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Each week a specific opera is in focus. Liz will dip in daily to a key moment from the work and guide you through its plot, subplots and general mayhem as the story unfolds.




Opera Cereal - Porgy and Bess - Friday June 4th

Bess begs Porgy to stay with her, and not let Crown take her back. Crown and Porgy fight until the cripple kills his rival. Porgy is arrested, and Bess is convinced to go to New York with Sportin' Life. Release from jail, Porgy resolves to follow his girl.

Duration: 00:02:34

Opera Cereal - Porgy and Bess - Thursday June 3rd

Bess's murderous ex-boyfriend, Crown, is on the run from the law, but has vowed to return for his girl. True to his word, he snatches Bess while she is on an island picnic that crippled Porgy is unable to attend. None of the picnickers notice she's gone.

Duration: 00:02:11

Opera Cereal - Porgy and Bess - Wednesday June 2nd

Porgy and Bess have found each other, and are living contentedly in their love. She’s a former good time girl, mistress of a hoodlum on the run who’s looking for her. Porgy’s a cripple, laughed at by others, but not by Bess, who feels safe in his arms.

Duration: 00:02:14

Opera Cereal - Porgy and Bess - Tuesday June 1st

Crown, a local toughie, has killed Robbins, and chaos ensues as everyone runs to hide from the police. One woman is left alone and defenceless- Bess, Crown’s girl. Porgy, a lonely cripple, takes Bess in and offers the sad woman all the love in his heart.

Duration: 00:02:29

Opera Cereal - Porgy and Bess - Monday May 31st

As the curtain rises, we’re in Charleston, South Carolina, where a group of locals is being entertained by blues player Jasbo Brown. The men are warming up for a game of craps, but a young mother, Clara, takes no notice, singing a lullaby to her baby.

Duration: 00:02:04

Opera Cereal - Tales of Hoffman - Thursday May 27th (repeat)

So far, we’ve met two of Hoffman’s three great loves- Olympia, who turned out to be a mechanical doll, and Giulietta, a Venetian courtesan. Now it’s the turn of Antonia, a consumptive singer who has been ordered not to sing any more, or she may die.

Duration: 00:02:11

Opera Ceral - Tales of Hoffman - Tuesday May 25th (repeat)

The poet Hoffman tells his student friends of Olympia. She is a huge mechanical doll, who requires frequent winding up in order to keep going. Hoffman is given a pair of spectacles by another inventor, Coppelius, which make him fall in love with the doll.

Duration: 00:02:15

Opera Cereal - Tales of Hoffman - Monday May 24th (repeat)

The poet Hoffman awaits his new love Stella in a Nurenberg tavern. He agrees to tell a story to the students assembled there, and launches into the tale of a hunchback, the knock-kneed Kleinzach. However, Hoffman is distracted by thoughts of his lover.

Duration: 00:02:17

Opera Cereal - Tosca - Friday May 21st

Tosca believes the firing squad is to go through a sham execution, after which the lovers can escape. But the execution is for real. Scarpia’s corpse is discovered, and the troops come for Tosca, but she leaps over the battlements to a defiant death.

Duration: 00:02:54

Opera Cereal - Tosca - Thursday May 21st

As Scaria prepares to take her, Tosca picks up a knife and kills the monster. Cut to Cavaradossi, who awaits his death, and his mind and heart are full of Tosca. Overcome with memories of love, he writes a last letter, recalling sweet nights of happiness.

Duration: 00:02:12

Opera Cereal - Tosca - Wednesday May 19th

Tosca is brought before Scarpia and forced to listen to the cries of her tortured lover, until she gives up the fugitive's whereabouts. Scarpia offers Tosca the chance to save her lover’s life- on condition she submit to Scarpia’s pleasure.

Duration: 00:02:21

Opera Cereal - Tosca - Tuesday May 18th

Tosca visits Cavardossi at the church, and then he leaves to shelter fugitive Angelotti. Police chief Scarpia enters. Tosca returns but meets Scarpia, who convinces her Caverdossi is cheating. She leaves, distraught. Scarpia sings of his desires.

Duration: 00:02:11