s Oktoberfest. This week they have dialog about what celebrities they would throw their shlongs in, Playboy releases 18...

Duration: 00:55:42

Episode 48: Demonic Oppression, Ghost Boners, and Technical Difficulties

In this episode, we talk about the paranormal, and the depraved. The deviant, and the demonic. The spirit, and the satanic. Special guest Trevor Duffy, demonologist, joins us for this very special episode where...

Duration: 03:05:47

Episode 47: Corsets and the California Wave with Special Guest Sagan Amery

This week the show has a very special guest, Sagan Amery, from the band Hail Sagan! Jay and Casey try Stoudts’ Scarlet Lady Ale while they discuss what it’s like to be on the...

Duration: 01:10:23

Episode 46: Vagina Names, Mosh Pit Stories, and Hail Sagan

This week Jay and Casey try Troegs’ Unfiltered Dream Weaver Wheat while they introduce their first band of the week “Hail Sagan”! Each week Jay and Casey will be showcasing a new band to...

Duration: 00:58:24

Episode 36: Danzig can’t Sing, Real Life Ken Doll, and Money Swallower

This week Jay and Casey livestream for the first time while they try Erie Brewing Company’s Derailed Black Cherry Cream Ale. Topics this week include talking about Danzig’s new album where he sounds like...

Duration: 01:03:16

Episode 35: Fidget Spinners, Fried Chicken, And Gay Frogs!

This week Jay plays with his fidget spinner while trying Guinness’ Blonde Lager that has a crisp taste with a very light finish. Discussion this week includes a lady that died from botulism from...

Duration: 01:01:26

Episode 34: Klyo Ren and Heroin Shampoo

On this week’s episode Jay and Casey get in touch with their inner French side as they try Conquerant Le’ Brewery’s Brown Ale. Topics these week include a 16 year old boy dies from...

Duration: 00:58:32

Episode 33: Tumblr Effect And The Batter Dipped Fries Apocalypse

Hosted by Casey and Jay, the Openly Hostile Opinions Podcast covers Technology, Politics, News, Comedy, Beer, Music, Movies, TV, Pop Culture and everything in between. We are the internet’s best morning comedy talk radio...

Duration: 01:02:13

Episode 32: Shaq Thinks the World is Flat and Tossing Kid’s Lunches

This week we find out if Jay and Casey are worthy enough to try Arrogant Brewing Company’s Arrogant Bastard Ale. So evil the Devil himself would fuck it. Discussion for this week includes NBA...

Duration: 01:03:51

Episode 31: Powered Balls, Corn Worms, and Trapping Women

On this week’s show Jay and Casey try Evil Genius’s This One Time at Band Camp Double IPA. Jay and Casey also discuss a woman from Australia who uses her boyfriend’s balls to apply...

Duration: 01:01:21

Episode 30: North Korea, Steve Stephens, and Child Abuse

Facebook killer got ya worried? Nervous about North Korea and their rocket’s they borrowed from Wild E. Coyote? Calm yourself with Jay and Casey this week over a nice cold brew from Coastal Extreme...

Duration: 01:00:24

Episode 29: United Airlines, Slayer, & Limp Bizkit

On this week’s episode we have special guests Ashley the Neighbor and the man she lets inside of her, Jason the unruly satellite installer while we try Abita’s Turbodog Brown Ale. We also discuss...

Duration: 01:04:24

Episode 28: Hairy Wonder Woman, Dad Bods, and The Undertaker

On this week’s episode Jay tries to get Casey to shut up about World of Warcraft while they indulge in Victory’s Summer Love Ale in light of baseball season. Will this light Ale be...

Duration: 01:01:50

Episode 27: Danzig’s Blood Bath & Dumpster Diver For Porn

On this week’s episode of Openly Hostile Opinions Jay and Casey try Lagunita’s Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale that has so much citrus it feels like your virginity was stolen by a grapefruit. This week’s...

Duration: 01:03:36

Episode 26: Casey almost dies, David Rockefeller, and White girls wearing hooped Earrings

On this week’s episode Casey discusses how happy he is to be alive as he almost dies from Carbon Monoxide poisoning and we try the very smooth Yards Brewing Company Brawler Pugilist style ale....

Duration: 01:06:08

Episode 25: 90’s Nostalgia, Corpse Tattoos, And The Un-Welcome sign

On this week’s episode Jay and Casey try a crisp Susquehanna Pils-Noir from Susquehanna Brewing Company and celebrate having over 600 subscribers on YouTube. Also we hit that DeLorean to 88 miles per hour...

Duration: 01:05:36

Episode 24: Jay’s Nuts and Ashley’s Game

Back by popular demand, Today’s episode features Ashley the Neighbor. We sample the delicious Conway’s Irish Ale from Great Lakes Brewing Company, discuss the after effects of Jay’s testicle surgery and play a game hosted...

Duration: 01:04:41

Episode 23: Emeril Lagasse, Paola Saulino the Blowjob Queen, and The Restaurant Industry

On this week’s episode we have a special co-host Kevin because apparently Jay has AIDS. We try a S’more flavored beer that if S’more’s had an asshole this is what it would taste like....

Duration: 01:06:41

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